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I can't believe it's been over a year since we posted any news, but life gets busy and as a volunteer run organization, some things inevitably fall through the cracks.

As you can see by our logo, Brooks is now sponsoring parkrun US!  This is really exciting and we look forward to what Brooks will bring to our events.

Stay tuned for more regular updates, event reports, photos and more!


City of Renton K9 Candy Cane 5k!





We are so grateful to the City of Renton for their cooperation with parkrun.  The K9 Candy Cane 5k is always a fun event, and they will be collecting cans and/or bags of pet food !  Click the link below for more information!

K9 Candy Cane Fun Run and Walk - City of Renton (

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We have opted to not hold a parkrun event on Thanksgiving day, however if you are wanting to get your parkrun 5k in before the big dinner, Perrigo WILL be hosting an event.

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Stay tuned for more Christmas and New Year's plans!

Karen & Nikol


3-2-1 Renton parkrun!

Or, Renton parkrun #123.  We should have known what an amazing event it would be with a number like that, but truly, Renton parkrun #123 was incredible.

First off, we had 51 attendees!  Twenty-three of them were first-timers, as we welcomed The Silver Striders, a local club for runners and walkers over the age of 50, to the parkrun family.  We hope to see them at many more events in the future.

     The Silver Strider's Mission:
         ……    To give a voice to runners and walkers over 50 years of age
                ……   To give motivation through friendly competition and recognition
                             To overcome age discrimination through education.
                                  To promote fitness through a healthy lifestyle

Renton parkrun was added to the Silver Striders' calendar as part of their Tortoise and Hare Handicap Series, and we were so thankful that they chose to attend our event.  If you'd like to learn more about the Silver Striders, you can do so at their website,

Second, congratulations to Jeff Westhead on being our 5,000 finisher!  He was on track to be our 4,999 finisher when he was passed by Keith Lerew in the last half mile.  As you can see from this photo, Jeff was happy with how it all turned out.

237580611_10159577971028838_8189630901207181132_n (1)

Third, not only did we have TWELVE people accomplish a PR (personal record, or PPR, personal parkrun record), including the top 5 finishers, but we had a new women's course record!  Congratulations to Becca Kawaoka for her 17:40 finish (her previous parkrun PR was 19:07)!

Here's Becca (in the middle, long sleeve grey top) ringing the PR bell with some of her parkrunning friends!


We love having that PR bell and love to hear it ring again and again!

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And last but certainly not least, thank you to our amazing crew of volunteers.  We have a lot of fun, and it was great to see how well it all went with our amazing turnout.  Parkrun is only possible when we have volunteers, so let us know when you can help out and we'll get you on the roster!



Renton parkrun #121 and 122

Last week was Renton parkrun #121, our triumphant return after a 73 week break (give or math might be off by a week or two) due to, you guessed it, Covid-19.

And trimphant it was!!  We had 26 finishers, including 8 with personal bests!  Akhil Srinivasan ran a pre-COVID PB of 19:52 and ran 19:28 this weekend. His younger sister Dhanya ran 33:13, blowing her previous PB of 38:08 out of the water!  Matt Wexler, who was stuck at 49 runs when we shut down, really wanted his 50th to be at his home event so he didn't play tourist at Des Moines or Redmond but instead waited for Renton's re-launch. He also logged an impressive PB, beating his previous by 7 minutes!  Shawn Pearce and Nina Tang, regulars at Perrigo, came down for our launch and both logged PBs as well!   Also joining the PB bell ringers club (we have a bell!), Jennifer Samm, Abby Ruelas, and Alexis Hauber.
Our first finisher was also a first-timer, congratulations Sarah Paquet!  We also welcomed Graham Smith-Golden and Sarah Fausell to our parkrun family.  We welcomed back Eleanor Lee who has participated in many a parkrun with her parents, but is now official at the age of 4!  She not only participated as an official parkrunner, she logged her first day of volunteering as well.
Today was parkrun #122.  It has been hot and the air quality is poor, so I think a lot of people decided to stay home, but we did have 16 finishers, two personal bests (congratulations to our first male finisher, Jack Gates, who bested his previous time of 22:51 finishing in 22:23 and our first female finisher, Alexis Hauber, who finished today in 27:31, beating her previous PB from last week of 28:01) and one first-timer.  Welcome Zachary Turner!

While we always like to give a shout-out to those who achieved a personal best time, parkrun is about running AND walking, it's about those who can run the distance in 20 minutes and those who run and/or walk it in an hour.  It's about our littlest parkrunners who come with their parents, who ride in the stroller, or like Eleanor Lee and others, volunteer with Dad as tail walker.  It's about taking that first step into outdoor exercise, that return to running or walking after injury or illness or just falling out of the habit, that community spirit of volunteering and cheering for friends and strangers alike, and that reminder that every Saturday there's someplace to go with family or friends, or even on your own.  We would love to see our parkrun family grow, so please share what we're all about with those around you.  After the trying times we have had, it's so nice to get outside, get some exercise, meet new people and become a part this global force that is parkrun.

Next week is Renton parkrun #123 and we should be seeing our 5,000th finisher cross the finish line.  Will it be you??  We're excited for this milestone and hope to see you there!

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