Renton parkrun cancelled for March 7th

Out of an abundance of caution, we have made the decision to cancel Renton parkrun this weekend.

While we understand that the atmosphere of our event (relatively small group size, being outdoors, minimal physical contact, etc.) means it is a low-risk event, we prefer avoiding that risk completely this weekend. We would like to contribute to the containment of the spread of the virus rather than having to cancel for weeks on end should the problem escalate.

Additionally, although we know it's tempting to consider traveling to another parkrun this weekend since our event is cancelled, we hope that you will consider the potential impact of that action. Our decision to cancel is meant to help contain the potential spread of the virus, thus we do not wish to encourage travel that would take people even farther out of their normal sphere.

Instead, we encourage you to get your miles in locally in another way. Run or walk 5K on your treadmill, in your neighborhood or a local park and take some photos. Post them to our parkrun Facebook page or Instagram account (use #virtualRentonparkrun) or email them to us at this address and we'll post them to our website. We'll do a virtual parkrun instead! Instead of throwing each other high-fives on the course, let's all comment, like, and share good vibes virtually and encourage each other to continue our good physical activity habits to stay healthy.

We are also looking for someone who lives in Renton to volunteer to make two signs to post at Riverview Park and at the 405 underpass notifying people who miss our online communications that the event has been cancelled. If you can help, please let us know. We will tell you what to write on the signs. Thanks!

We will continue to monitor the situation and the recommendations of medical professionals and will make decisions on a weekly basis, so stay tuned on the status of parkruns in the coming weeks. We will post on our website, on our social media pages and send out a weekly email.

Thank you for your understanding!


Cathryn Burby & Cam Kennedy
Renton parkrun Co-Event Directors


Renton parkrun #119 – 2/22/20

The Renton parkrun #119 on 2/22/20 was one of two tutu parkruns in 2020!  (the next is in August)  As you can see there were quite a few colorful tutus out on the course!  There were 35 participants  who came out to run, walk or fly the course with us on Saturday, six first timers, and three who recorded a personal bests! (must be the tutus)!

87121251_718688468535969_8172844592694034432_o 85256070_718687068536109_750205536774914048_o 86870662_718686091869540_300524659906969600_o 87367167_718688991869250_1271543776858341376_o

87018014_718683005203182_1884641880096899072_o 87167586_718685145202968_7629892268995903488_o 86731940_718684798536336_7274574370536685568_o 87064421_718685821869567_4304657218961145856_o

And for the first time we had 3 Bark-teers and NO Bark-runners (a first).  Three of our volunteers brought their pets with them to hang out while they helped make another parkrun a success!

Here’s our Bark-Teer assistant photographer


Our Bark-Teer time keeper #3


And our Bark-Teer assistant-run director!

Till next week!


The only constant is change… Run Report 2.15.20


Yesterday (Friday) I loaded my foster pup in the car and drove down to the Cedar River Trail to scope out and measure an alternate course since part of our usual route is closed due to erosion from all of the recent rain. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we had a nice time soaking in the rays (me) and sniffing all of the smells (her).

We walked and measure all segments of the trail accessible via Riverview Park using Strava and I figured out that a "double rabbit ears" course would do the trick. We would start at the top of the Y, turn just shy of our usual turn-around, come back to the start line and do that segment again. Then we'd run across the top of the Y, past the finish and about .2 miles down the trail to the cones and sign indicating "Trail Closure Ahead", come back to the finish, and then do that out and back segment to the cones and sign one more time before finishing.

Well, I took for granted that the cones and sign from yesterday would still be there today. When our lead runner completed the 3rd segment and we sent him back out for his last lap, he said "I'm already at 3.05". The volunteers alerted me and I went down the trail a bit to check things out. Well, the city removed the sign and cones between yesterday afternoon and this morning and put up a semi-permanent sign on the speed limit post by our finish. Our participants were running all the way to the actual trail closure fence and logging extra mileage. OOPS!

As soon as I figured out the issue, volunteer Karen kindly walked the .2 miles to where the sign and cones had been and started turning people around in the correct spot. Those who had already gone out and back to the fence once, we told to cross the finish (as it was close enough to 5K).

During results processing I adjusted times for those who did extra mileage to calculate their actual 5K times using their pace. The results now should be accurate (enough). However, if you see something that's off, let us know (email and we'll adjust it.

Hey, we're a free event and we've had some curveballs lately. Thanks all for your patience and understanding.

In other was also our Valentine's Day parkrun! We saw lots of Valentine's colors- red for "taken," orange for "in love with parkrun" and green for "available". We had mostly red and orange.

Volunteer Lynda brought some fun stickers to share with those who wanted a little bit of extra sparkle.


Megan and Karl were one of our couples of the day- both wearing red because they're "taken" by each other!


