Renton parkrun #111 Run Report 1/1/20

Renton Parkrun #111 was filled with firsts:

Most obviously, it was Jan 1 2020 - New Years Day
Turnout was the highest in Renton Parkrun history, with 87 finishers! Kudos to visitors from Des Moines Creek and Perrigo completing the New Years double, regulars and newcomers alike kicking 2020 off with an endorphin high, and the revelry-friendly 10:30 start time.PkRnNewYears2020-018

It was our first run from our new starting line next to the Cedar River Dog Park and Renton Community Center. The I-405 overpass made for a nice spot to take shelter through the off-and-on drizzle.PkRnNewYears2020-030

For the first time in a long time, if not ever, the top two runners finished in the 17-s. Well run, Garrett and Phillip!PkRnNewYears2020-061

All of today’s photos are courtesy of Blake, who donned the purple cape in honor of joining the ranks of 25+ time volunteers. Thanks for all of your work Blake.PkRnNewYears2020-209PkRnNewYears2020-207

Record December rains caused a mudslide that closed the trail on a portion of the course. So, runners navigated a modified route featuring a split-friendly double out-and-back. Here are some heading into the turnaround at the halfway mark, within sight of where they started!PkRnNewYears2020-076PkRnNewYears2020-092PkRnNewYears2020-137


Quite a few folks stuck around after the finish to mingle and enjoy snacks under the overpass.PkRnNewYears2020-099PkRnNewYears2020-177PkRnNewYears2020-190PkRnNewYears2020-191PkRnNewYears2020-196PkRnNewYears2020-217

Thanks to today’s volunteers Melani, Ray, Drea, Karen, Cam, Blake, Crystal, Matt, Phil, Gracelynn, and Patrick.PkRnNewYears2020-214