Renton parkrun #113 – 1.11.20 – Run Report

The trail has been cleared (thank you Renton parks department!) so we were able to use our new out and back route for the first time Saturday. We came up a little short on the distance, however, so we'll fix that for next week. Results have been adjusted accordingly to add a percentage of time based on each participant's individual pace.


We welcomed several first-timers (including Emily, Jason, Adnan and Cat, to name a few I had a chance to chat with before the event). Cat and Adnan were kind enough to run across the finish line twice as I missed their actual finish line photos.


First-timer Jason has a few Ragnar races under his belt and now he's starting training for his first marathon. We're here every week and we'd love to be your training buddies! 


We also had two tourists, Thomas from Munich and Richard from London. Richard was excited for his first international parkrun. He has 94 under his belt, now, so he'll be sporting a black 100 shirt soon.


The pair made every effort to capture the perfect post-run selfie with their finish tokens!


Of course there were plenty of regulars, too. Nikol happily reported that she only had to take two short walk this week. She's gearing up to running the full distance without stopping, and we're cheering her on!


For some reason, we seemed to have a lot of folks who were completing their 4th parkruns this weekend. One of those was Karl, who has now run our old course, at least one if not two of our modified courses due to the trail closure, and Saturday our new course. We promise we'll stop switching it up on you!


Thanks to our awesome volunteer crew- Karen, Matt, Gracelynn, Daphne, Amy, Chris and Cathryn! Here's Gracelynn and Chris, part of our finish-line crew for the day.


See you next week!

next week


Renton parkrun #111 Run Report 1/1/20

Renton Parkrun #111 was filled with firsts:

Most obviously, it was Jan 1 2020 - New Years Day
Turnout was the highest in Renton Parkrun history, with 87 finishers! Kudos to visitors from Des Moines Creek and Perrigo completing the New Years double, regulars and newcomers alike kicking 2020 off with an endorphin high, and the revelry-friendly 10:30 start time.PkRnNewYears2020-018

It was our first run from our new starting line next to the Cedar River Dog Park and Renton Community Center. The I-405 overpass made for a nice spot to take shelter through the off-and-on drizzle.PkRnNewYears2020-030

For the first time in a long time, if not ever, the top two runners finished in the 17-s. Well run, Garrett and Phillip!PkRnNewYears2020-061

All of today’s photos are courtesy of Blake, who donned the purple cape in honor of joining the ranks of 25+ time volunteers. Thanks for all of your work Blake.PkRnNewYears2020-209PkRnNewYears2020-207

Record December rains caused a mudslide that closed the trail on a portion of the course. So, runners navigated a modified route featuring a split-friendly double out-and-back. Here are some heading into the turnaround at the halfway mark, within sight of where they started!PkRnNewYears2020-076PkRnNewYears2020-092PkRnNewYears2020-137


Quite a few folks stuck around after the finish to mingle and enjoy snacks under the overpass.PkRnNewYears2020-099PkRnNewYears2020-177PkRnNewYears2020-190PkRnNewYears2020-191PkRnNewYears2020-196PkRnNewYears2020-217

Thanks to today’s volunteers Melani, Ray, Drea, Karen, Cam, Blake, Crystal, Matt, Phil, Gracelynn, and Patrick.PkRnNewYears2020-214


Renton parkrun #108 – 12/14/19 Run Report



"I am so excited to be running my 50th parkrun. I started my parkrun journey 2 years and one week ago sorely out of shape and at a fork in the road of where I was going next in my life. parkrun has become my rock. I can always count on cheerful volunteers and friends to cheer me along the route and I strive to make the most of my run when I can get there. While the numbers aren't always staggering joining parkrun has made a huge difference in my life and well-being. My first parkrun was 42 minutes. I now run consistently in the low 30's and a PB of 28:22. I am looking to break into the 27's this week. I have lost over 20 pounds and dropped a multitude of inches just by adding parkrun to my life and making the conscious effort to make it there as frequently as possible. (The only time that I miss is when there is a soccer conflict or I am out of town that doesn't have parkrun yet.) I am definitely the healthiest and happiest that I have been in my adult life. Thank you parkrun!" - Abby Ruelas


Well, Abby ran her 50th and she even got a PB, which is really hard to do when you've run 50 events. We're so thrilled for her and appreciate her willingness to share her reflections on her parkrun journey.




