Run Report #90, August 10, 2019

Renton parkrun #90

The day started out with a bit of surprise rain at Renton parkrun #90.  But that didn't stop 45 participants and 11 volunteers from starting their weekend with some parkrun fun.


It was a fantastic day of celebration as Ken Homan donned the volunteer super hero cape for completing his 25th volunteer occasion.  parkrun exists because of the community of volunteer participants who take turns running the show, keeping parkrun going week after week, in Renton and all over the world.  Congratulations on your achievement Ken!  Thank you so much for your commitment to providing this free 5k run, walk, jog event to our community.  And thank you to Alex HOWE, Blake KENNEDY, Cam KENNEDY, Cathie KNOX-BROWNING, Gena WOODKE, Karen GATES, Matt MORGAN, Nicole HUSTON, Steve MCCARTHY, and Tom HOWE, for rounding our our volunteer crew and making the day such a fantastic success!

smaller group firsts

Welcome first timers, we hope you all make it back soon!

It was also Renton parkrun's second time as an event in the annual South King County Challenge.  The Challenge is a series of events taking place in the region, to encourage good health and fitness.  We had 15 local first timers come out, many of whom heard about parkrun because of the Challenge.  We hope they enjoyed their first parkrun and will continue to challenge themselves by making Renton parkrun a regular part of their Saturday mornings from here on out.

smaller ending photo

One of the things newcomers might find surprising about parkrun is it's not just about what happens on the course.  Many people choose to stay and cheer on participants as they continue to cross the line and often then go on to Luther's Table for coffee as a group afterwards.  Hanging out is a great way to make friends and catch the kind of parkrun fever that keeps you coming back week after week.

Come meet our newest Run Director, Nikol, this Saturday!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone this Saturday!

ps.  It's Nikol's first Run Director in Training day, pictured above in the grey cap talking with frequent Renton parkrunner Leif in the white cap.  Lets show Nikol our support by taking part as participants or volunteers for her Run Director debut, this coming Saturday, August 17th, 2019.



Run Report – June 8, 2019

Finding myself in Seattle on Saturday, I had a rare dilemma for a UK parkrunner in the USA.  Whilst us Brits are spoilt for choice with literally hundreds of parkruns in our small island nation, the vast country that is the USA presently has just 34.  But two of those are in the Seattle area, soon to be joined by a third, so I spun a coin which fell on 'Renton'.  And I was glad it did.

Renton June 8

First, the parkrun is a beautiful one, set in the Riverview Park along the Cedar River, tarmac trails running through lovely forests.  Second, there's a great and friendly volunteer team: today it was Patrick Ward as Run Director ably assisted at the finish line by Phil, Ken and Laura.  As well as helping out, regular volunteers Cathryn and Cam had the chance to run today, while Daphne fulfilled the important role of tail-walker.

Laura Daphne

On a cool morning that was to get warmer, the duck parents on the next-door pond were showing off their newborns as the runners and walkers got off to their 9am start.


Both first man and first woman came from the UK, like me.  Henry Hamilton and Georgina Reeves were in Seattle for the marathon on Sunday, and came home in, respectively, 20:12 and 21:37.

Natalie and Jodie Ailor were both doing their first ever parkruns, and crossed the line pretty much together - a particular 'well done' to them, hope you enjoyed your introduction to the parkrun family.  Don't forget, now you have your barcodes, they can be used at any parkrun in the world!

Jo and Natalie

I'd be fibbing if I said I'd be rushing back soon - visits to the north-west USA are, for me, extremely rare; but I loved my morning with the lovely folk at Renton and wish you all the best for many, many more happy parkruns.

-Simon Grigor


Run Report- parkrun #80 – June 1, 2019

It was an exciting start to the weekend for Imogen, who reached her 10 milestone! Younger sister Amelia earned hers a few weeks ago so soon the sisters will be sporting matching parkrun youth 10 shirts.


Thanks to Event Director Cam for baking and decorating some sweet treats to help celebrate the milestone.


Our next youth 10 shirt earner will likely be Akhil, who ran his 8th parkrun today. We look forward to celebrating you, Akhil!


Max and Phil paced on each other during the run and Phil earned a PB! Both needed to take a moment to catch their breath before picking up their finish tokens.

hard run

Two of our first-timers were walkers, Diane from Piggly Wiggly parkrun in Australia, who brought along her son David who is local.


