Run Report: Virtual parkrun #5 – 23rd May 2020

How wonderful it was to see you all getting out and enjoying the better weather this week!

We had 35 virtual parkrunners this week, celebrated 11 PBs and welcomed 4 first timers. Special mention has to go to Kevin Sorensen, who we've missed terribly over the past 3 months (can you believe it's almost exactly 3 months since our last parkrun, on February 29th?). Kevin obviously hasn't been slacking, as he raced to first place at his first #notaparkrun, in 22:04. Nice work, Kevin - we hope to see a lot more of you!

It was also fantastic to see all our parkrun tourists coming back to join us. We were particularly delighted to see Joanna Davis (of Melton Mowbray fame) - not only did she absolutely smash her PB, taking 31 seconds off her previous time and yet again being the first female finisher, but she also showed off her amazing new apricot tee. We are so proud to be unofficially twinned with the now world-famous Melton Mowbray parkrun (more on that later).

joanna shirt

A very warm Perrigo welcome is also extended to all our other tourists:

    - Simon Faber, of Okanagan parkrun in Canada (and son of our very own Dean Faber)
    - Chris Cullen, of Rock Creek Trail parkrun in Portland, OR
    - Abby Ruelas, of our neighboring Renton parkrun
    - Wendy Grinnols-Sweeney, also from Renton parkrun
    - Lynn Persse, of Long Eaton parkrun in the UK (sister of our own Zena Hoegger, and wearer of the most amazing leggings!!)
    - Mike Scallon, of Melton Mowbray parkrun (with another impressive PB, a full minute and four seconds faster than his previous virtual run!)
    - Kurt Wilson, also from Melton Mowbray (and proud owner of that coveted black 100 shirt)
    - Steve Dancy, of Livonia parkrun, MI.
    - Zoe Heath, of Dishley parkrun in Loughborough, UK. We feel for Zoe, who is perpetually "stuck" at her 99th parkrun, waiting patiently (or maybe not so!) to get the green light to finally earn that black shirt! We're rooting for you, Zoe!

Thanks also to everyone who took photos of your runs (or your beautiful selves). I know I keep saying it, but it's really lovely to see you and what you're up to, even from afar. So do please keep the photos coming (and keep the run reports fun!).

    Abby and Wendy - running buddies are the best buddies!

    Abby and Wendy - running buddies are the best buddies!

    Husband John took the week off, so Zena found her own company.  Hello, deer!

    Husband John took the week off, so Zena found her own company. Hello, deer!

    Lynn's leggings, OMG!  I think we need her choc orange balls recipe, too.

    Lynn's leggings, OMG! I think we need her choc orange balls recipe, too.

    Chloe's "super" go-faster socks. <3

    Chloe's "super" go-faster socks. <3

    Congrats on another PB, Mary!!

    Congrats on another PB, Mary!!

    A beautiful Redmond riverside run for Jim!

    A beautiful Redmond riverside run for Jim!

    Like mother, like son.  Aimee and Ryan, both earning a PB this week!

    Like mother, like son. Aimee and Ryan, both earning a PB this week!

    Baby Aila, oh how we miss you and your snuggles!

    Baby Aila, oh how we miss you and your snuggles!

I must also mention the amazing efforts of Shane Sharkey and his Melton Mowbray parkrun family. After a radio interview on BBC Radio Leicester the other week, the BBC then asked if they could do a video feature for their online presence. Well, it made its premiere last Saturday morning at 8.01am, and has since been shared on BBC2 as well! It seems the world needs to share nice news right now, and we at Perrigo parkrun are very proud to be associated with our friends across the pond. If you have not had chance to see it then it can be found on the following link. Blink and you'll miss ED Kerstin Pepper, "lying in bed, having a Google":


And finally...I hate to be the bearer of bad news. This week, parkrun HQ announced that all parkrun events around the world will continue to be suspended until the end of June, and likely beyond. Here in King County, it looks unlikely that we will be entering Phase 2 next week, so I fully anticipate that we will be grounded for the rest of the summer.

BUT, isn't it lucky that we found a way to connect virtually, instead? Please do keep joining us each Saturday. Encourage your friends and family to do the same - no matter where in the world they call home. The more the merrier!!

Until Saturday...stay safe, stay distant, stay healthy. And stay in touch!

Take care, parkrunners.


Run Report: Virtual parkrun #4 – 16th May 2020

Despite the cool, damp conditions, we had another really great virtual #notaparkrun on Saturday.
As we've mentioned before, the whole point of these virtual 5ks each week is to keep our Perrigo community in touch, and make sure that we keep up momentum so that when we finally get the green light to put our flag up again, we can literally hit the ground running. And you guys are really setting the tone - we love seeing you all posting your results, and subsequently congratulating and virtual high-fiving each other. This camaraderie and encouragement is truly what I love about our parkrun family!


