Parkrun #75, The Emergency Preparedness parkrun Report

Renton parkrun #75

The skies opened up a deluge right before the start of parkrun #75 but luckily it stopped by the time we got going. It was an eventful morning that was headed up by Event Director, Cathryn Burby as our Run Director of the Day. Here she is introducing our guest speaker Mark, from the Renton Fire Authority. Though an emergency call impacted our time with the RFA there were many great take aways:

It's never wrong to call 911, the RFA and the 911 dispatcher are there to guide you and provide emergency support as needed.

It's important to know where you are. There are three main entry points for emergency crews along our trail.

1) The parking lot nearest the 1st marshal turnaround is at SE 7th Street and Maple Valley Highway. This lot is where the light is across from the Taco Time headquarters.
2) The parking lot we park at for the start of parkrun is at SE 5th Street and Maple Valley Highway.
3) The stub road that ends at the 2nd marshal turnaround underneath the 405 overpass is called Cedar River Trail.

When you call 911 describe where the emergency is in relation to those points and if a crew is being dispatched, if possible send someone to meet them at their arrival point and direct them to the emergency.

Do not move an injured person. If possible direct someone to watch for bike traffic and have them signal bike traffic to slowly pass or stop if necessary.

The RFA offers a two part training series, CPR and First Aid. Unfortunately it appears these classes are no longer free. I've included a link below for those interested in attending.

If you have a mobile phone, bring it to parkrun. Though it's tempting to leave your phone behind and run "naked" (without electronics), because our course is not a looping course there are long stretches where you may be the only person near an injured party and having a phone means access to 911 guidance and, if necessary, emergency assistance will arrive sooner.

It is especially important on our trail to keep to the trail. If you're participating with children, or those with disabilities or cognitive issues that impair their ability to stay the course please keep them within arms length. The dirt trails leading up into the forest can be attractive to the curious or confused but they may lead to homeless encampments and should not be explored.

Renton parkrun #75
We really appreciate the hard work the RFA does in our community and knowing these few details can keep us safe and help them more effectively help us.

Renton parkrun #75
On top of our RFA heros it was also parkrun superhero day and our photographer, Sonja Logan, captured all the cheer the costume aficionados brought to the event. Thank you Sonja! Even a barkrunner, BeBe got in on the action as you can see in this adorable photo above.

parkrun has many traditions and one of my favorites is the "Run Back". A run back is when an earlier finisher heads back on the trail to encoruage other runners or walkers. These are the people we ask not to go back through the finish cones a second time at the start of every parkrun. I saw lots of run backs on the course this Satruday and it was awesome! Maybe you have a friend or family member who never comes out to parkrun because they aren't a "runner". Lots of parkrunners aren't runners. Be sure to let them know walkers are welcome and offer to run or walk back and meet them wherever they are on the course. parkrun is not a race, it's a social celebration of every participants efforts, no matter their finish time.

Renton parkrun #75

We welcomed tourists Jake ELSMORE and Lucy HALFORD from Longrun Meadows parkrun in Sumerset, UK, The HAMILTONS from Newport Lakes parkrun, near Melbourne, Austraila and the SCHIACHS from Himmel parkrun in Arizona.

Renton parkrun #75

Our Volunteers were Amelia LOGAN, Cam KENNEDY, Cathryn BURBY, Colton WRIGHT, Devon BENNETT, Imogen LOGAN, Ken HOMAN, Kerstin PEPPER, Patrick WARD and Sonja LOGAN. Thank you HI-VIS heros so much for giving your time to make parkrun #75 great.

Renton parkrun #75

Congratulations to our first male finisher, Max JENSEN with a time of 20:31 and our first female finisher, Jennifer O'MEARA with a time of 25:42. Those celebrating personal best times are Brian HACH, Martin DOYTCHEV, Miroslav DOYTCHEV and Will TING, did you remember to ring the bell?

Renton parkrun #75

Among our first timers was local Crystal LOWY pictured above who I've heard through the grapevine will be joining me in Star Wars themed finery for next Saturday's "May the 4th" parkrun. Costumes are always welcome at Renton parkrun, no special event necessary.

See you this Saturday!

Cam Kennedy
Renton parkrun Event Director