Erika and Casey, regular parkrunners at neighboring Des Moines Creek parkrun, visited Renton this week to share about the local American Cancer Society Relay For Life event coming up near the end of June. Erika (in the blue shirt) brought along friend and cancer survivor and first time parkrunner John to enjoy the 5K.


Many thanks to our volunteer crew, including those pictured here; Patrick as timekeeper and John and Janel with dog Zoey as tailwalkers.


See you next week!


Run Report- May 18, 2019

We had 36 participants at parkrun #78. It was the perfect weather for a free 5k, albeit a little “snowy” with fuzzies from the nearby Cottonwood trees swirling around in the air, haha. It was great to see so many regulars from our parkrun community, like Lillian and Paul, pictured below, enjoying parkrun on this beautiful May morning! 




We also had some visitors today from far flung places including Australia, Gloucester (the original home of parkrun!), Moscow and Canada!

This was my second time as run director and despite my terror of public speaking, our wonderful parkrunners and volunteers made me feel so at ease and I had a blast!

run brief

We had a special milestone today! Peter Ernst reached “50” parkruns and we were thrilled to be able to celebrate this achievement with him. While he started off parkrunning at the original parkrun in Bushy Park in London, he's done his most recent 23 events in the Pacific NW. Run Director Cam gave some cookies a special touch to help recognize his accomplishment, too. Well done Peter!



We had a few visiting runners proudly displaying their “100” t-shirts today. Paul Blazey, Louise Blazey, Sergey Aleshin, Rachel Oakley & Gary Oakley – you are all rockstars! It'll be another year or so before a Renton parkrunner earns one, but it's fun motivation to see them in person. 

Photo 4

Congratulations to all our Renton parkrun first timers today – Paul Blazey, Louise Blazey, Will Kent, Adam Lawrence, Sergey Aleshin, Lynda Flanaghan, Rachel Oakley & Gary Oakley, We hope to see you all many more times at Renton parkrun.

1st event

Thank you to all our volunteers - Devon BENNETT, Mary BLAKE, Cathryn BURBY, Adair ERNST, Cam KENNEDY, Sandy MADDEN, Steve MCPHERSON, Will TING, Dennis ZABORAC. Thanks also to Peter Ernst who after completing his run jumped in and helped out as a timer! Without volunteers, parkrun cannot happen. Volunteering is a great way to get to know the core team and it always feels so good to give back to the parkrun community! So if you haven’t volunteered yet for parkrun, please do give it a go! The more volunteers, the better the event.


We look forward to seeing you all next Saturday for another great parkrun!!


Yours in stride,

Mary Blake

Run Director



Run Report- May 11, 2019

We had 48 participants at parkrun #77, including some visitors from parkruns in Vancouver and Johannesburg!! It was stunning weather and was even a little hot for us Seattlites!


It was my very first time as Run Director so I was definitely a little nervous, but our fabulous parkrun community made me feel so welcome and at ease! Everyone was so encouraging!! My 4 year old daughter, Eden, was there with me wielding her pom poms to cheer the volunteers, runners and walkers on.




We had a very special guest in attendance. Young Amelia Logan earned her “10” t-shirt and got to wear an awesome cape and do parkrun “superhero” style. Well done Amelia, such an amazing achievement to have completed 10 park runs when you are not even 10 years of age yet!




We welcomed some parkrun friends from Vancouver – Thomas and Rebecca. They originally started parkrun in New Zealand, where they are from originally. They moved to Vancouver 2 years ago, and joined a parkrun community there. It was a joy to see their huge enthusiasm for parkrun! Come back and run with us again some time Thomas and Rebecca!




Congratulations to all our Renton parkrun first timers today – Douglas Momberg, Finley Linehan, Sarah Paquet, Thomas Faulkner, Rebecca Williams, Jennifer Butler and Vivien Mitchell. We hope to see you all many more times at Renton parkrun!


1st timers



We had a few “50” timers today and they were all proudly displaying the coveted red shirt!



Thank you to all our volunteers - Mary BLAKE, Dean FABER, Ken HOMAN, Kara JOHNSON, Nick JOHNSON, Jack JOHNSON, Owen JOHNSON, Leyla JOHNSON, Cam KENNEDY, Matt MORGAN, Patrick WARD. Without volunteers, parkrun cannot happen. I have to admit that this was my first time volunteering, and I had such a blast, I wonder why it took me so long to actually volunteer! So if you haven’t volunteered yet for parkrun, please do give it a go! The more volunteers, the better the event. 

tail walker

We look forward to seeing you all next Saturday for another great parkrun!!


Yours in stride,

Mary Blake

Run Director