Firstly, thank you so much to this week's Run Director, Allison Prather. Her taking the helm for our Run Brief meant that I could head out on an early morning hike up in the Methow mountains, where cellphone reception is non-existent (this explains my tail walker pace in the results table).

We had 30 (not)parkrunners this week, including 5 first timers and a huge 12 PBs - that's 40% of you celebrating your best virtual time! Huge congratulations and welcome to all concerned.

Notably, our own speed demon, Dan Metteer, ran his self-proclaimed fastest run in 25 years - finishing his 5k in an amazing 18:37. That's a pace of 5:58 min / mile. I don't think I can achieve that pace for even 100 yards on a downhill, with a strong wing behind me! Many congratulations, Dan - 6 seconds off your official parkrun PB, and almost two minutes off your average time of 20:30. Inspiring stuff!!


Other parkrunners achieving PBs this week were:

Kurt Wilson, visiting from Melton Mowbray parkrun, in 23:21
Joanna Davis, another Melton visitor, in 24:30
Chris Cullen, visiting from Portland's Rock Creek Trail parkrun, in 25:18
Mary Blake Baucher, our very own Event Co-Director, in 26:54
Carlos Figueira in 27:01
Lisa Whittle in 28:59
Chris Drewer in 29:21
Kate Drewer right behind him, in 29:32
Jolanta Thorburn, in 29:55
Jordan Elder in 31:56
Chloe Hoegger in 36:09 - it was definitely those Super Woman socks that did it!


Thank you so much to everyone who cheered each other on, sent us fun photos, and all of you who continue to keep the parkrun conversation going. We really appreciate each and every one of you!!


Amy Ryan





Can't wait to see all your wonderful, smiling faces again on Saturday. In the meantime, stay healthy, stay safe, and stay active.

Love from this parkrun family to yours.

Perrigo parkrun ED


Run Report: Virtual parkrun #1 – 25th April 2020

As you are all very much aware, COVID-19 has now swept the globe, resulting in local businesses closing, people working from home, and mass participation events (including parkrun) unable to go ahead for the foreseeable future.

On hearing the news from parkrun HQ that all parkruns are suspended until at least the end of May, and from the City of Redmond that all group activities are suspended until 20th June, we pondered the idea of starting a Perrigo virtual parkrun. A quick Google search led us to Melton Mowbray parkrun in the UK, and Event Director, Shane Sharkey (possibly the best name I've ever come across!). Shane provided invaluable advice and guidance, and now here we are - Perrigo's first ever virtual parkrun!

The premise is that we all go out on Saturday and run our usual 5k - the only difference being that we do not run it all together, at the exact same start time, or even on the same course! We will simply keep our parkrun momentum going by sharing our runs, and I will collate all the results in a simple spreadsheet each week.

This task is not quite as quick and easy as our regular results processing - there is obviously no centrally used timing device that updates immediately to Microsoft Excel, and no barcode scanning means that individuals need to be individually entered. Additionally, not everyone ran exactly 5k / 3.1 miles, so some calculations were required.

Where people ran approximately over 5k, I have calculated their 5k time using their average pace over the entire run. This should hopefully make the results comparable if not perfect.
However, in future, I will only do this for people who have run more than 6k. If your run / walk / jog is "approximately" 5k, I'll just take your time directly from your uploaded Strava/Garmin screenshots.

Please be mindful that this does not count as an accredited parkrun - you do not get run or volunteer credits - it is just for fun. If you choose to run your 5k at our usual Perrigo route, you can record your time as a Freedom run on your own parkrun profile page.

Results can be found below, and here!

    - 35 of you took part in your local neighborhoods and parks.

    - Max Jenson took first place, in the fastest time of 18:52 (with Dan Metteer hot on his heels, in 18:56). These are the times to beat!

    - Joanna David, a parkrun tourist from Melton Mowbray, set the female virtual course record, in 25:07.

Thank you all so much for making this event what it is. It truly is keeping the spirit of parkrun going during these strange and difficult times, and hopefully giving us a fun way to keep in touch.

Look after yourselves, and your families. We will return.


