Run Report – Perrigo parkrun #28: 14th December 2019

by Mary Blake: Run Director

Start line - ugly sweater run

We were ever hopeful for a nice dry “Ugly Sweater” parkrun this morning, but alas, it was not meant to be. However, the pouring rain did not deter 40 cheerful and very festive parkrunners! It was so fun to see so many people dress up in their ugly sweaters, festive hats, santa socks and even some jingle bells! We were also blessed with some wonderful contributions of festive treats from our runners and volunteers. There were mince pies, sausage rolls, brownies and donuts aplenty. They all went down a treat, yummy!!

volunteers in the rain

PB bell 3


Some Stats & fun facts

    We had 8 PBs today – congratulations to Erward Osckar, Lisa Whittle, Elliott Gaskins, Niamh Carrig, Evie Pepper, Chloe Hoegger, Carla Schneider & Erik Schneider.

    Niamh Carrig

    Welcome to our three first timers today – Damon Gjording, Jenna Gorham & Jasmina Cernak. Damon and Jenna were the first male and female home today – incredible!

    Damon & Jenna


    Lars Schneider crushed it in the J11-14 group again with an amazing time of 21:08, which is only 3 seconds off his PB. An amazing achievement as such a young age!

    Lars Schneider

    Kevin Sorensen, Jeff Mitchell & Andrew Ruschack completed their 20th parkruns, all at Perrigo! It is so great to start seeing the homegrown milestones starting to spring up. Well done Kevin, Andrew & Jeff – we love seeing you all every week! Keep going and aim for that coveted 50 shirt!!

    Kevin Sorrensen

    Jeff Mitchell

    Andrew Rushnack

    Our very own core team member, Dean Faber, completed his 70th parkrun. Wow Dean, that’s awesome. Keep going for the elusive black shirt. It’s just within reach!!

    Dean Faber

    Ms. Evie Pepper knocked a whopping 3 minutes off her time to PB with 31:15 at just 9 years of age!


    Our very own Event Director, Kerstin Pepper, completed her 25th parkrun. That’s half way to the coveted 50 shirt – Way to go Kerstin!!


    Carla Schneider was the 28th runner home at the 28th Perrigo parkrun!

Fastest males

Our top 3 male runners were Damon Gjording (19:39), Dan Metteer (20:01) & Lars Schneider (21:08)

Dan Metteer

Fastest females

Our top 3 female runners were Jenna Gorham (22:10), Lisa Whittle (25:59) & Niamh Carrig (29:44)


As always, thank you so much to our amazing volunteers who put up with very wet conditions this Saturday. It is not easy to stand around in the cold and the rain, but they did just that with big festive smiles and so much encouragement and support for our parkrunners. Thank you Allison Prather, Mary Blake, David Cline, Dean Faber, Kelly Lyon-King, Kerstin Pepper, Nina Tang, Shawn Pearce, Siri Bleisner & Gabriella Drewer.


If you would like to volunteer, please reach out to us at We are always looking to fill our future volunteer rosters. Without volunteers, there is no parkrun!

Upcoming Events

This Saturday December 21st, we will have an unofficial “Festive 5K”, so if you want to give your ugly sweaters, santa hats and jingle bells another run (or if you missed our Ugly Sweater run), please wear them all with pride this Saturday!

Perrigo will also be hosting a special New Year’s day run at 8:30am. We are having it early as Renton parkrun is hosting their parkrun at 10:30am and we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to attend both events, as it is the only day of the year where you can complete two parkruns in one day!

Look forward to seeing you all next Saturday!

Mary Blake
Run Director


Run Report – Perrigo parkrun #27: 7th December 2019


Perrigo parkrun #27 was a cold and wet day, but that did not dampen the spirits of 31 parkrunners and 10 volunteers! I guess this was just not the day to try parkrun for the first time, as we had no local first timers. However, we did have visitors from Thornbury parkrun in the UK (welcome Angela Kerr!), and from Vancouver, Canada (welcome Thomas Faulkner & Rebecca Williams!).

Angela Kerr (UK)

Rebecca & Thomas (Vancouver)


Some Stats

We had a nice round and even 10 PBs today. Congratulations to Nelson LaPlante, Aditya Shrivastava, Kelly Lyon-King, Tadeusz Dul, Rupert Bader, Lizzie Lee, Bill Schwabenland, Jon Payne, Erik Schnieder & Carla Schneider. Nice work guys!!