Koy wore orange to signify her love of parkrun.


Visitor Ben wore a green shirt- but it was his 250 shirt so we're not sure if he's actually available or just showing off his parkrun pride.

bring friends

Regular participant and volunteer Ray brought along some family members today, including two grandsons who were more than happy to have their photos taken (as long as I showed them the photos right after). Matt, who is also one of our regulars, brought along his friend Kim. Did you know that parkrun mostly spreads through word of mouth?

Logan fam

The Logan family brought cupcakes to share at the finish line. They were very much appreciated and enjoyed. There were no survivors.


We had a few barkrunners who loved their time on the trail this morning. Baldr even cooperated and wore some sparkles for the full 5K.

vols (2)

Thanks to Amy, Gracelynn, Lynda, Brent and Karen for being on my volunteer crew today!

see you next week

See YOU, yes, YOU next week for our Tutu parkrun on the 22nd!


We'll meet again at Riverview Park next week and we'll send out marshals for each turn next time- let us know if you want to volunteer for one of those spots!



With all of the recent rain, there has been significant erosion of the bank of the Cedar River between the dog park and Riverview Park and the city has closed a section of trail for repair. Therefore, we are back at our old location for the time being, starting at Riverview Park and using a modified course.

We don't know when the trail will re-open, as there is extensive work to be done. We'll communicate here, on our Facebook page, our Instagram account and through email (make sure to opt in through your parkrun profile).

The address for Riverview Park is 3201 Maple Valley Highway, Renton, WA 98058.


Renton parkrun #115 Run Report 1/25/20

Milling around happy photoIt might have been a chilly overcast day at Renton parkrun #115, but it felt like the wind was coming from the west and had brought with it the warm Hawaiian spirit of 'ohana as our parkrun family gathered together.  As the day's volunteers arrived early to set up, the tasks were made easier by a number of early participants who also pitched in and we were ready to go in record time. Which is lovely because it meant there was time to chat with one and other as we waited for start time.   A package of yummy cookies appeared on the gear table, thank you mystery benefactor, they were delicious.   And after months with little action on our self serve volunteer sign up whiteboard we had nine upcoming positions filled in advance, yaaaaay!

Speaking of volunteers, a big giant thank you to our volunteer crew Abby RUELAS  •  Bennett RUELAS  •  Cam KENNEDY  •  Gracelynn RUELAS  •  Heidi HORN  •  Karen GATES  •  Matt MORGAN  •  Patrick WARD  •  Ray ARRINGTON, you're all Renton parkrun rockstars!  Volunteers at the startishHeidi RayMatt and Abby

It was also a day with a special milestone by one of our most consistent parkrunners, Nikol Gianopoulos (pictured below) and to celebrate her personal victory she's shared the following story:Nikol

Last year one of my goals was to run the parkrun course non-stop!  Long story short, I didn’t make my goal. I did receive my red shirt (50 runs) and not once did I run the full course - so for anyone who thinks they have to be a runner to participate - uh - no you don’t! 

To be honest, I really didn’t put a lot of effort into this goal.  I didn’t ‘train’ during the week, in fact, it wasn’t until about June that I started doing that, and I was doing pretty good up until November when I went on vacation, and then it took me a full two months to get out of vacation mode!    

Then 2020 rolled around and I told myself that 2020 is the year I run the full 5k!  They say that you're more likely to stick with a goal if you share it. So, I told Cam and Cathryn during coffee one day.  Cam suggested that I run as slow as possible, as that seemed to work for her the first time she was able to run a 5k without walking.  I’ve also been making more of an effort to run during the week (at least a mile a day 3-4 times)

So with Cam’s advice I decided that this is the week I run non-stop!  I purposefully started near the back of the pack so that I was pacing with the walkers.  The Renton course was recently changed so that instead of two turn-around points there is only one… and that seems to help me mentally.  I know now that at the turn-around point I am halfway, and I can run the first 1.5 miles most of the time without walking. It’s on the way back that is the struggle for me.  I start to think of how sore my legs are getting, how hard it is to keep running, how if I don’t stop and walk my lungs will explode! But this time I didn’t let those thoughts get the better of me. I just kept (slowly) running.  I have to say that when I saw that finish line I knew it was MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! It felt SO good to finally run the course NON-STOP, even if my pace was slightly more than a walk!   

I didn’t set a PR - that was not my goal!!   My goal was to keep running - and that’s exactly what I did!  *GOAL MET*


Way to go Nikol!  And way to go to all 33 of our inspiring participants!  Most of us have some sort of goal we're working towards at parkrun.  Within our parkrun family we've a huge variety of personal goals:   First among them remembering to bring our barcodes :P  Maybe your goal is walking the entire course for the first time, or earning a parkrun volunteer or participant shirt, making a pb, committing to get up and get there on parkrun day x number of times this year, finally talking that fence sitting friend to come walk with you, or like Nikol, running a non-stop 5k.  Whatever your goal is we celebrate you on your journey there and hope this is the year your goals shift into the *GOALS MET* category.