1 Max JENSEN 18:52:00
2 Dan METTEER 18:56:00
3 Richard BURGESS 21:29:00
4 Ian SHIACH 23:50:00
5 Todd KING 24:30:00
6 Colin PHILLIPS 24:36:00
7 John HOEGGER 25:07:00
8 Joanna DAVIS 25:07:00
9 Kelly LYON-KING 26:00:00
10 Michael SCHIACH 27:22:00
11 Mike SCALLON 27:37:00
12 Mary BLAKE BAUCHER 27:42:00
13 Zena HOEGGER 29:01:00
14 Carys GWATKIN 29:02:00
15 Zoe MUGGESON HEATH 30:28:00
16 Carlos FIGUEIRA 30:33:00
17 Lynn PERSSE 30:42:00
18 Shane SHARKEY 31:25:00
19 Dean FABER 32:42:00
20 Colin ASHBY 34:53:00
21 Gayle KEENAN 35:11:00
22 Joel WALTERS 35:42:00
23 Shubha SUNDARAM 37:09:00
24 Kerstin PEPPER 37:16:00
25 Evie PEPPER 37:16:00
26 Chris DREWER 39:38:00
27 Kate DREWER 39:41:00
28 Fred MCKINLAY 43:04:00
29 Louise MCKINLAY 43:08:00
30 Abby RUELAS 43:49:00
31 Molly JENSEN 50:20:00
32 Erik SCHNEIDER 1:00:30:00
33 Lars SCHNEIDER 1:00:30:00
34 Melani MCGRATH 1:16:07:00
35 Bill SCHWABENLAND 1:21:52:00


Perrigo parkrun #38 – 15th February 2020

A Very Valentine parkrun

by Kerstin Pepper : Run Director


Saturday's Valentine parkrun marked our first themed run of the year. We asked our Perrigo community to wear red or pink, and accessorize accordingly...and they did not disappoint!!


This week we were thrilled to welcome 5 first timers, celebrate 11 amazing PBs, and to see 40 parkrunners out on the course. We are also really happy to see Colin Phillips, Event Director from College Park parkrun over in the other Washington (that's DC, in case it wasn't obvious). With 138 parkruns under his belt, and 243 volunteer credits to his name, Colin is an old pro - if there's anything about parkrun he doesn't know, then it's not worth knowing!

Thanks for coming to see us, Colin - we hope you'll be back!


By pure coincidence, we also enjoyed the company of two other DC parkrun stalwarts - Patrick Sheridan, and his wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth has set herself the goal of completing all the parkruns in the US. I think Perrigo was her 38th (please correct me if I'm wrong)....and she has 92 parkruns in total. I think we can safely say that Elizabeth (who just happens to be a fellow Brit) definitely drank the Kool Aid!


Fastest Finishers


In first place, Dan Metteer, finishing in 19:06 at his 21st parkrun.

Second position was taken by Jonathan Szollar, in 19:21.

Third place was our College Park visitor, Colin Phillips, in 20:01.


Visitor from DC, Elizabeth Sheridan, was our first woman across the line, finishing in 26:00.

Next up was Ai Nakatani, who finished in 26:29, a new PB for Ai. Congratulations!

Third woman to finish was Shannon Chappon, coming in at 26:40 at her 4th parkrun.

Personal Bests (PBs)


Congratulations to the amazing 11 parkrunners who achieved PBs at our Valentine Run - amazing work!!

    Aditya Shrivastava - 25:18

    Ai Nakatani - 26:29

    Angus Drummond - 30:08

    Jennie Helgeson - 44:13

    Jock Wood - 35:41

    John Hoegger - 22:37

    Macarena Baeza - 45:33

    Niamh Carrig - 28:01

    Rose Skeem - 28:00

    Tim Fay - 28:40

    Victor Valdebenito - 25:49

First Timers

A very warm parkrun welcome to our two new first timers this week - Danielle Walsh and Roohi Mahboob. We're so happy you found us, and look forward to getting to know you better!!



A Few Fun Facts

    The average age of our parkrunners this week was 44 (46 for men, and 41 for women)

    We had 24 men and 15 women (and one unknown) parkrunning. Come on ladies - bring your friends!

    Kehinde (Kenny) Otubamowo ran his 97th parkrun this week. Just three to go until we see our first black shirt earned at Perrigo!

    Colin Phillips and Elizabeth Sheridan were the fastest age category finishers (74.85% and 71.54%, respectively)

    Husband and wife team, John and Zena Hoegger, were both first in their own age category!

And Finally...

Thank you so much to our amazing volunteers, who show up each week and help to keep our beloved parkrun ticking along. This week, our high-viz heroes were: Sergey Aleshin, Fiona Kotzenberg, Jeff Mitchell, Kennon Moulton, Zandra Otubamowo, Kerstin Pepper and Allison Prather.

Remember that all our volunteers are runners too. If you can help out and let our regular helpers get a chance to parkrun occasionally, we'd be eternally grateful. Check the future roster at and email if you would like to join our hero ranks!


Also, don't forget that a great way to really get to know your fellow parkrunners and volunteers is to come to Cypress Coffee afterwards, for some fun conversation, great coffee and colloquial language lessons from your new British / Irish / Canadian friends :D .