Kelly PR


    Stefano Gallotti ran his 202nd parkrun (13th at Perrigo). Wow!

    Rupert Bader PB’d by a whopping 3 ½ minutes – AMAZING – Go Rupert!

    Our first junior u-10 runner was Ms. Evie Pepper with an incredible time of 34:40!

    Carla Schneider was the 27th runner home at Perrigo parkrun no. 27

Fastest males
Our top 3 male runners were Dan Metteer (19:39), Lars Schneider (21:31) & Kevin Sorensen (21:38)




Fastest females
Our top 3 female runners were Kelly Lyon King (26:33), Angela Kerr (29:43) & Rebecca Williams (29:53)

As always, thank you so much to our amazing volunteers. They make parkrun possible each and every week. This week we had Alison Payne, Allison Prather, Bill Schwabenland, Damyan Pepper, Gabriella Drewer, Jeff Mitchell, Jorge Besada, Kerstin Pepper, Mary Blake and Niamh Carrig.


If you would like to volunteer, please reach out to us at We are always looking to fill our future volunteer rosters. Without volunteers, there is no parkrun!

Upcoming Events

Perrigo parkrun is having an “Ugly Sweater” run on Saturday December 14th. So don your ugliest Christmas sweater and any and all festive clothing and come and join us. We would love to have a table full of holiday treats, so if the festive baking spirit moves you, please feel free to bring a treat to share!:)


Perrigo will also be hosting a special New Year’s day run at 8:30am. We are having it early as Renton parkrun is hosting their parkrun at 10:30am and we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to attend both events - it is the only day of the year where you can complete 2 parkruns in one day!

Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

Mary Blake
Run Director


Run Report – Perrigo parkrun #24: 23rd November 2019

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

We had a wonderful turnout for this morning's chilly parkrun, with 54 parkrunners braving the cold to come along and run / walk with friends and family!



Plenty to Celebrate

We had lots of reasons to celebrate this morning, aside from the biggest turnout we've had since the summer!

    Dean Faber, our dedicated and parkrun-passionate core team member, mentioned that he's not really that excited by birthdays any more. Well, we obviously couldn't let THAT one slide by. Cake, balloons, party hats and a birthday banner all helped us to mark the big occasion! Happy Birthday, Dean - I'm afraid that keeping it quiet was just not an option.



    We also welcomed FIFTEEN first timers this week. We're so excited to see how our parkrun community just continues to grow and grow. We now have almost 440 registered Perrigo parkrunners, and have high hopes that we'll continue to see attendance increase as the weeks go by. Thank you to all of you who share your love of parkrun on social media, or just through word of mouth - we really appreciate it.

    Ann Reinhart was one of our many first timers this morning.

    Ann Reinhart was one of our many first timers this morning.

    Twelve parkrunners achieved new PBs this week. Many congratulations to Lars Scheider, Jeremy Salerno, Dean Faber, Aditya Shrivastava, Kelly Lyon-King, Tadek Dul, Perry Rodgers, Christopher Thorburn, Sidhanth and Kannan Srinivasan, Caroline Exner, and Alan Morris! Amazing work, everyone, particularly on cold legs. Clearly the lure of cake at the finish line was hard to resist...









Fastest Finishers

It was a fiercely competitive race to the finish for our top three males this week, with all three finishing within 4 seconds of each other!

    In first place, in an incredible 21:05, junior parkrunner, Lars Schneider (JM11-14) achieved another PB, putting him well on track to meet his goal of a sub-20 minute 5k!


    Mere milliseconds behind Lars, our visitor from the UK, James Piggott, finished second, in 21:05. Amazingly, this matches his previous PB, obtained at his most recent parkrun, Teignmouth Promenade parkrun, back in August.


    In third place, taking 11 seconds off his previous fastest time, Jeremy Salerno raced to the finish in 21:09.


Our fastest females were not far behind at all.

    First to finish was Allison Prather, in 26:12. A first timer at Perrigo, Allison is no stranger to parkrun, having previously been a regular over at Oak Grove parkrun in Kentucky. We're delighted that she has now moved to Redmond, and hope to see her among our group of regulars each week!


    Next to pass through the finish bollards was Kelly Lyon-King. Another PB for Kelly, finishing in 27:07. Congratulations, Kelly!


    Right behind Kelly, Lillian Bowler finished in an impressive 28:06 - I don't think I saw her without a smile on her face all morning! We love having your sunny self at Perrigo each week, Lillian.


