Roosevelt Island parkrun – Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018

Roosevelt Island parkrun - Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018

Roosevelt Island parkrun - Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018

Miserable weather was promised for our Saturday morning parkrun on Roosevelt Island. Rain, sleet, and snow were on the menu, despite the date - the identified peak bloom day for the DC cherry blossom. However, yet again, we were lucky enough to have dry weather and bracing temperatures – just right for a morning run. The numbers were slightly less than we had hoped for on a Spring morning, although we suspect some of our regulars took time out to save energy for the traditional cherry blossom 10 miler the next day (and it wasn’t a Spring morning).

As usual, the runners included a mixture of tourists and first timers. Again, an astounding 24 of our 51 runners were first timers. The tourists included visitors from several US states, Poland, Australia, Ireland, and several Brits (again Bushy Park was represented). Six 100 shirts and nine 50 shirts were in evidence, as well as six with 25 volunteering shirts (and I know that at least one of them would qualify for a 50 volunteering shirt if it were available). And yes, we had our regular assembly of barkrunners too, although Mia was limited to finish token volunteering this time, much to her obvious irritation as her ‘mom’ was tail-walker.

Roosevelt Island parkrun - Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018 Roosevelt Island parkrun - Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018

Our newly introduced pre-race briefing was conducted by joint event director, Svetlana Stanaford. This has been much appreciated as the number of runners increases. We are looking out for these first timers to return and move on to collect 50, 100 & more parkrun shirts.

There are many performances to highlight, but two people need special mention. First the Gazelle from Norfolk, UK, Sam Thelwell, who skipped round to record his first (I believe) leading overall position. Second, mention must be made of Kendall Tata, who achieved an age grade of 82% to smash the VW 55-59 age category Roosevelt Island record with 21.46 (and 3rd overall). Kendall also caught the eye in her most patriotic of uniform.

The comments heard at the finish were enthusiastic. Our island course has yet to attain its spring beauty, but it stuns so many people that such a delightful parkrun site can be found in the middle of Washington DC. There is a unique charm in our boutique RI parkrun. All appreciate the challenge and the atmosphere. Moreover those coming from the larger foreign runs enjoy the smaller parkrun experience. I overheard an English family congratulating themselves for being in the top 50, an unfamiliar experience when your home run comprises many hundreds of runners.

Finally, many thanks to an Arlington County initiative, Hands2Hearts CPR training was on hand at Central Coffee, our post-run meetup venue. This training gave an introduction to CPR and served as a reminder to go a stage further to get CPR certification.

Roosevelt Island parkrun - Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018

Volunteers lubricate the cogs of each parkrun. We were graced with 12 such willing helpers this week. Thanks to all. Please opt-in for volunteering and let us know if you wish to join the Hi-Viz heroes at Looking forward to seeing you all next week when, I promise, Spring will be sprung!.

Nick Young
Run Director

Roosevelt Island parkrun - Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018 Roosevelt Island parkrun - Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018


Local first timer treat! – Run report #67, February 17, 2018

Local first timer treat!

A great day for a parkrun. With snow forecast for late morning, the course setup team arrived to sparkling sunshine. There were anxious moments for the run director as the start time approached and only a sprinkling of parkrunners had appeared with 15 minutes before the start. As usual, 8.55 saw the numbers swell, and post-briefing some 53 plus tail-walker set off to enjoy our boutique parkrun in the middle of the Potomac river.

Run report #67 Select

This week we welcomed FIFTEEN local first timers! It was so good to see you, and we hope you enjoyed your run. We look forward to seeing you all again, with friends, families, and colleagues. There is still room for more runners on our Roosevelt Island trails.

In addition to our Roosevelt island regulars we welcomed tourists from Australia, Ireland, and the UK, 5 of whom had become members of the parkrun 100 club many runs ago. We also were pleased to see 4 local tourists from our sister parkruns in the DC area.

A few mentions. Gemma Baroni (with stroller & sleeping 11-month-old) completed in 23 minutes on her second RI run. Connie Philpot and Shah Mehrabi both had age graded times at roughly 70%, and we were pleased to see Mark Bernhoff back again. First home was Jesper Frant who, remarkably, in his eight RI runs has recorded 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th positions - next week it has to be 3rd. Of note, RI registered first timers Stefan Richter and Tracy Masuda had the 3rd and 4th best times. And a special mention for first timer Marta Sanchez-Reig Pardo and her parents, Francisco Javier and Maria Angeles; Marta made sure Travis and I knew the best chat app (and Marta, you were the first in your age category)!

Run report #67 Select

Our coffee gathering highlights included card magic from both Svetla and Liz. And a big thank you to Central Coffee for putting Board games on our expanding parkrun table -soon we will be matching Board & Brew.

Thanks to all the Hi-Viz heroes who supported the event. Heather Phelps stepped into the scanning role after finishing her run and Eden Gray gave her usual enthusiastic support and served as photographer from the marshal’s position (Foxy was at home as Eden got up at some unearthly hour to run (19 miles, I believe!) as prep for the marshalling job). The experienced volunteering duo of Joyce Adams and Travis Helms did the time keeping. In fact, Travis played a double role - timekeeping with his left hand while his right hand served as our photographer. And Jianquan Zhu needs special thanks as he turned up to volunteer after only one previous run! Svetlana Stanaford set out the course, and last but not least was Roger Hipp who was our tail walker and, with Mark Bernkopf, collected all the signs.

See you all next week – get your friends along!

Run report #67 Select

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