Thanks for yet another great parkrun with fabulous friends. Don't forget that the next parkrun is on the 2/22/2020 - with all those twos, a tutu parkrun was inevitable. Don't be shy - dig out your brightest, fluffiest tulle, and come and join the fun!!


Until next time...


Run Report – Perrigo parkrun #37: 8th February 2020

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

The One With All the Warm and Fuzzies

Excuse me while I get mushy for a moment. This Saturday's parkrun was one of my favourites for a long time (though obviously every Saturday is my favourite day of the week!).

Sometimes, all the stars align, the magic kicks in, and you end up with the perfect parkrun, despite dire predictions.

On Friday afternoon, we went to Perrigo Park to check out the course, after a week of record rainfall had flooded rivers, toppled trees and caused mudslides around the state. We were not surprised, and not particularly happy, to find our fears were well founded:


Our beloved Evans Creek Trail resembled more of a river, and the park had put up Trail Closed signs at either end. Dismayed, we tried to come up with an alternative route, ideally avoiding just running 8 laps of the soccer fields. Great for PRs, but not so great for motivation.

Core member Dean got his chalk out, consulted his trusty Garmin, and did some quick mental math. We marked trees, shrugged our shoulders and hoped that nobody would mind if we ended up 0.04 miles short of 5k. Assuming that anyone even showed up, with Friday evening's forecast promising strong winds, heavy rain and yet more flooding.


Saturday morning rolled around, the alarm went off, and I grudgingly hit the snooze button, listening to the rain pouring down outside. And then...checked my weather app:


Could it be? Could parkrun magic happen yet again? A perfect break in the rain for just the two hours we will be at Perrigo?

Things got even better as I arrived at the park early to run the route with Dean Faber and Allison Prather, our regular Hi-Viz Heroes. Not only had the Trail Closure signs been taken down, there was not so much as a puddle on the trail. We set up our snacks and coffee station, brewed the coffee that has very generously been donated by a parkrunner whose husband happens to work for Starbucks, and started to set up for what we thought would be a very small crowd of hardcore regulars.

And then something unexpected happened. People we'd never met before started arriving, and introducing themselves, showing us their barcodes and asking what to do with them. Cars pulled into the car park, and more and more folk appeared under our shelter, helping to set up, chatting and mingling and creating this great buzz of a community getting to know each other. Charlie Brown the chocolate lab puppy (maybe our new Perrigo mascot?) made lots of friends, and.....AND.... THE SUN CAME OUT!!!!



As the conversation flowed, and the crowd grew, we got ready to run!



In the end, we had 64 amazing parkrunners. We welcomed an incredible EIGHTEEN first timers (we love seeing parkrun growing and growing), celebrated 12 awesome PBs and saw our course record smashed, yet again! What we'd predicted to be a messy, re-routed and small parkrun ended up being one of our most successful yet. I wish I knew what the magic formula was, because we'd bottle it for sure!


First Finishers

We had a very speedy field this week, with the first 15 runners coming in at under 24 minutes, and the first 7 under 20 minutes!

Top Three Men

    Ian Fay led the pack, taking an amazing 58 seconds off his previous best, and smashing (his own) course record in the process. 15:52 is now the time to beat. I suspect that record may stand for a while - Ian was the fastest parkrunner in the entire US this week. Congratulations, speed demon Ian!



    In hot pursuit was Dan Metteer, coming in second place at his 20th parkrun with an amazing PB of 18:43, shaving 20 seconds off his previous PB. Well done Dan, you make it look far too easy!


    First timer, Jason Hect from Eastside Runners came in third place, just 2 seconds behind Dan, at 18:45. Many congrats Jason - we hope you'll be back!


Top Three Women

    Daria Troshanova crushed it yet again, coming in at 24:07 and taking almost a full minute off her previous PB. Amazing, Daria!!


    Shannon Chappon was not far behind, coming in at 25:28 for another PB at her third parkrun. Well done, Shannon!


    First timer Ai Nakatani was third woman in, at 27:21. We hope you'll be back, Ai !!


Personal Bests (PBs)

We had an amazing 12 PBs on Saturday morning. Other than those mentioned above, they were:

    Jonathan Szollar - 19:10, with an age grading of 70.70%!!
    Joel Walters - 22:03, taking an incredible 5 minutes and 22 seconds off his previous time.
    John Hoegger - 22:57, coming in 14 seconds faster than his last PB.
    Aditya Shrivastava - 25:42, shaving 18 seconds of his previous fastest.
    Mike King - 26:57, coming in 51 seconds faster at his 4th parkrun.
    Sofia Osmanbhoy- 27:50 at only her second parkrun as a junior parkrunner (11-14).
    Niamh Carrig - 28:20, taking a huge 1 minute 10 seconds off her previous PB, at her 20th parkrun.
    Kelley Osmanbhoy - 33:35, a PB at only her 2nd parkrun!