A Few Fun Facts

Kelly Lyon-King was the only person with more than 10 parkruns under her belt (14 in total) to achieve a PB this week.

First timer and visitor from the UK, Ruth Bader, set a new age group record for Perrigo, in the Women's 70-74 yr bracket. This now means that three of our fastest all time finishers are Brits. No pressure, Redmond...


Perrigo's event v-Index has increased to 8, which means that at least 8 parkrunners have
volunteered here at least 8 times.

Rebecca Bader finished in 24th position at Perrigo's 24th event.


Niamh Carrig ran for the 10th time at Perrigo (11 in the USA; 13 worldwide).


John Hoegger ran for the 10th time in the USA (8 at Perrigo; 10 worldwide).


Zena Hoegger ran for the 10th time at Perrigo (12 in the USA; 12 worldwide).


Riley Walden (with Max for company) was the 400th different finisher at Perrigo.


Once again, a great time was had by all. Thanks, as always, to our wonderful volunteers, who are the only reason that parkrun keeps ticking along each week!




    - If you haven't yet volunteered at Perrigo, take a quick look at the future roster (, and let us know if you see a date and/or a role that you'd like to try. Email if you can help, any time. Thank you so much!

    - Please don't forget your PRINTED barcode. It is important that all events around the globe abide by the rule to ensure consistency. That way, every parkrunner knows what to expect at any parkrun around the world, and the expectations on run directors and volunteer teams are the same.

    Laminating several copies of your barcode (packing tape works beautifully) and stashing them in your car, your wallet, your running shoes, etc. will ensure that you're never without your barcode when you need it. You can also order plastic keychain tags, bracelets, etc. with your parkrun barcode (and ICE) here:

    Thank you for understanding!

    - Don't forget, we have our super fun, FREE Turkey Trot coming up this Thursday 28th November, at 9am. Tell your friends, your family, your on social media, sing from the rooftops - the more the merrier, we'd LOVE to make it a really great parkrun pre-turkey celebration!!


See you on THURSDAY, parkrunners!! Wrap up warm, it's going to be freeeeeezing cold (but beautifully sunny - a gorgeous winter's day).


Run Report: Perrigo parkrun #23 – 16th November 2019

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

We enjoyed a dry, mid-50s, cloudy fall day on Saturday morning - perfect weather to attract 34 parkrunners to Perrigo.


We were happy to welcome 5 first timers, and celebrated 7 new personal bests - well done, everyone! Yet another great morning, and a really nice group at coffee afterwards, too.

Personal Bests (PBs)

    Simon Jenness not only achieved his 5th PB at his 7th Perrigo parkrun, but he also managed to break the course record in his age category. 24:40 is now the time to beat for the Under 10s - many congratulations, Simon!


    Jorge Besada was the only parkrunner with more than 10 Perrigo parkruns under his belt, to achieve a PB this week. At his 13th parkrun, Jorge achieved his 7th PB in 23:04 - great work, Jorge.


    Matt Williams managed a PB of 20:54 at his second Perrigo parkrun, to finish in 4th place. Awesome job, Matt!


    Yi Tyan Tsai achieved her 4th PB at her 6th Perrigo parkrun, to be the first female across the line this week, in 26:27. Well done, Yi Tyan!


    Tadek Dul has an ambition to achieve a PB at every single one of his parkruns. He's well on track, achieving his 3rd PB at his 4th Perrigo parkrun. 28:44 is your time to beat next week, Tadek!


    Elliott Gaskins, accompanied by gorgeous Rocky, achieved yet another PB this week. Great job finishing in 30:02 this week, Elliott!


    Tali Yehuda achieved a PB of 32:58 at her third Perrigo parkrun. Excellent improvement, Tali!


Fun Facts

    John Hoegger finished in 9th position on his 9th run worldwide.


    Lisa Johnson ran for the 10th time worldwide (all at Perrigo).


    Jennifer Marshall finished in 23rd position at Perrigo's 23rd event.


    Dan Metteer ran for the 10th time worldwide (all at Perrigo).


    Kevin Sorensen achieved a "Groundhog" by finishing in the same time (21:22) at consecutive events at the same location.


    Our top Perrigo "parkrun passionistas" (i.e. those parkrunners who have run the most parkruns, all at the same event) are currently Jeff Mitchell (17) and Kevin Sorensen (16). Thanks for always showing up, guys!


First Timers

And finally...a very warm parkrun welcome to our 5 first timers this week: Mike Mertens; Lars Schneider; Theresa Tonev; Rose Skeem and Kate Sorensen. We were so happy to meet you all, and will look forward to getting to know you better at all your future parkruns with us!






