Run Report- May 11, 2019

We had 48 participants at parkrun #77, including some visitors from parkruns in Vancouver and Johannesburg!! It was stunning weather and was even a little hot for us Seattlites!


It was my very first time as Run Director so I was definitely a little nervous, but our fabulous parkrun community made me feel so welcome and at ease! Everyone was so encouraging!! My 4 year old daughter, Eden, was there with me wielding her pom poms to cheer the volunteers, runners and walkers on.




We had a very special guest in attendance. Young Amelia Logan earned her “10” t-shirt and got to wear an awesome cape and do parkrun “superhero” style. Well done Amelia, such an amazing achievement to have completed 10 park runs when you are not even 10 years of age yet!




We welcomed some parkrun friends from Vancouver – Thomas and Rebecca. They originally started parkrun in New Zealand, where they are from originally. They moved to Vancouver 2 years ago, and joined a parkrun community there. It was a joy to see their huge enthusiasm for parkrun! Come back and run with us again some time Thomas and Rebecca!




Congratulations to all our Renton parkrun first timers today – Douglas Momberg, Finley Linehan, Sarah Paquet, Thomas Faulkner, Rebecca Williams, Jennifer Butler and Vivien Mitchell. We hope to see you all many more times at Renton parkrun!


1st timers



We had a few “50” timers today and they were all proudly displaying the coveted red shirt!



Thank you to all our volunteers - Mary BLAKE, Dean FABER, Ken HOMAN, Kara JOHNSON, Nick JOHNSON, Jack JOHNSON, Owen JOHNSON, Leyla JOHNSON, Cam KENNEDY, Matt MORGAN, Patrick WARD. Without volunteers, parkrun cannot happen. I have to admit that this was my first time volunteering, and I had such a blast, I wonder why it took me so long to actually volunteer! So if you haven’t volunteered yet for parkrun, please do give it a go! The more volunteers, the better the event. 

tail walker

We look forward to seeing you all next Saturday for another great parkrun!!


Yours in stride,

Mary Blake

Run Director