Noteable Milestones

Congratulations to Simon Jenness, who recently completed his 10th parkrun. Simon is the 3rd junior parkunner at Perrigo to earn his 10 shirt - we can't wait to see more white tees out on the course!!

Well done Simon - your dedication is admirable!



Thank you so much to our High-Viz heroes this week, our wonderful volunteers who help keep the parkrun world go round:

    Kerstin Pepper - Run Director
    Kelly Lyon-King - Timekeeper
    Dean Faber - Timekeeper
    Allison Prather - Barcode Scanner
    Melani McGrath - Tail Walker
    Zandra Otubamowo - Marshal / Photographer
    Abegail Seber - Photographer
    Kevin Sorensen - Token Distributor




And Finally...

It's not just me that had the "perfect parkrun" warm and fuzzy feeling this week. We received no less than four positive reviews / emails / FB posts commenting on what a great day it had been. And post-parkrun coffee was an absolute treat - great coffee, and fantastic company.


Don't forget we have some noteable parkruns coming up:

    15th February - Valentines parkrun (wear red / pink, and bring your love!)
    22nd February - Tutu parkrun - self explanatory!
    29th February - Leap Day parkrun (first ever!). Theme TBD, please offer any suggestions.
    8th March - International Women's Day - wear purple!

That's it folks!

Thank you so very much for keeping the parkrun love alive. We can't tell you how much it means to us to see this wonderful community growing closer and growing bigger. #loveparkrun

Thank you for indulging me for this schmaltzy run report.

Let's do it all again next weekend!

Your sentimental old RD,



Run Report: Perrigo parkrun #36 – 1st February 2020

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

Despite absolutely torrential rain overnight on Friday, and for the remainder of the weekend, the parkrun gods were clearly smiling on us on Saturday morning. The clouds magically parted at around 8:40am, the sun came reluctantly out (sort of), and we enjoyed perfect running conditions at Perrigo.


Congratulations to all 30 parkrunners who chose to ignore the dreadful weather forecast, and come out anyway. It was great to see you all, and to chat over coffee!


First Timers

We were so happy to welcome 7 first timers to Perrigo this morning, from all over the globe.

Welcome Steve (originally from the UK, many moons ago), Paulina (from Costa Rica), Nikolay from Russia, French Canadian Vincent, Li and son Terence, and last but not least, junior parkrunner Cheryl (who has actually participated in many parkruns, but this is the first week that she registered for her own barcode).







Personal Records

Many congratulations to our four parkrunners who achieved PRs this week:

    Lars Schneider - our junior parkrunner who clearly has a stellar running career ahead of him. Lars shaved a massive 26 seconds off his previous PR, coming in at 20:28. He is getting so very close to his goal of a sub-20 5k. We can't wait to celebrate when that happens!


    Daria Troshonova - our first woman across the line this week, and yet another PR. Daria has participated in 4 parkruns at Perrigo so far, and has improved her time every, single week. Many congrats, Daria - an amazing record, and proof that consistency really does pay off!


    Tadek Dul - another PR beast! Out of 9 total parkruns, Tadek has achieved a PR at 7 (and the first doesn't count, because that set the bar). So, 8 out of 9 ain't bad - well done Tadek, your commitment is inspiring!


    Erica Goodman - just like Tadek and Daria, Erica just keeps getting better and better. Her 4th PR at her 4th parkrun - many congrats, Erica!


News and Reminders

It seems like February is the month of themed parkruns - which I think is awesome! What better way to cope with the endless rain and wintry gloom, than with a little fun and frivolity? Don't forget to mark the following events in your calendar, and get your themed running gear at the ready:

    15th February - Valentine's parkrun: wear red or pink, bring your true loves, and heart-shaped head boppers or accessories are strongly encouraged!
    valentine run

    22nd February - The One With All The Twos. You know what that means? That's right - it's TUTU PARKRUN!!! Find your favorite tulle, pack a sense of humor, and come along for some silly, colorful fun!

    contact is tania hollis 027 4266 088

    29th February - Leap Day parkrun. It's the first ever Leap Day Saturday in the history of parkrun, and will be the last one until 2048. So, come and mark this historical occasion with your favorite parkrunners. Theme to be decided (we are open to suggestions)!


    7th March - International Women's Day. We’re celebrating International Women’s Day at parkruns around the world. Bring along a female friend, colleague or family member and walk, jog, run or volunteer together for #IWDparkrun. Wear PURPLE to show your support!


Upcoming Milestones

Unfortunately, parkrun HQ has recently made some changes to the way they process and share data. This means that it's much harder for us Event Directors to keep track of all the upcoming milestones.