Reminder - Thanksgiving "bonus" parkrun

Don't forget that we will be having our first parkrun Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. Come and join us at the red barn for a 9am start. Please do invite all your visiting family and friends too - just make sure they register at, and bring their printed barcodes with them!


Thank you so much to our amazing volunteers this week: Kerstin Pepper; Dean Faber; Mary Blake; Evie Pepper; Damyan Pepper; Kevin Sorensen and Kate Sorensen. Without our volunteers, parkrun cannot exist. If you are enjoying your weekly run with your new parkrun friends, please consider volunteering - check out the future roster at and email if you see any dates and/or roles that appeal to you.

That's a wrap for this week. Until next time...

Your Enthusiastic Event Director


Run Report – Perrigo parkrun #22: 9th November 2019

Celebrating parkrunners and Volunteers
by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

We had such a great morning at Perrigo today, to our surprise. I woke up at 3am to the sound of heavy rain, and immediately started second guessing how many parkrunners might show up on a soggy, cold, November Saturday. Would we have more volunteers than parkrunners? Or maybe just a dozen of our (dedicated) usual suspects?

I was a little disheartened as I loaded the car. We had hoped to reach our magic 1,000th parkrunner milestone, but it seemed unlikely - we needed another 28 finishers, but over the previous three fair-weather weeks, we had only averaged 23. Today, it was pouring!

My son, Henry, and I headed down to Perrigo, to chalk inspirational messages at the turnaround points and set up for our 22nd event.


It was super quiet at the park, with the only soul in sight being our wonderful marshal, Elliott, and his canine companion, Rocky. Elliott helped to unload the van and set up the shelters, as the rain continued to fall from gloomy grey skies.



Gradually, our volunteers started to arrive, and we chatted about the dire conditions and wondered if anyone would show up.


And then...something amazing happened. Along with our wonderful regulars, we started to see unfamiliar people in running shoes arriving. As each one approached, I would ask, "Is this your first parkrun?", and introduce ourselves. In all, we met 11 first timers. Eleven! Some had found us by Googling "Redmond 5k", and others through word of mouth. We were so delighted to welcome them all (not to mention, super impressed that they chose such a miserable day to try something new)! In total, 39 amazing parkrunners showed up!


In the end, we found ourselves with a lot to celebrate!!

  • Kerstin Pepper reached her 25th Volunteering milestone - that's 25 times that she has volunteered at parkrun events. That coveted purple shirt will soon be winging its way to Redmond - we can't wait to see more purple at Perrigo!
  • 74491329_404882943751297_1914991970141339648_o



  • Last weekend, Sergey Aleshin met the enviable milestone of running his 100th unique parkrun at Joe Creason parkrun.

    Talk about dedication - Sergey had planned to run Heritage Harbor parkrun, but after flying into Chicago, saw that it had been canceled due to lack of volunteers.
    Never one to balk at a challenge, Sergey drove through the night - a 5 and a half hour journey - from Illinois to Kentucky, to ensure he made his magic 100!

    Of course, next week, he's off to Terry Hershey parkrun in Houston, for his 101st...We can't wait to see where parkrun takes you next, Sergey!

  • 74673197_402450890661169_59635474876071936_o

  • Max Jensen was taking a well-earned rest this week, but we celebrated him anyway. Max finished the New York Marathon last week in a ridiculously fantastic time of 2:54:41. That's an average pace of 6:40 minute / mile, and placed him 5th in his age category (and the 2nd American within that group).
    Congratulations, Max - you are an inspiration!
  • max smaller

  • And finally (drumroll, please!!)....we DID indeed reach (nay, exceed!) our 1,000 Perrigo parkrunner finishers milestone.
  • 1000

We love the fact that our 1,000th parkrunner to cross the finish line was a first timer - Erward Osckar looked a little bemused as he was greeted by a cheering crowd waving pom poms and jumping up and down in celebration as he reached that final bollard! We've assured him it won't happen again...


Erward and son, Brandon, celebrate their first parkrun

If you have a celebratory story to tell, or want to offer kudos to a fellow parkrunner, do let us know - we'd love to hear it!

The Lowdown

The rain certainly made our parkrunners more eager to finish quickly, this week. Our poor Tail Walker, Melani, was most dismayed to see that we didn't have a single walker in our group!

