Run Report: Perrigo parkrun #2 – 22nd June 2019 (aka “Kerstin’s run”)

By Dean Faber - Run Director

How does one celebrate an excellent parkrun debut that included an overall record for runners in the Seattle area?

The only way I could think to top that, would be for our Event Director, Kerstin Pepper, to get out and have the opportunity to run the course with the rest of the crowd. Considering the effort she put into getting this parkrun going, we wanted to see her as the first of our volunteer group out there enjoying the run!

With my cohorts Mary and Melani at my side, we firmly told Kerstin she was not going to be RD this week, and was going to go and get her first Perrigo run on the record.

Off she went with 60 friends in tow - some new, some old, and even some family, to be part of the group getting Perrigo #2 in the books. It was a treat for us  to see her out on the course, and one of those days that makes it a worthwhile to be part of the parkrun family.

Someone, somewhere (I am not going to mention names) also decided that since the run landed on the 22nd of the month, it should be declared a tutu day.
There were definitely quite a few tutus out there, unfortunately mine was in the laundry so, sadly I was not able to partake.

64834589_312691686303757_4231218951851343872_o 64761978_312156629690596_5173235529042362368_n 64722365_312017063037886_5038658024516878336_o

After all was said and done, data uploaded, and results on the web page, we started looking at numbers.

65425611_312020526370873_504687897417351168_nSome of the notable numbers from the day:

163 -Total number of parkrunners when combining Perrigo, Renton and Des Moines Creek. The numbers for the Seattle area in total are starting to add up!

68 - Runners at our neighbor parkrun, Renton. We have spent so much time in Renton, it is like a home parkrun, so there was some worry we would be taking runners away from them. With the size of the crowd they had today, I don't think that is happening. That makes us happy!

61 - Number of runners at Perrigo parkrun today; that is a very respectable number for our second run.

49 -This is the combination of first time, and second time parkrunners. This would indicate to me people who are brand new to parkrun, have signed up here in Perrigo, and hopefully will keep coming back to become our local parkrun group.

Of those 49 we had:

  • 28 First time parkrunners. Awesome to see 28 first timers show up in one day!
  • 21 Second time parkrunners. Folks who came last week and returned again this week. Fantastic!
  • 15 Junior category runners. It is exciting to see so many young runners out there.
  • 11 PBs set today. Congrats to those who managed to get your PB today!. I think it is time for us to track down a PB bell!

- Visitors. Thanks for joining us today!

2 - Barkrunners. Hmmm. I think we can do better on this one. We love to see the barkrunners joining in the fun.

1  - Very excited Kerstin Pepper getting her first official Perrigo run!

64836917_312691442970448_255987468250120192_o64686162_312156633023929_6466944339330203648_n65009417_312156769690582_8285299983398207488_nFor all our newer runners, I noticed there is a new blog on the site detailing how we get all the  information from your barcode and our stopwatch onto the results website. If you get a chance please go check it out - it will help you understand what we are doing with the equipment we are toting around before and after the run.

Also please, please, please remember your barcode for next week.

Thanks to all the new parkrunners making our event a success and hoping to see you all back again soon.

And of course a special thanks to all the volunteers that stepped up to help out.64904222_312691409637118_6095448776535703552_oyour RD

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