Looking forward to seeing you on parkrunday!  It's going to be AWESOME!




Renton parkrun #113 – 1.11.20 – Run Report

The trail has been cleared (thank you Renton parks department!) so we were able to use our new out and back route for the first time Saturday. We came up a little short on the distance, however, so we'll fix that for next week. Results have been adjusted accordingly to add a percentage of time based on each participant's individual pace.


We welcomed several first-timers (including Emily, Jason, Adnan and Cat, to name a few I had a chance to chat with before the event). Cat and Adnan were kind enough to run across the finish line twice as I missed their actual finish line photos.


First-timer Jason has a few Ragnar races under his belt and now he's starting training for his first marathon. We're here every week and we'd love to be your training buddies! 


We also had two tourists, Thomas from Munich and Richard from London. Richard was excited for his first international parkrun. He has 94 under his belt, now, so he'll be sporting a black 100 shirt soon.


The pair made every effort to capture the perfect post-run selfie with their finish tokens!


Of course there were plenty of regulars, too. Nikol happily reported that she only had to take two short walk this week. She's gearing up to running the full distance without stopping, and we're cheering her on!


For some reason, we seemed to have a lot of folks who were completing their 4th parkruns this weekend. One of those was Karl, who has now run our old course, at least one if not two of our modified courses due to the trail closure, and Saturday our new course. We promise we'll stop switching it up on you!


Thanks to our awesome volunteer crew- Karen, Matt, Gracelynn, Daphne, Amy, Chris and Cathryn! Here's Gracelynn and Chris, part of our finish-line crew for the day.


See you next week!

next week


Renton parkrun #111 Run Report 1/1/20

Renton Parkrun #111 was filled with firsts:

Most obviously, it was Jan 1 2020 - New Years Day
Turnout was the highest in Renton Parkrun history, with 87 finishers! Kudos to visitors from Des Moines Creek and Perrigo completing the New Years double, regulars and newcomers alike kicking 2020 off with an endorphin high, and the revelry-friendly 10:30 start time.PkRnNewYears2020-018

It was our first run from our new starting line next to the Cedar River Dog Park and Renton Community Center. The I-405 overpass made for a nice spot to take shelter through the off-and-on drizzle.PkRnNewYears2020-030

For the first time in a long time, if not ever, the top two runners finished in the 17-s. Well run, Garrett and Phillip!PkRnNewYears2020-061

All of today’s photos are courtesy of Blake, who donned the purple cape in honor of joining the ranks of 25+ time volunteers. Thanks for all of your work Blake.PkRnNewYears2020-209PkRnNewYears2020-207

Record December rains caused a mudslide that closed the trail on a portion of the course. So, runners navigated a modified route featuring a split-friendly double out-and-back. Here are some heading into the turnaround at the halfway mark, within sight of where they started!PkRnNewYears2020-076PkRnNewYears2020-092PkRnNewYears2020-137


Quite a few folks stuck around after the finish to mingle and enjoy snacks under the overpass.PkRnNewYears2020-099PkRnNewYears2020-177PkRnNewYears2020-190PkRnNewYears2020-191PkRnNewYears2020-196PkRnNewYears2020-217

Thanks to today’s volunteers Melani, Ray, Drea, Karen, Cam, Blake, Crystal, Matt, Phil, Gracelynn, and Patrick.PkRnNewYears2020-214


Renton parkrun #108 – 12/14/19 Run Report



"I am so excited to be running my 50th parkrun. I started my parkrun journey 2 years and one week ago sorely out of shape and at a fork in the road of where I was going next in my life. parkrun has become my rock. I can always count on cheerful volunteers and friends to cheer me along the route and I strive to make the most of my run when I can get there. While the numbers aren't always staggering joining parkrun has made a huge difference in my life and well-being. My first parkrun was 42 minutes. I now run consistently in the low 30's and a PB of 28:22. I am looking to break into the 27's this week. I have lost over 20 pounds and dropped a multitude of inches just by adding parkrun to my life and making the conscious effort to make it there as frequently as possible. (The only time that I miss is when there is a soccer conflict or I am out of town that doesn't have parkrun yet.) I am definitely the healthiest and happiest that I have been in my adult life. Thank you parkrun!" - Abby Ruelas


Well, Abby ran her 50th and she even got a PB, which is really hard to do when you've run 50 events. We're so thrilled for her and appreciate her willingness to share her reflections on her parkrun journey.




Her daughter Gracelynn was a part of the volunteer team today, so she got to cheer her Mom over the finish line and hand her a finsher token.