We would HATE to miss an opportunity to celebrate any one of you, so please do let us know (either in person, or by emailing if you have any big milestones coming up! Key parkrun milestones are:

Junior parkrunners - 10th parkrun
Volunteers - 25th time volunteering
parkrunners - 50th, 100th, 250th or 500th parkrun


That's all folks. Can't wait to do it all again this Saturday - don't be scared of the rain, just pack a spare pair of dry socks and shoes, and you'll be golden!

Until next time.....



DON’T Meet at the Red Barn – Perrigo parkrun #34: 18th Jan 2020

by Dean Faber - Run Director

Our new home (for the winter)

It may have been the recent rainy, snowy, and cool weather that scared off the runners, but we had a pretty small crowd of 25 runners this Saturday. However, those that showed up were lucky to find a couple of surprises that morning. First, there was no rain, and secondly we debuted our new start location that gives us access to the Shelter on the south side of the park.

This will give volunteers a place to keep out of the rain, and runners a spot to shelter before and after the run. We will be doing this just for the winter months, as these shelters are available for reservation from Apr-Oct. In the meantime, the Parks Department has given us permission to use them for the winter months. This new alternate route will mean then starting right beside the shelter, heading out to the loop, and doing the rest of the course exactly the same as before, then returning right back to where we started beside the shelter.


So remember, for the winter months DON'T meet at the red barn - DO meet at the picnic shelter.

On our first run with this course, we had 8 of the 25 runners set a new PB. The entire Schneider family had PBs, with Lars getting under 21 minutes for the first time. He has a goal of getting under 20 minutes, and with the progress he has made since coming to parkrun, it won't be long. We are cheering you on, Lars.


His parents Carla and Erik are always there encouraging him, and they also got new PBs while walking the course.


Also getting PBs today were: Kevin Sorensen; Adam Tamburini; John Hoegger; Jennifer Sayers and Lizzie Lee.




Lizzie is really improving with all the training she has been doing recently, getting ready for the London Marathon. We are wishing you all the best in London, Lizzie!!


We had two first timers here: Ian Shiach and Kellen Smith. It was very nice to meet you guys, and we hope to see you back again. At our post-run coffee we discovered that Ian is part of the Shiach clan with his father, mother and brother already having been here to Perrigo, including at our inaugural parkrun in June.



Our other visitor today is now almost becoming a regular. Adam Tamburini, who normally runs at the Woking parkrun in the UK, has now put in an appearance at Perrigo three times. Nice seeing you again, Adam, and hope to see you again next time you are in town. Adam also completed an impressive 224th parkrun this weekend. Maybe we can convince him to plan a trip here to complete his 250th?


Now for some fun stats in case you did not realize how big parkrun is around the world:

    - Perrigo is one of 42 parkruns in the USA, and one of the 1,528 worldwide parkruns that took place this last weekend.

    - Our group of 25 was part of the 326,935 parkrunners that ran this weekend.

    - We had 25 enthusiastic runners, whilst the largest parkrun this weekend was Botanical Garden in South Africa, with 1,680 parkrunners, requiring 31 volunteers (versus our 8).


Finally, I'll leave you with a reminder that the barcode you carry in your pocket can be used worldwide to get out to other parkruns and meet new running buddies. So, next time you're in South know what to do!

Happy running and see you Saturday 9:00 am at the picnic shelters.

Dean Faber


Run Report – Perrigo parkrun #28: 14th December 2019

by Mary Blake: Run Director

Start line - ugly sweater run

We were ever hopeful for a nice dry “Ugly Sweater” parkrun this morning, but alas, it was not meant to be. However, the pouring rain did not deter 40 cheerful and very festive parkrunners! It was so fun to see so many people dress up in their ugly sweaters, festive hats, santa socks and even some jingle bells! We were also blessed with some wonderful contributions of festive treats from our runners and volunteers. There were mince pies, sausage rolls, brownies and donuts aplenty. They all went down a treat, yummy!!

volunteers in the rain

PB bell 3


Some Stats & fun facts

    We had 8 PBs today – congratulations to Erward Osckar, Lisa Whittle, Elliott Gaskins, Niamh Carrig, Evie Pepper, Chloe Hoegger, Carla Schneider & Erik Schneider.

    Niamh Carrig

    Welcome to our three first timers today – Damon Gjording, Jenna Gorham & Jasmina Cernak. Damon and Jenna were the first male and female home today – incredible!

    Damon & Jenna


    Lars Schneider crushed it in the J11-14 group again with an amazing time of 21:08, which is only 3 seconds off his PB. An amazing achievement as such a young age!

    Lars Schneider

    Kevin Sorensen, Jeff Mitchell & Andrew Ruschack completed their 20th parkruns, all at Perrigo! It is so great to start seeing the homegrown milestones starting to spring up. Well done Kevin, Andrew & Jeff – we love seeing you all every week! Keep going and aim for that coveted 50 shirt!!

