RI Run Report – Event #223 – June 18, 2022

289227062_724622852195697_9114669411254420073_nA big thanks to Karl Johnson of Pontypridd Parkrun in Wales for authoring this week's run report.

Well, I may have told a few of you before, but I love parkrun. I can usually be found donning the Run Directors jacket at the world renowned Pontypridd parkrun, but today was different…..

I’ve met some amazing friends through our local school, and one so happens to be a parkrun enthusiast too. So when the opportunity come up for an international parkrun jolly, you could be sure to find me front and centre of the queue.

A small hop across the pond, experiencing some fine hospitality with British Airways saw us land in Washington DC, on parkrun eve, how convenient!

Roosevelt Island parkrun was our destination. The route looked perfect, the location amazing and after receiving a really friendly and welcoming email reply, I just knew it was going to be the perfect day!

Access to the parkrun is straightforward, METRO to Rosslyn and a small 15 walk via the cycle track and over the bridge onto the island.

The weather was perfect - sunny with a nice breeze, perfect parkrun conditions. We were warmly welcomed by the RD, who was expecting us. Presented her with the Welsh Flag and “parkfaffed” (For those unaware of this terminology it means talking about parkrun to parkrunners)!

DSC_1139Run Director Joyce Adams was presented with the Welsh flag.  First Timer and Tail Walker Karim Camara and Run Report Writer Karl Johnson join in for the ceremonial photograph.

A short new runners welcome was listened too by 50% of attendees. Favourite line from the RD when delivering this was “we only lose about one parkrunner a month” as this parkrun has no course marshals (bonkers compared to the 10 we need weekly on course in Pontypridd).


The Roosevelt Island DC parkrun "lollipop" main course. RI parkrun regulars have also been known to refer to this beloved shape as a "coiled lasso" or "Moebius strip."

The route is a “lollipop”. Out and back along the same route with a loop at the far end. A mixture of gravel paths, a boardwalk and a a touch of concrete [Ed.: we will allow this description with some poetic license]. It makes this parkrun terrain rather technical, from one surface to the next. Beautiful across the water area suspended on the boardwalk and a cheeky climb at either end of the 2.5km out and back!

DSC_1178At the front of the pack, John Kendra secures a decisive advantage at the start.

DSC_1185Runners in the back adopt a more relaxed attutide: Manuel Figallo, Eden Gray, Alana Quinn, Mary Liddy and Rita Cronley are sent on their way with a big cheer from Run Director Joyce Adams.

DSC_1201Photographed at 1.2 miles, these five runners will end up finishing in the first five positions, but not in the order seen here.  To learn more about the drama that unfolded, talk to any of them!  In front: Eric Adams, John Kendra and David Lucas.  Behind: Dan Toomer and Sam Forrest.

DSC_1217First Female Finisher was Melynda Knight of Brisbane, Australia. Melynda has a history at RI parkrun but has not been back in almost three years.  An awesome RI homecoming!

DSC_1239Event Director Anna Weber gets the "spirited pose" award of the week!

DSC_1249-001Amanda Gaut received appropriate ovations for reaching her 25th parkrun milestone.  She sportily opted to wear the purple sash around the course.

DSC_1250Esther Parry and Dan Arkwell were back enjoying the island, after being conspicuously observed at Fletcher's Cove the previous week.

DSC_1276A photo finish! Jen Zhang and recent regular Brittany Jones in a sprint for the third female finisher spot.  Jen returned to RI for her second parkrun to capture one of this week's 10 PBs.  We expect she will be laced up for more of those in the near future.

After the parkrun we headed back into Rosslyn for a coffee a bite to eat and a chat with the team. From that minute we arrived to the minute we left, we have been made to feel so welcome! #parkrunfamily

IMG_5672Post-run coffee at Central Place Plaza in Rosslyn was so well attended that we could not all fit in the same picture.  This partial view offers a bonus vista of one of the many nearby gourmet dining options.

Was great to meet Elizabeth Sheridan - The MOST PROLIFIC parkrun tourist in the USA, and hear about her adventures and see her amazing 150 parkrun top!

289177322_724623795528936_7981275965401202960_nRoosevelt Island legend Elizabeth Sheridan joined us for coffee after running her 150th parkrun at Anacostia.  Check out her custom tailored unofficial milestone shirt!

This week 86 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 30 were first timers and 10 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 11 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:

Joyce ADAMS • Karl JOHNSON • Eden GRAY • Benjamin STUTTS • Roger HIPP • Angela KIM • John KENDRA • Eric BREIT-NICHOLSON • Frithjov IVERSEN • Liliana ZIGO • Brittany JONES • Kirk ANDERSON • Eric ADAMS • Alyssa HARBEN • Scott KLEIN • Rachel KLEIN • Joseph HIRD • Karim CAMARA

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Roosevelt Island DC parkrun Results Page.

Visitors today joined from:

Rocks Riverside parkrun - Australia
Mount Barker parkrun - Australia
St Anne's parkrun - Ireland
Clapham Common parkrun - England
Gadebridge parkrun - England
Queen Elizabeth parkrun - England
Stratford upon Avon parkrun - England
Caffarella parkrun - Italy
Pontypridd parkrun - Wales

Was lovely to speak with so many parkrunners today at this amazing parkrun venue.

Diolch yn fawr iawn
(Thank you very much in Welsh)

I would say I will see you again, but that would be a lie, as a tourist there is always the opportunity to visit a new location. If you are reading this and you haven’t been - it’s a must visit for sure!

289230768_724623848862264_6897032561251002713_nKarl also found a little time for non-parkrun tourism, and gave us this wonderful report later the same day!  Come back anytime, Karl!  Photo selections and captions provided by RI parkrun core team.

Take care, God bless you all

Pontypridd parkrun