Run Report #98, October 5, 2019


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There was a lot to celebrate on Saturday at the Renton parkrun; Cathryn Burby, one of our founding Event Directors, ran her 50th parkrun!!  Let us explain what a BIG deal this is!!! Without Cathryn there might not be a parkrun in Seattle! Cathryn helped Kortney (who had been working for years to bring parkrun to the Seattle area) to bring it over the finish line and they both volunteered more than they participated during the first year. Most people will earn their 50th run shirt before they earn their 25th volunteer shirt - not Cathryn. She earned her 25th volunteer shirt within the first year of starting the Renton parkrun, and her 50th run shirt just shy of the 2 year anniversary. She had a few runs and volunteer occasions under her belt before moving to the area, as she started parkrunning in DC in 2016, but most have been here. So, yea - its a BIG Honking deal that she ran her 50th event and earned her red shirt on Saturday!  CONGRATULATIONS Cathryn - You are truly a RockStar!! 

dean and nikol selfie

Also on Saturday we (Nikol and Dean) celebrated earning our 25th volunteer shirt by co-directing the 98th Renton parkrun.  Nikol is a regular at the Renton parkrun, and Dean used to be a regular until he helped get the Perrigo parkrun up and running… and now he’s a regular there.  We earned our 50th run shirt together back in March and keeping the tradition going we coordinated our 25th volunteer milestone - because why not? There's a rumor that we will also earn our 100th run shirt together - but so far that’s just hearsay.  

Dean:  Congratulations Nikol!

Nikol:  Good Job Dean!

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Saturday was a beautiful day for celebrations and for meeting a few first-timers to parkrun and more than the average number of visitors from the UK, New Zealand, Germany, and Ireland.  We even welcomed back a few folks we haven’t seen in a while (I’m looking at you Andy and Joie). Thanks everyone for coming out and celebrating our 98th parkrun with us - we hope to see you all again next week, and definitely the week after that….


REMINDER - On October 19th Renton parkrun will be celebrating its 100th event!  Dean has made it clear the Perrigo parkrun currently holds the record for highest attendance at a Seattle area parkun.  Nikol thinks that the Renton parkrun deserves that honor! So, mark your calendars now, and invite all your friends to walk, stroll, or run the event with you!  Cam has mentioned (more than once - so it must be true) that there will be cake!  


Nikol and Dean


Co-Run Directors