    Kevin Sorrensen

    Jeff Mitchell

    Andrew Rushnack

    Our very own core team member, Dean Faber, completed his 70th parkrun. Wow Dean, that’s awesome. Keep going for the elusive black shirt. It’s just within reach!!

    Dean Faber

    Ms. Evie Pepper knocked a whopping 3 minutes off her time to PB with 31:15 at just 9 years of age!


    Our very own Event Director, Kerstin Pepper, completed her 25th parkrun. That’s half way to the coveted 50 shirt – Way to go Kerstin!!


    Carla Schneider was the 28th runner home at the 28th Perrigo parkrun!

Fastest males

Our top 3 male runners were Damon Gjording (19:39), Dan Metteer (20:01) & Lars Schneider (21:08)

Dan Metteer

Fastest females

Our top 3 female runners were Jenna Gorham (22:10), Lisa Whittle (25:59) & Niamh Carrig (29:44)


As always, thank you so much to our amazing volunteers who put up with very wet conditions this Saturday. It is not easy to stand around in the cold and the rain, but they did just that with big festive smiles and so much encouragement and support for our parkrunners. Thank you Allison Prather, Mary Blake, David Cline, Dean Faber, Kelly Lyon-King, Kerstin Pepper, Nina Tang, Shawn Pearce, Siri Bleisner & Gabriella Drewer.


If you would like to volunteer, please reach out to us at We are always looking to fill our future volunteer rosters. Without volunteers, there is no parkrun!

Upcoming Events

This Saturday December 21st, we will have an unofficial “Festive 5K”, so if you want to give your ugly sweaters, santa hats and jingle bells another run (or if you missed our Ugly Sweater run), please wear them all with pride this Saturday!

Perrigo will also be hosting a special New Year’s day run at 8:30am. We are having it early as Renton parkrun is hosting their parkrun at 10:30am and we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to attend both events, as it is the only day of the year where you can complete two parkruns in one day!

Look forward to seeing you all next Saturday!

Mary Blake
Run Director


Run Report – Perrigo parkrun #27: 7th December 2019


Perrigo parkrun #27 was a cold and wet day, but that did not dampen the spirits of 31 parkrunners and 10 volunteers! I guess this was just not the day to try parkrun for the first time, as we had no local first timers. However, we did have visitors from Thornbury parkrun in the UK (welcome Angela Kerr!), and from Vancouver, Canada (welcome Thomas Faulkner & Rebecca Williams!).

Angela Kerr (UK)

Rebecca & Thomas (Vancouver)


Some Stats

We had a nice round and even 10 PBs today. Congratulations to Nelson LaPlante, Aditya Shrivastava, Kelly Lyon-King, Tadeusz Dul, Rupert Bader, Lizzie Lee, Bill Schwabenland, Jon Payne, Erik Schnieder & Carla Schneider. Nice work guys!!

Kelly PR


    Stefano Gallotti ran his 202nd parkrun (13th at Perrigo). Wow!

    Rupert Bader PB’d by a whopping 3 ½ minutes – AMAZING – Go Rupert!

    Our first junior u-10 runner was Ms. Evie Pepper with an incredible time of 34:40!

    Carla Schneider was the 27th runner home at Perrigo parkrun no. 27

Fastest males
Our top 3 male runners were Dan Metteer (19:39), Lars Schneider (21:31) & Kevin Sorensen (21:38)




Fastest females
Our top 3 female runners were Kelly Lyon King (26:33), Angela Kerr (29:43) & Rebecca Williams (29:53)

As always, thank you so much to our amazing volunteers. They make parkrun possible each and every week. This week we had Alison Payne, Allison Prather, Bill Schwabenland, Damyan Pepper, Gabriella Drewer, Jeff Mitchell, Jorge Besada, Kerstin Pepper, Mary Blake and Niamh Carrig.


If you would like to volunteer, please reach out to us at We are always looking to fill our future volunteer rosters. Without volunteers, there is no parkrun!

Upcoming Events

Perrigo parkrun is having an “Ugly Sweater” run on Saturday December 14th. So don your ugliest Christmas sweater and any and all festive clothing and come and join us. We would love to have a table full of holiday treats, so if the festive baking spirit moves you, please feel free to bring a treat to share!:)


Perrigo will also be hosting a special New Year’s day run at 8:30am. We are having it early as Renton parkrun is hosting their parkrun at 10:30am and we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to attend both events - it is the only day of the year where you can complete 2 parkruns in one day!

Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

Mary Blake
Run Director


Run Report – Perrigo parkrun #24: 23rd November 2019

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

We had a wonderful turnout for this morning's chilly parkrun, with 54 parkrunners braving the cold to come along and run / walk with friends and family!



