Run Report- May 18, 2019

We had 36 participants at parkrun #78. It was the perfect weather for a free 5k, albeit a little “snowy” with fuzzies from the nearby Cottonwood trees swirling around in the air, haha. It was great to see so many regulars from our parkrun community, like Lillian and Paul, pictured below, enjoying parkrun on this beautiful May morning! 




We also had some visitors today from far flung places including Australia, Gloucester (the original home of parkrun!), Moscow and Canada!

This was my second time as run director and despite my terror of public speaking, our wonderful parkrunners and volunteers made me feel so at ease and I had a blast!

run brief

We had a special milestone today! Peter Ernst reached “50” parkruns and we were thrilled to be able to celebrate this achievement with him. While he started off parkrunning at the original parkrun in Bushy Park in London, he's done his most recent 23 events in the Pacific NW. Run Director Cam gave some cookies a special touch to help recognize his accomplishment, too. Well done Peter!



We had a few visiting runners proudly displaying their “100” t-shirts today. Paul Blazey, Louise Blazey, Sergey Aleshin, Rachel Oakley & Gary Oakley – you are all rockstars! It'll be another year or so before a Renton parkrunner earns one, but it's fun motivation to see them in person. 

Photo 4

Congratulations to all our Renton parkrun first timers today – Paul Blazey, Louise Blazey, Will Kent, Adam Lawrence, Sergey Aleshin, Lynda Flanaghan, Rachel Oakley & Gary Oakley, We hope to see you all many more times at Renton parkrun.

1st event

Thank you to all our volunteers - Devon BENNETT, Mary BLAKE, Cathryn BURBY, Adair ERNST, Cam KENNEDY, Sandy MADDEN, Steve MCPHERSON, Will TING, Dennis ZABORAC. Thanks also to Peter Ernst who after completing his run jumped in and helped out as a timer! Without volunteers, parkrun cannot happen. Volunteering is a great way to get to know the core team and it always feels so good to give back to the parkrun community! So if you haven’t volunteered yet for parkrun, please do give it a go! The more volunteers, the better the event.


We look forward to seeing you all next Saturday for another great parkrun!!


Yours in stride,

Mary Blake

Run Director