Rory’s Roosevelt Island parkrun Run Report #1 (about run #24)

The sun always shines on TV Roosevelt Island parkrun” – A-Ha, Sun Always Shines on TV

Wherever you go, you always take the weather with you” – Crowded House, Weather With You

Ok, I may be exaggerating a little here. I don’t necessarily take the weather with me wherever I go (a good thing to given I’m from a place where it rains 360 days of the year and the other 5 days we call summer) and I doubt the sun ALWAYS shines on Saturday mornings at 9am in the middle of the Potomac.

Nevertheless I have visited Roosevelt Island parkrun twice. The first was on a warm sultry morning in late September not long after my arrival on these shores, and the second was last weekend as Run Director where the sun was certainly shining and we basked in perfect running conditions

Before I go further I should introduce myself - my name’s Rory Murphy and I moved here (“here” being Baltimore btw) last September. While a native of the Greatest Place in the World aka the People’s Republic of Cork aka Cork in Ireland (side joke – Did you hear about the Corkman with the inferiority complex? He thought everyone else was nearly as good as him. We think a lot of ourselves J) I have lived in UK since 2000, which is where I discovered parkrun in 2009.

Since then I have been an Event Director at my local event Bedfont Lakes for 4.5 years, and a parkrun UK Ambassador for 2.5 years (a role I am now reprising over here). I’ve run 191 times at 43 different events and have done 225 volunteering roles on 155 different occasions. parkrun is firmly in my blood now and Saturday mornings are simply parkrunday – I can’t conceive of them without partaking of my parkrun fix……..hence why the first thing I did over here was get involved in the DMV parkruns and why I drive down from Towson every week to College Park, Fletcher’s Cove or Roosevelt Island

Anyway – enough about me I hear you cry, what about the run? Well it was a privilege to be Run Director on Saturday and it’s made a whole lot easier by having a superb volunteer team – so hats off to

AJ HAM  •  Cathryn BURBY  •  Darrell STANAFORD  •  Dominic WHITE  •  Eduardo LOPEZ  •  Iwao OGIHARA  •  Joseph Francis LIM  •  Linwood HAM  •  Mark STEVENSON  •  Rory MURPHY  •  Svetlana STANAFORD

Who all made my life easy on Saturday morning.

A word about volunteering – I hear people talk about volunteering at parkrun in terms of “giving up your time” and “doing your bit”….this makes it sound like a chore. It is NOT. I love volunteering at parkrun and it’s one of my favourite things. I’m not exaggerating when I say that volunteering was what enabled me to “get” parkrun properly. I would urge everyone to try volunteering at least once and then come back if you enjoy and have fun – I pretty much promise you that you will. And don’t worry about the roles or “getting it wrong” – every role is easy to do, you’ll be fully trained and you’ll discover a whole new world\! So go on, give a go and see what it’s like!

Back to the run, and we had a good turnout of 49 eager parkrunners including 8 people testing the parkrun waters for the first time. Hope you enjoyed it and will be back! It was great to hear a couple of the first-timers talk about how much fun they had afterwards – we aim to please!

As is not unusual here we had a sprinkling of tourists from as far away as Brisbane Australia (Kerri-Ann and Andrew Welch), Wales (Julie Hughes), Southern England (Ian Painter) and Moscow via Stamford CT (Алексей ЧЕРНОВ aka Alexey Chernov).

There was also a decent amount of PBs set on what was a perfect morning for running notable amongst them being

  • Our very own ED Darrell Stanaford who took advantage of my RD offer to run for a 3rd time at RI and dip under 22 mins for the first time
  • DMV parkrunner regular Jeff Neradka who took 45 seconds off his time
  • Ted O’Keefe who took a whopping 21 MINUTES off his PB……I’m hoping his previous runs were tailrunning, injury runs or running with kids cos otherwise I’m sending for WADA J
  • Laura Tonello with her 2nd PB in a row

Finally I want to introduce a category I regularly used in my run reports back in the UK – the APTOTW or the Aesthetically Pleasing Time of the Week….namely a finish time that I like for some numerical reason

This week I bestow the award on Laura Roland for her 35:35 time J

That’s about all from me – I thoroughly enjoyed my stint as RD and hope you’ll all have just as much parkrun fun this weekend. The weather is forecast to be just as good, so maybe the sun DOES always shine on Roosevelt Island parkrun……