Renton parkrun #119 – 2/22/20

The Renton parkrun #119 on 2/22/20 was one of two tutu parkruns in 2020!  (the next is in August)  As you can see there were quite a few colorful tutus out on the course!  There were 35 participants  who came out to run, walk or fly the course with us on Saturday, six first timers, and three who recorded a personal bests! (must be the tutus)!

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And for the first time we had 3 Bark-teers and NO Bark-runners (a first).  Three of our volunteers brought their pets with them to hang out while they helped make another parkrun a success!

Here’s our Bark-Teer assistant photographer


Our Bark-Teer time keeper #3


And our Bark-Teer assistant-run director!

Till next week!