Top 3 Male

1. Nathan Clifford was our first finisher, yet again! He finished in a very speedy 18:41.


2. First timer, and good friend/colleague of our regular, Andy Ruschak, Jeremy Salerno crossed the finish in 21:20.


3. Kevin Sorensen finished third, in a very impressive 21:22. I'm going to keep saying it until you share - Kevin, we'd love to see your GoPro videos!


Top 3 Female

1. Nina Tang was the first woman across the line, with a PB (yay!) of 27:42 - many congrats, Nina!

2. Kelly Lyon-King finished her 12th parkrun with a PB of 27:54 - well done, Kelly, half marathon training is clearly paying off!


3. First timer, Jen Oglesby, finished in 29:50 - we'd love to see you again, Jen, as much as soccer schedules allow!


Personal Bests

We celebrated 7 PBs this week - I think everyone must have been rushing to get to that hot post-run coffee!

Other than those already mentioned...

Andy Ruschak was "gently" encouraged by his running buddy colleague, to knock 33 seconds off his previous PB, finishing in an incredible 26:19.


Tadek Dul reached yet another PB, finishing in 29:10. We are so happy that you continue to show up each week, Tadek!!


Sidhanth and Kannan Srinivasan both celebrated PBs today, in 38:21 and 38:25 respectively - great job, guys, we love your finish line smiles!



Lana Young, joining her Dad, Gavin, did an amazing job of smashing her previous PB by an incredible 12 minutes, finishing in 41:17. Well done, Lana - keep it up!


And Finally...

  • Don't forget that we have our bonus Thanksgiving parkrun on Thursday 28th November at 9am. Please feel free to invite your friends and family (just ensure they bring their barcodes!). The mode the merrier - let's make it a parkrun to remember!!
  • 73460726_394268134812778_598560734158258176_n

  • Don't forget your barcode! Unfortunately, we are going to have to be strict on this one. If you forget your printed barcode, we cannot process your results. Remember that Event Director, Kerstin Pepper, has a laminator and is more than happy to laminate your barcode for you!
  • download

  • Thank you so much to our volunteers: Kerstin Pepper; Sergey Aleshin; Dean Faber; Mary Blake; Melani McGrath; Elliott Gaskins; Gabriella Drewer; Dan Metteer and Kim McKeone. Without you, parkrun could not exist.

    If you would like to volunteer in future, please check our the roster at, and email if you would like to add your name to our list of hi-vis heroes!

  • Thanks so much for yet another fantastic week at Perrigo parkrun. We can't wait to do it all again next week for #23!









Run Report – Perrigo parkrun #21: 2nd November 2019

by Kelly Lyon-King - Run Director

We are so proud of our parkrunners and volunteers this morning, and even those who were out at the Lake Washington Half Marathon this morning. We missed you Kerstin, Dean, Andy and whoever else was out there. And by the way - Kerstin, Mary and Dean, you all make this Run Director gig look easy!

We were in the coldest blob on the planet here at Perrigo parkrun. That’s right, you all got up and got out even though it was warmer at the poles than it was here in the pacific northwest!


What dedication and commitment to getting up and getting moving every Saturday morning. And thank you Perrigo community for not slipping on those icy leaves that beautifully decorate our run! As those leaves drop from the trees to help light the path as the daylight continues to diminish, people in these northern climates tend to hunker down in some form of hibernation. I can see why all those parkruns over in the U.K. and other northern cities are so popular. They get you out and moving, saying "Hi!" to friends, and smiling at familiar faces. Whether it’s rain, or just cold, it’s wonderful having everyone come out to join in this community event. And while that frost on the grass may have made some feet wet, it was quite stunning!


What a beautiful day to welcome our First Timers: Hoke; Linda; Sidhanth and Kannan; Aditya and Andrea; and Song.

Song Hong was actually visiting from her home park run up in Vancouver. We really hope she can join us frequently down here at Perrigo - do come visit again, Song!


First Timer, Andrea, also had the distinction of being the first female park runner across the finish line. Go Andrea!


We loved that competitive spirit between Kannan and Sidhanth at their first Perrigo event!


We also welcomed first timer Linda Burt, as she smiled working hard right up to that finish line. We look forward to seeing you next time!


A special thanks to all the volunteers who stepped up at the last moment and rescued our frigid parkrun morning: Kelly Lyon-King (Run Director), Gayatri Teegavarau (Timekeeper), Melani McGrath (Timekeeper), Lee Nathan (Photographer), Gavin Young (Marshal), Mary Blake (Barcode Scanning), Niamh Carrig (Tail Walker), Kim McKeone (Finish Tokens), and Gabby Drewer (Token Support).