Thanks to all of our volunteers this morning. Without them, parkrun couldn't happen! In addition to Gracelynn, we had Bruce as a timekeeper and first-finisher Phil jumped in to be backup timekeeper when he finished. Laura scanned barcodes after she finished her run, Stacy was our first marshal, Matt was our tail-walker and I (Cathryn) had the privilege of being Run Director this morning.


We welcomed back several familiar faces we haven't seen in a while...




like Amber (who brought a friend, too)...


Tabitha and Mike


and Mike and Tabitha with service dog Wilson, who brought along Dana and pup Stryker.


There are also several newer parkrunners we're getting to know who have been impressively consistent in their attendance...


Dong Mei


like Dong Mei, who ran her 5th parkrun today in the same number of weeks...




and Alexis, who has come 8 of the past 9 weeks!


Dickman fam


We also like when our parkruners bring their families. Tyson and Stephanie brought Logan and Mallory out today, and the whole family participated.


It was really fun to welcome all of our first-timers today, two of whom were youth parkrunners.


1st timers


We look forward to seeing Nolan and Oliver again soon.


Eric and Emily


Eric and Emily said they'd definitely be back again soon, as they're just getting back into running after some time off. They heard about parkrun from a friend of a friend. We love when people hear about parkrun by word of mouth.


That's all for this week, see you next weekend for our holiday themed parkrun!



Let’s Try This Again… Renton parkrun #106 Run Report – 11/30/19

If you read last week's run report, you'll see that I was supposed to be Run Director, but had a bit of a mishap. The team did perfectly without me, but I was excited to fulfill my volunteer duty this weekend, instead.


Yay, I made it!

It was a chilly one, with temperatures in the low-mid 20s during our event, but 19 brave parkrunners came out to participate and 7 bundled-up volunteers were there to support them.

It was a day of huddling together for warmth.


Chris and Amy, visiting from Nottingham in the UK, aren't quite used to these temperatures at their home event. However, Chris ran in shorts and didn't seem any more frozen than everyone else.

Hoodies, hats and gloves were the fashion of the day.


Erik and Jerry both came prepared, representing their favorite sports teams.

Cam hat

Cam looked cozy in her faux fur hat and fleece as she waited at the finish line as a timekeeper.


Gloves were only to be removed when absolutely necessary, as our barcode scanner Ken demonstrates here. (Editor's note- we do have a generous stash of re-usable hand warmers for our volunteers as a part of our event kit!)

However, there are always smiles, no matter the weather!


Here's one of our frequent volunteers, Matt, with a high-watt smile to match his bright high-viz vest as he came across the finish line as tail walker (or runner, today, as the crowd was motivated to get out of the cold!)

Several of the crew warmed up at Luther's Table in downtown after the event was over, enjoying HOT coffee, HOT chocolate and HOT tea, but most of all, each other's company.

Won't you join us next week?

-Cathryn Burby


Oops! Renton parkrun # 105 Run Report – 11/23/19

I was supposed to be the Run Director this weekend. I got all bundled up, had hot tea in a thermos in hand, then reached my hand out to the table to grab the car key. It wasn't there. I spent the next 5 minutes frantically searching to no avail, then called my husband, who was on his way to some mountain biking trails 2+ hours away. He had taken what he thought was his key to grab gear out of the car as he was being picked up by a friend, but it was the same key I had been using that I thought was mine. Turns out, mine was locked IN the car...and I had no way to access it.

So, without a key and a 25 minute drive away from Renton, I called my Co- ED Cam, who was stuck at home in a boot, the result of a recent injury. She had sent her husband, Blake, to parkrun with the gear kit, as I was supposed to meet him to collect it. Blake has volunteered with us MANY times- mostly as a photographer, but in other roles as well (that happens when you're married to an Event Director). However, he had not been trained to be a Run Director, nor did he have a particular interest in the role.


After I shared my predicament with Cam, she called Blake to break the news that he might have to put on the RD hat for the day and I started sending messages to some of our other RDs, seeing if one of them might have the capacity to step into the role for the day. Thankfully, Nikol was willing to jump in and help deliver the run briefing, but had a bike ride scheduled so she couldn't stick around. No problem, Drea (who was already volunteering that morning) also stepped up and helped get everything set up and provided support to Blake after Nikol left.

Nikol Run Briefing

Of course the other volunteers on the team helped to cover, and a few early finishers offered their help as well. Our parkrun community pulled together beautifully.

Finish Line

I sat at home, slightly embarrassed, kicking myself for my mistake and wishing I was at parkrun. However, it was a wonderful example of how far we've come in the past two years. Renton parkrun's success is not dependent on any one or two people, but rather the collective effort of the community.

-Cathryn Burby


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