Plenty to Celebrate

We had lots of reasons to celebrate this morning, aside from the biggest turnout we've had since the summer!

    Dean Faber, our dedicated and parkrun-passionate core team member, mentioned that he's not really that excited by birthdays any more. Well, we obviously couldn't let THAT one slide by. Cake, balloons, party hats and a birthday banner all helped us to mark the big occasion! Happy Birthday, Dean - I'm afraid that keeping it quiet was just not an option.



    We also welcomed FIFTEEN first timers this week. We're so excited to see how our parkrun community just continues to grow and grow. We now have almost 440 registered Perrigo parkrunners, and have high hopes that we'll continue to see attendance increase as the weeks go by. Thank you to all of you who share your love of parkrun on social media, or just through word of mouth - we really appreciate it.

    Ann Reinhart was one of our many first timers this morning.

    Ann Reinhart was one of our many first timers this morning.

    Twelve parkrunners achieved new PBs this week. Many congratulations to Lars Scheider, Jeremy Salerno, Dean Faber, Aditya Shrivastava, Kelly Lyon-King, Tadek Dul, Perry Rodgers, Christopher Thorburn, Sidhanth and Kannan Srinivasan, Caroline Exner, and Alan Morris! Amazing work, everyone, particularly on cold legs. Clearly the lure of cake at the finish line was hard to resist...









Fastest Finishers

It was a fiercely competitive race to the finish for our top three males this week, with all three finishing within 4 seconds of each other!

    In first place, in an incredible 21:05, junior parkrunner, Lars Schneider (JM11-14) achieved another PB, putting him well on track to meet his goal of a sub-20 minute 5k!


    Mere milliseconds behind Lars, our visitor from the UK, James Piggott, finished second, in 21:05. Amazingly, this matches his previous PB, obtained at his most recent parkrun, Teignmouth Promenade parkrun, back in August.


    In third place, taking 11 seconds off his previous fastest time, Jeremy Salerno raced to the finish in 21:09.


Our fastest females were not far behind at all.

    First to finish was Allison Prather, in 26:12. A first timer at Perrigo, Allison is no stranger to parkrun, having previously been a regular over at Oak Grove parkrun in Kentucky. We're delighted that she has now moved to Redmond, and hope to see her among our group of regulars each week!


    Next to pass through the finish bollards was Kelly Lyon-King. Another PB for Kelly, finishing in 27:07. Congratulations, Kelly!


    Right behind Kelly, Lillian Bowler finished in an impressive 28:06 - I don't think I saw her without a smile on her face all morning! We love having your sunny self at Perrigo each week, Lillian.


A Few Fun Facts

Kelly Lyon-King was the only person with more than 10 parkruns under her belt (14 in total) to achieve a PB this week.

First timer and visitor from the UK, Ruth Bader, set a new age group record for Perrigo, in the Women's 70-74 yr bracket. This now means that three of our fastest all time finishers are Brits. No pressure, Redmond...


Perrigo's event v-Index has increased to 8, which means that at least 8 parkrunners have
volunteered here at least 8 times.

Rebecca Bader finished in 24th position at Perrigo's 24th event.


Niamh Carrig ran for the 10th time at Perrigo (11 in the USA; 13 worldwide).


John Hoegger ran for the 10th time in the USA (8 at Perrigo; 10 worldwide).


Zena Hoegger ran for the 10th time at Perrigo (12 in the USA; 12 worldwide).


Riley Walden (with Max for company) was the 400th different finisher at Perrigo.


Once again, a great time was had by all. Thanks, as always, to our wonderful volunteers, who are the only reason that parkrun keeps ticking along each week!




    - If you haven't yet volunteered at Perrigo, take a quick look at the future roster (, and let us know if you see a date and/or a role that you'd like to try. Email if you can help, any time. Thank you so much!

    - Please don't forget your PRINTED barcode. It is important that all events around the globe abide by the rule to ensure consistency. That way, every parkrunner knows what to expect at any parkrun around the world, and the expectations on run directors and volunteer teams are the same.

    Laminating several copies of your barcode (packing tape works beautifully) and stashing them in your car, your wallet, your running shoes, etc. will ensure that you're never without your barcode when you need it. You can also order plastic keychain tags, bracelets, etc. with your parkrun barcode (and ICE) here:

    Thank you for understanding!

    - Don't forget, we have our super fun, FREE Turkey Trot coming up this Thursday 28th November, at 9am. Tell your friends, your family, your on social media, sing from the rooftops - the more the merrier, we'd LOVE to make it a really great parkrun pre-turkey celebration!!


See you on THURSDAY, parkrunners!! Wrap up warm, it's going to be freeeeeezing cold (but beautifully sunny - a gorgeous winter's day).

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