Reaching Double Digits

We now have 9 Perrigo parkrunners that have reached double digits for attendance at our home run. Two of those reached that milestone this weekend!

Alex Agranov ran for the 10th time worldwide (all at Perrigo).


Chris Drewer ran for the 10th time at Perrigo (10 in the USA; 15 worldwide).


Notably, Lizzie Lee ran for the 10th time in the USA (6 at Perrigo; 20 worldwide).

Fun Facts

Sidhanth Srinivasan finished in 21st position at Perrigo's 21st event.

Elliott Gaskins with his faithful companion increased his USA p-index to 2, by finishing at Perrigo for the 2nd time.


And Melani McGrath has now volunteered more times (19) at Perrigo than elsewhere in the USA (18).


Kelly Lyon-King was the 200th volunteer at Perrigo!

Gavin Young volunteered for the 10th time in the USA (6 at Perrigo).

And finally...

Whether you are here to run your heart out or enjoy a morning stroll, we are glad that you came and are part of our PP community!



Even the Perrigo pups come to make new friends!!! See you next week with much warmer weather and perhaps rain gear instead of snow.


Please do spread the word, invite your friends and family along to try us out, and share and share and share again on social media. Perrigo needs another 28 runners or walkers to reach 1,000 total finishers. So tell your friends and welcome them to our parkrun community!

Contact Kerstin Pepper on Facebook or at if you would like some flyers to hand out - we just ordered another several hundred, so there are plenty to go around!


Special Event: Thanksgiving 2019 parkrun

It's Thanksgiving! So come join us for Perrigo parkrun's first annual "Turkey Trot" on Thursday November 28th. The price (ahem, it's FREE!), and the swag-free, community-focused vibe of a Thanksgiving parkrun are hard to beat.


Thanksgiving is the largest running day in the world, with around 1 million Americans taking part in running events around the country. It is also one of only two days each year when you can do a parkrun USA event that’s not on a Saturday. (The other is New Years.)

At Perrigo, we will have our Run Briefing at 8.55am as usual, with the run start at 9am.

If you're out of town, then check out the parkrun "Special Events" page to see if there is a Thanksgiving parkrun near you! Currently listed parkruns include: Clermont Waterfront (FL), College Park (MD), Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun (NJ), Eagan (MN), Kensington (MD), Jamaica Pond (MA), Lillie (MI), Livonia (MI), Oak Grove (KY), Perrigo (WA), Rex Plex North (FL), and Terry Hershey (TX), with more to be announced in the coming weeks!

All parkrun USA events will go ahead as usual on Saturday November 30th.

New Years Day is the other day when additional parkruns are possible. It’s also the one day of the year when it may be possible to do two nearby parkruns on the same day. A current listing of New Years parkruns can also be found in the list linked above, but it will be updated in the coming weeks. At present we can confirm that a New Years Double will be available in the Seattle area - the first to be held here at Perrigo at 8:30am, with Renton following us at 10:30am.


Run Report: Perrigo parkrun #19 – 19th October 2019

The One With All The 19s

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

We celebrated our 19th Perrigo parkrun, on the 19th of the month, in the year 2019. What are the chances? I wish we could say that we also welcomed 19 parkrunners, but sadly the wet and windy weather kept a lot of our regulars away, so we were just 2 shy of that number.


However, 17 of you still dragged yourselves out of bed to brave the elements - well done all of you, huge back pats all round! We celebrated 3 PRs, 2 first timers and gave thanks to 10 marvelous volunteers. Thanks as always for showing up, and helping to keep Perrigo parkrun going. parkrun Saturdays make our hearts sing - we're so proud of each and every one of you.


Some stats from the weekend:

- Perrigo needs another 81 runners or walkers to reach 1,000 total finishers. Wouldn't it be amazing to accomplish this on our 20th parkrun? Please do spread the word, invite everyone you know to join us. The weather is looking beautiful this weekend!

- Perrigo needs another 13 volunteers to reach 200 volunteer occasions. We should easily reach that number by week 21!

- Jorge Besada ran for the 10th time at Perrigo - and celebrated with a new PB!

- Dean Faber volunteered for the 10th time at Perrigo (26 in the USA).

- Stefano Gallotti ran for the 10th time at Perrigo (26 in the USA; 197 worldwide).