Her daughter Gracelynn was a part of the volunteer team today, so she got to cheer her Mom over the finish line and hand her a finsher token.


Thanks to all of our volunteers this morning. Without them, parkrun couldn't happen! In addition to Gracelynn, we had Bruce as a timekeeper and first-finisher Phil jumped in to be backup timekeeper when he finished. Laura scanned barcodes after she finished her run, Stacy was our first marshal, Matt was our tail-walker and I (Cathryn) had the privilege of being Run Director this morning.


We welcomed back several familiar faces we haven't seen in a while...




like Amber (who brought a friend, too)...


Tabitha and Mike


and Mike and Tabitha with service dog Wilson, who brought along Dana and pup Stryker.


There are also several newer parkrunners we're getting to know who have been impressively consistent in their attendance...


Dong Mei


like Dong Mei, who ran her 5th parkrun today in the same number of weeks...




and Alexis, who has come 8 of the past 9 weeks!


Dickman fam


We also like when our parkruners bring their families. Tyson and Stephanie brought Logan and Mallory out today, and the whole family participated.


It was really fun to welcome all of our first-timers today, two of whom were youth parkrunners.


1st timers


We look forward to seeing Nolan and Oliver again soon.


Eric and Emily


Eric and Emily said they'd definitely be back again soon, as they're just getting back into running after some time off. They heard about parkrun from a friend of a friend. We love when people hear about parkrun by word of mouth.


That's all for this week, see you next weekend for our holiday themed parkrun!



Let’s Try This Again… Renton parkrun #106 Run Report – 11/30/19

If you read last week's run report, you'll see that I was supposed to be Run Director, but had a bit of a mishap. The team did perfectly without me, but I was excited to fulfill my volunteer duty this weekend, instead.


Yay, I made it!

It was a chilly one, with temperatures in the low-mid 20s during our event, but 19 brave parkrunners came out to participate and 7 bundled-up volunteers were there to support them.

It was a day of huddling together for warmth.


Chris and Amy, visiting from Nottingham in the UK, aren't quite used to these temperatures at their home event. However, Chris ran in shorts and didn't seem any more frozen than everyone else.

Hoodies, hats and gloves were the fashion of the day.


Erik and Jerry both came prepared, representing their favorite sports teams.

Cam hat

Cam looked cozy in her faux fur hat and fleece as she waited at the finish line as a timekeeper.


Gloves were only to be removed when absolutely necessary, as our barcode scanner Ken demonstrates here. (Editor's note- we do have a generous stash of re-usable hand warmers for our volunteers as a part of our event kit!)

However, there are always smiles, no matter the weather!


Here's one of our frequent volunteers, Matt, with a high-watt smile to match his bright high-viz vest as he came across the finish line as tail walker (or runner, today, as the crowd was motivated to get out of the cold!)

Several of the crew warmed up at Luther's Table in downtown after the event was over, enjoying HOT coffee, HOT chocolate and HOT tea, but most of all, each other's company.

Won't you join us next week?

-Cathryn Burby


Oops! Renton parkrun # 105 Run Report – 11/23/19

I was supposed to be the Run Director this weekend. I got all bundled up, had hot tea in a thermos in hand, then reached my hand out to the table to grab the car key. It wasn't there. I spent the next 5 minutes frantically searching to no avail, then called my husband, who was on his way to some mountain biking trails 2+ hours away. He had taken what he thought was his key to grab gear out of the car as he was being picked up by a friend, but it was the same key I had been using that I thought was mine. Turns out, mine was locked IN the car...and I had no way to access it.

