Renton parkrun’s First Birthday

Renton parkrunThis past Saturday the Renton parkrun celebrated its first birthday! Such a milestone for the first parkrun in the State of Washington! One year ago very few people in this area knew what a parkrun was - I certainly didn’t. But ‘free timed run’ was all it took to peak my interest and made me show up on that first day, along with 80 other runners. Renton parkrun 11/17/18 Renton parkrun 11/17/18One year later and parkrun celebrated its first birthday!! In that year SO many milestones were reached, including 956 people registering to run/walk, with 788 of those actually running! (How much fun would it be if all those who registered showed up on the same day?) Speaking of showing up - the top 3 zip-codes for those running are Renton zip-codes! Way to represent, Renton!! (high-five)... Speaking of ‘High-Fives’ there were 8017 given this past year. Just kidding, that statistic isn’t tracked, but that’s my best guestimate based on my own personal experience. Renton parkrun 11/17/18 Renton parkrun 11/17/18 Ready for some more statistics? The average number of times a person has ran the Renton parkrun is 3 times! That’s AWESOME, but I’ll bet this coming year we’ll beat that record, because parkrun is a great place to meet people, and studies show that it’s easier to lace up your shoes and get out the door knowing there are friends waiting for you. Actually, I made that up too… I’m sure there ARE studies, but I’m speaking from my own personal experience, I’ve made at least 5 new parkrun friends this year, and one of my biggest motivations is so I can meet more friends! Renton parkrun 11/17/18 Renton parkrun 11/17/18 Okay, back to the statistics! There were 2,380 runs for a total distance of 11,900 kilometers (7394 miles)!! That’s like running to Miami, Florida, AND BACK!! (Run, parkrunners, Run!!!) My favorite statistic though is the average finish time, which is: 38:03 minutes. Why, you may ask is that my favorite statistic? Because that’s MY average time, I don’t run the whole thing - and I don’t walk the whole thing - I run/walk until I get to the finish line … which makes me your average parkrun! (Yay for being average!) Renton parkrun 11/17/18 Renton parkrun 11/17/18 Anyway, Happy Birthday Renton parkrun!!! It’s been a great year for you, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish by your second birthday!! Renton parkrun 11/17/18 Written by Nikol Gianopoulos

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