- Kelly Lyon-King finished in 10th position on her 10th run at Perrigo.

- Kelly Lyon-King ran for the 10th time worldwide (all at Perrigo).

- Lee Nathan volunteered for the 10th time in the USA (all at Perrigo).

Fastest Finishers

In first place, yet again, was our junior parkrunner, Jakob White. Many congrats to Jakob (JM11-14) for finishing in a very respectable 20:45.

Stafano Gallotti took second place this week, finishing in 21:08 on his 197th parkrun!

Kevin Sorensen was the third parkrunner across the line, matching his PB of 21:09 on his 12th parkrun. Well done, Kevin!

Female Placings

Our first female across the line was Kelly Lyon-King - finishing in 32:13 on her 10th parkrun!

Second to finish was Rachel Ormiston, finishing in 33:02 on her very first parkrun. Well done, Rachel!

And finally, Siri Bliesner was the third woman across the line on her 3rd parkrun, and with a PB to boot. Congratulations on finishing with a new record of 38:53, Siri (and Yoda)!


The Volunteers

As ever, thanks so much to our volunteers, who are the only reason that we can keep parkrun going every week. We appreciate each and every one of you, more than you could know.
Kerstin Pepper (Run Director) was delighted to be supported by Amanda Nathan (Time Keeper), Melani McGrath (Time Keeper), Dean Faber (Barcode Scanner), Lei Paredes (Finish Tokens), Niamh Carrig (Marshal), Luisa Sciullo (Tail Walker), Lee Nathan (Post Event Clear Up) and Claudia Carreno (Photographer).



Moving Forward

As mentioned above, we are only 81 parkrunners shy of seeing our 1,000th finisher cross the line at Perrigo parkrun. Just because we love round numbers, it would be amazing if we could hit that number on our 20th parkrun (i.e. this coming Saturday). Please do spread the word, invite your friends and family along to try us out, and share and share and share again on social media. Contact Kerstin Pepper on Facebook or at if you would like some flyers to hand out - we just ordered another several hundred, so there are plenty to go around!


Thank you so much for your continued support. We can't wait to see Perrigo parkrun go from strength to strength - it's been so wonderful getting to know all of you over the last few months!



Run Report – Perrigo parkrun #18: 12th October 2019

Fall and PBs in the Air

by Dean Faber - Run Director
October 12th brought us a slightly chilly autumn day that was perfect for running, as evidenced by the number of PBs we we saw today.

There were 10 parkrunners achieving Personal Bests, including the first 4 runners across the line.
In first place we saw Nathan Clifford setting a PB on his 5th run here at Perrigo.


Following we saw Phil Anderson on his second run at Perrigo also setting a PB. It might be only his second run here, but we know Phil very well since he is a regular at Renton, and we have crossed paths many times. He and Laura promise to come back to Perrigo a bit more often.


In third place was Dan Metteer running his 7th parkrun here at Perrigo with another PB.
Timothy Paul was right behind in 4th place on his 4th parkrun, setting not only a PB but an age category record for Perrigo as well.


We also saw PBs from Laura Murray, Jorge Besada, Chris Drewer, Yi Tyan Tsai, Vanessa Bodley, and Lewis Payne.



Congrats to all of you for getting that PB today, and hopefully you got a chance to ring our bell.
And, yes we did manage to fix that bell after it took a bit of a beating from all the PBs last week!

We did not have quite as many young runners this week as we are used to seeing, but it was nice to see a couple of our regulars get their kids out running for the first time:
- Gabriella Drewer showed up for her first run with her parents after having volunteered a few times before. Nice to see you out there running Gabriella, and hope to see again.
- One of our regular volunteers, Gavin Young, brought two of his girls out for their first time to Perrigo, and they looked absolutely excited to be there. Really hope to see you out a lot more in the future.


This just serves as a reminder that parkrun is not just about running, but getting out to enjoy some exercise with family and friends.

Today was also a day for our Event Director, Kerstin Pepper to get out for her second Perrigo run. It was a rough couple weeks for her, after having to say good bye to her beloved pup "Milo" who, has been at her side from even before they moved here from Britain many years ago. Then a few days ago she caught a bug from the kids at the school where she works, so we decided she needed to take one week to just go out and enjoy a run with her other pup, "Tess".

And last but certainly not least, we had the opportunity to give out our second "parkrunner of the month" award.