So, without a key and a 25 minute drive away from Renton, I called my Co- ED Cam, who was stuck at home in a boot, the result of a recent injury. She had sent her husband, Blake, to parkrun with the gear kit, as I was supposed to meet him to collect it. Blake has volunteered with us MANY times- mostly as a photographer, but in other roles as well (that happens when you're married to an Event Director). However, he had not been trained to be a Run Director, nor did he have a particular interest in the role.


After I shared my predicament with Cam, she called Blake to break the news that he might have to put on the RD hat for the day and I started sending messages to some of our other RDs, seeing if one of them might have the capacity to step into the role for the day. Thankfully, Nikol was willing to jump in and help deliver the run briefing, but had a bike ride scheduled so she couldn't stick around. No problem, Drea (who was already volunteering that morning) also stepped up and helped get everything set up and provided support to Blake after Nikol left.

Nikol Run Briefing

Of course the other volunteers on the team helped to cover, and a few early finishers offered their help as well. Our parkrun community pulled together beautifully.

Finish Line

I sat at home, slightly embarrassed, kicking myself for my mistake and wishing I was at parkrun. However, it was a wonderful example of how far we've come in the past two years. Renton parkrun's success is not dependent on any one or two people, but rather the collective effort of the community.

-Cathryn Burby



Run Report #98, October 5, 2019


front capes

There was a lot to celebrate on Saturday at the Renton parkrun; Cathryn Burby, one of our founding Event Directors, ran her 50th parkrun!!  Let us explain what a BIG deal this is!!! Without Cathryn there might not be a parkrun in Seattle! Cathryn helped Kortney (who had been working for years to bring parkrun to the Seattle area) to bring it over the finish line and they both volunteered more than they participated during the first year. Most people will earn their 50th run shirt before they earn their 25th volunteer shirt - not Cathryn. She earned her 25th volunteer shirt within the first year of starting the Renton parkrun, and her 50th run shirt just shy of the 2 year anniversary. She had a few runs and volunteer occasions under her belt before moving to the area, as she started parkrunning in DC in 2016, but most have been here. So, yea - its a BIG Honking deal that she ran her 50th event and earned her red shirt on Saturday!  CONGRATULATIONS Cathryn - You are truly a RockStar!! 

dean and nikol selfie

Also on Saturday we (Nikol and Dean) celebrated earning our 25th volunteer shirt by co-directing the 98th Renton parkrun.  Nikol is a regular at the Renton parkrun, and Dean used to be a regular until he helped get the Perrigo parkrun up and running… and now he’s a regular there.  We earned our 50th run shirt together back in March and keeping the tradition going we coordinated our 25th volunteer milestone - because why not? There's a rumor that we will also earn our 100th run shirt together - but so far that’s just hearsay.  

Dean:  Congratulations Nikol!

Nikol:  Good Job Dean!

finsih line photo

Saturday was a beautiful day for celebrations and for meeting a few first-timers to parkrun and more than the average number of visitors from the UK, New Zealand, Germany, and Ireland.  We even welcomed back a few folks we haven’t seen in a while (I’m looking at you Andy and Joie). Thanks everyone for coming out and celebrating our 98th parkrun with us - we hope to see you all again next week, and definitely the week after that….


REMINDER - On October 19th Renton parkrun will be celebrating its 100th event!  Dean has made it clear the Perrigo parkrun currently holds the record for highest attendance at a Seattle area parkun.  Nikol thinks that the Renton parkrun deserves that honor! So, mark your calendars now, and invite all your friends to walk, stroll, or run the event with you!  Cam has mentioned (more than once - so it must be true) that there will be cake!  


Nikol and Dean


Co-Run Directors



Run Report #93, August 31, 2019

69825850_595648624173288_3528417999914532864_n (1)

It was a beautiful morning for parkrun #93 along the Cedar River Trail in Renton. This week 40 people ran, jogged and/or walked the course of which six were first timers, Welcome!  We hope you enjoyed yourself and make parkrunday the regular start to your weekend!


