Terry Hershey parkrun is cancelled on 2021-03-06 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

New Year’s Day parkrun!

New year... new resolutions. Yup, we know how that goes! However, Terry Hershey parkrun are REALLY trying to make it easy! 1st January 2020, come to the start point of our free, timed, weekly 5K. We will start the run, walk, jog... yes, crawl if the hangover is that bad.. at 10am! You got that correct. We are even breaking you into your new resolutions gently by allowing an extra hour to recover, sorry. to get started!
Come join us and see why people enjoy running a 5K with us every week.



Terry Hershey will be holding its first ever Thanksgiving parkrun!  It will start at 9 AM along the usual route on Thursday, 28th November, 2019.  Start the day off well!  You have a mountain of food to eat by the end of the day, make room for it by sticking the turkey in the oven and then out for a quick 5K.

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