This week we gave the "September parkrunner of the Month" award to Lei Parades who has been one of our regular runners and volunteers, even from the days we were doing trial runs early in the year. We first met Lei at the "Beat the Bunny" 5k in Redmond, where she was one of the (very) few people who braved the wind and the rain to come and talk to us at our little parkrun promotion table, and she has stuck with us ever since (and has even introduced her amazing sons, Micah and Noah, and husband Miguel, to the joys of parkrun!). All we need to do now is convince her to join us for coffee, and she will be the perfect parkrunner!

Volunteers are the heart of parkrun, so giving out this award is always one of our favorite occasions. Congrats Lei, you really deserve this!!

And as always, if you think you might be able to volunteer at an upcoming parkrun, please let us know at

See you on Saturday, our wonderful parkrun family. Don't let a little rain put you off - we'll still be there, and we hope you will be too!


Run Report – Perrigo parkrun #17: 5th October 2019

by Kerstin Pepper: Event Director

Yet again, the weather gods were smiling on us for our 17th parkrun, and we were blessed with perfect running weather on Saturday morning. I think we have only had two rainy Saturdays since we first started trialling Perrigo parkrun, waaaay back in May this year. Considering we are a “soggy Seattle” area event, I think this is pretty incredible! Lucky bunnies are we, long may it continue.


Today at Perrigo parkrun, 35 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 2 were first timers visiting from the UK, and 5 were running their first ever parkrun. Welcome to you all, and we really look forward to seeing you all again one Saturday soon!


Graham Holland was one of our enthusiastic British visitors this week. Graham hails from Liverpool,and has 89 parkruns under his belt. Perrigo parkrun was his 50th "different" parkrun - i.e. he has participated in 50 different parkrun events around the world - and he marked the occasion by placing 2nd across the line!

Graham let us know that he set himself a challenge of running at least 5k every single day of 2019, in order to raise funds for Alzheimers Research UK, a charity close to his heart. Today was his 278th run of the year - amazing! Congratulations, Graham, we are all super impressed with your dedication. Don't forget to share your fundraising page with us.


Male Placings

Jakob White (JM11-14) was first over the line in 21:49 in his third ever parkrun. Amazing job leaving all the adults eating your dust, Jakob!
Graham Holland (VM45-49) was second over the line at his first ever Perrigo parkrun.
Lee Nathan (SM30-34) was third over the line, with a new PB of 21:59. Pretty impressive stuff, when you consider that he was also pushing his adorable 1 year old daugher, Aila, in her stroller. I feel exhausted just thinking about it. Many congrats, Lee!



Female Placings

Yi Tyan Tsai (VW25-29) was first over the line in 27:19 with a new PB, knocking 1 minute and 6 seconds off her previous time. Fantastic work, Yi Tyan, congratulations!
Jennifer Sayers (VW30-34) was second over the line in 27:44 in her first ever parkrun.
Katherine Thayer (VW25-29) was third over the line in 28:40.





6 parkrunners recorded new Personal Bests today, so huge shout outs and congrats go to:

• Lee Nathan, who bettered his previous PB by 1 minute and 42 seconds to finish in 21:59;
• Jeff Mitchell, who knocked 14 seconds off his PB to get 22:55;
• Chris Drewer, who beat his previous best by 15 seconds with 26:52;
• Yi Tyan Tsai, who slashed 1 minute and 6 seconds off her time in August, to get 27:19;
• Sarah Mace, who took a full minute off her last PB just two weeks ago, in 34:23;
• Damyan Pepper, who took 1 minute 31 seconds off his June PB to cross the line in 39:08.






Three cheers for the volunteers!

Thank you to our 10 wonderful volunteers, without whom Saturday mornings would be a very dull affair. Today’s heroes in hi-viz were Run Director Kerstin Pepper and her team – Mary Blake, Isabelle Bodkhe, Kelly Lyon-King, Lisa Johnson, Jorge Besada, Gabriella Drewer, Kate Drewer, Amanda Nathan and Lee Nathan.



If you are interested in volunteering at Perrigo parkrun in the future, then please update your parkrun account options to receive the weekly volunteer appeal e-mails. You can do this by following the “Manage My Profile” link you will find in any of your run result e-mails. Once in “My Links”, you should then click on “Email options” to opt in for receiving volunteer appeal e-mails. You can also take a look at and e-mail stating which role you’d like to try out.

All the roles are simple and fun to do, and Event Directors Kerstin and Mary will provide you with all the training you need. You too could be a hero in hi-viz!


See you all again next week - same time, same place, same fabulous start to your weekend!