We also had 11 people attain personal best times, congratulations to you all!  Our talented volunteer photographer Liisa Heinonen-Miller beautifully captured the joy of participating at parkrun, whether you walk, jog, run, stroll, with a friend, with a barkrunner, or it's your just taking time for me time, your smiles warm our hearts and make it all worth while.

69306014_595607010844116_8987826568529182720_o69264914_595606957510788_1421920885517844480_o 69402332_595607227510761_8268264352100909056_o 69686212_595606790844138_6527749535664439296_o 69280584_595605587510925_571908469221752832_o

69366528_595608767510607_5636535919004614656_o 69881050_595607514177399_7982209797791416320_o 69444860_595607980844019_8230822570971103232_o 69827028_595607777510706_7607338472306638848_o 69438044_595609480843869_3544011402668670976_o


Event #93 was made possible by 11 wonderful volunteers who gave their time to make this day run smoothly.  Thank you so very much Karen Gates, Liisa Heinonen-Miller, Ken Homan, Heidi Horn, Nitin Jacob, Blake Kennedy, Cam Kennedy, Regan Nolten, Kaylie Saechao, Koy Saechao, and Hillary Webster.  For one volunteer it was a very special day indeed, Kaylie Saechao's very first parkrun after turning four and becoming an official parkrunner with her very own barcode.  Parkrun is about more than fitness, it's about community and making friends as the following series of photos shows, hope you join us this Saturday and follow the example of our newest Renton parkrunner!

69534172_595648557506628_2422484180555268096_n 69382138_595648524173298_4625712050176262144_n

70001705_595648517506632_9115827546116587520_n 69462541_595648574173293_7093420965048090624_n




Run Report #91, August 17, 2019

I think of all the times I’ve been going to parkrun #91 was the funnest for me.  You see, it was my first time as Run Director, and what a fun day it was for me!!  I have volunteered for almost all the roles... I might be missing a couple, but never for Run Director.  I was intimidated, my voice doesn’t carry, I don’t like the spotlight on me, I’m a ‘supporter’ not a ‘leader’, but with a little encouragement from Cam, I decided to give it a try, and if you want a long story short:  It was AMAZING!!! But, I know you’ll continue reading because I have a call to action for everyone at the end.

Nikol selfie small

Okay - so there were quite a few people that turned out on Saturday:  47 in all!  We had some regulars, lots of first timers, and lots of visitors from within the great State of Washington, National (hello friends from Montana), and Internationals (looking at you my friends from Australia and the United Kingdom)!  Because this was my first time as Run Director I wanted to ‘capture’ the moment with a selfie. So I called everyone in and asked them to indulge me while I took a selfie/group picture! I realized when I turned back around that I didn’t need to talk as loud because everyone was RIGHT THERE!!! (high fives to me)

startline small

After the run briefing everyone gathered at the Startline and I got to do the count-down “3-2-1 PARKRUN!!”  I wish I could say that was the highlight of the day…. But it gets better!

happy volunteers small

All the participants were off and in that 5-10 minutes where it’s just you and the other volunteers I got the time to chat with them and make connections!  (I love making connections!) Thank you Blake Kennedy, Cam Kennedy, Karen Gates, Matt Morgan, Paul Hsu, Ray Arrington, Steve McCarthy and Wendy Sweeney for doing such amazing work - you made my job SO MUCH easier!  

Dads with strollers smallfinish line small talk 2


As the participants made their loop and headed back to the finish line the real fun began!  There was so much going on, I had people talking to me about volunteering for future events (THANK YOU!!!), writing down names and barcode numbers for those who’s barcode wouldn’t scan, and people asking questions in general, celebrating Personal Records, and First-time finishers!  I’m very grateful that Cam was there and for all her support she provided! Thanks again Cam!!!  

