Let’s Try This Again… Renton parkrun #106 Run Report – 11/30/19

If you read last week's run report, you'll see that I was supposed to be Run Director, but had a bit of a mishap. The team did perfectly without me, but I was excited to fulfill my volunteer duty this weekend, instead.


Yay, I made it!

It was a chilly one, with temperatures in the low-mid 20s during our event, but 19 brave parkrunners came out to participate and 7 bundled-up volunteers were there to support them.

It was a day of huddling together for warmth.


Chris and Amy, visiting from Nottingham in the UK, aren't quite used to these temperatures at their home event. However, Chris ran in shorts and didn't seem any more frozen than everyone else.

Hoodies, hats and gloves were the fashion of the day.


Erik and Jerry both came prepared, representing their favorite sports teams.

Cam hat

Cam looked cozy in her faux fur hat and fleece as she waited at the finish line as a timekeeper.


Gloves were only to be removed when absolutely necessary, as our barcode scanner Ken demonstrates here. (Editor's note- we do have a generous stash of re-usable hand warmers for our volunteers as a part of our event kit!)

However, there are always smiles, no matter the weather!


Here's one of our frequent volunteers, Matt, with a high-watt smile to match his bright high-viz vest as he came across the finish line as tail walker (or runner, today, as the crowd was motivated to get out of the cold!)

Several of the crew warmed up at Luther's Table in downtown after the event was over, enjoying HOT coffee, HOT chocolate and HOT tea, but most of all, each other's company.

Won't you join us next week?

-Cathryn Burby