Luthers selfie

Oh - what was better than the Startline count-down?  It was all the people that showed up at Luther’s Table afterwards!  I love heading to breakfast afterwards, it’s a great time for getting to know the other participants and making CONNECTIONS!!!  For example, I met two ladies who I had seen on the course, but have never spoken to (other than the “good job” that I tend to yell at everyone as they pass me by).  Turns out we have quite a bit in common, including the love of Farmer’s Markets! (Hi Dottie and Nancy)  

sewer mount

Okay and now my call to action (stepping up onto sewer access perch):  If you haven’t had the chance to volunteer for a parkrun event, please put it on your “Bucket LIst”.  It truly is a great experience no matter what role you volunteer for. We are all in this together, let’s support one another and the things that we are passionate about - like parkrun.  (stepping off my sewer access perch now).  

Thanks again everyone for making Saturday one of my Top 10 Most Fun Days this year!  

Nikol Gianopoulos, Volunteer Run Director of the Day




Run Report #90, August 10, 2019

Renton parkrun #90

The day started out with a bit of surprise rain at Renton parkrun #90.  But that didn't stop 45 participants and 11 volunteers from starting their weekend with some parkrun fun.


It was a fantastic day of celebration as Ken Homan donned the volunteer super hero cape for completing his 25th volunteer occasion.  parkrun exists because of the community of volunteer participants who take turns running the show, keeping parkrun going week after week, in Renton and all over the world.  Congratulations on your achievement Ken!  Thank you so much for your commitment to providing this free 5k run, walk, jog event to our community.  And thank you to Alex HOWE, Blake KENNEDY, Cam KENNEDY, Cathie KNOX-BROWNING, Gena WOODKE, Karen GATES, Matt MORGAN, Nicole HUSTON, Steve MCCARTHY, and Tom HOWE, for rounding our our volunteer crew and making the day such a fantastic success!

smaller group firsts

Welcome first timers, we hope you all make it back soon!

It was also Renton parkrun's second time as an event in the annual South King County Challenge.  The Challenge is a series of events taking place in the region, to encourage good health and fitness.  We had 15 local first timers come out, many of whom heard about parkrun because of the Challenge.  We hope they enjoyed their first parkrun and will continue to challenge themselves by making Renton parkrun a regular part of their Saturday mornings from here on out.

smaller ending photo

One of the things newcomers might find surprising about parkrun is it's not just about what happens on the course.  Many people choose to stay and cheer on participants as they continue to cross the line and often then go on to Luther's Table for coffee as a group afterwards.  Hanging out is a great way to make friends and catch the kind of parkrun fever that keeps you coming back week after week.

Come meet our newest Run Director, Nikol, this Saturday!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone this Saturday!

ps.  It's Nikol's first Run Director in Training day, pictured above in the grey cap talking with frequent Renton parkrunner Leif in the white cap.  Lets show Nikol our support by taking part as participants or volunteers for her Run Director debut, this coming Saturday, August 17th, 2019.



Run Report- parkrun #80 – June 1, 2019

It was an exciting start to the weekend for Imogen, who reached her 10 milestone! Younger sister Amelia earned hers a few weeks ago so soon the sisters will be sporting matching parkrun youth 10 shirts.


Thanks to Event Director Cam for baking and decorating some sweet treats to help celebrate the milestone.


Our next youth 10 shirt earner will likely be Akhil, who ran his 8th parkrun today. We look forward to celebrating you, Akhil!


Max and Phil paced on each other during the run and Phil earned a PB! Both needed to take a moment to catch their breath before picking up their finish tokens.

hard run

Two of our first-timers were walkers, Diane from Piggly Wiggly parkrun in Australia, who brought along her son David who is local.


Erika and Casey, regular parkrunners at neighboring Des Moines Creek parkrun, visited Renton this week to share about the local American Cancer Society Relay For Life event coming up near the end of June. Erika (in the blue shirt) brought along friend and cancer survivor and first time parkrunner John to enjoy the 5K.


Many thanks to our volunteer crew, including those pictured here; Patrick as timekeeper and John and Janel with dog Zoey as tailwalkers.


See you next week!

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