Perrigo #notaparkrun Number 37: 2nd January 2021

Hello 2021 (and Good Riddance, 2020)!

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

Well, it was wet and windy, it was cold, it was even snowy in some spots. But at least it was no longer 2020! Can you believe it's been 314 days since we last got together at Perrigo Park? I can't tell you how much we're hoping for a better year ahead, and a chance to gather at the red barn once more.

Well done to all 28 of you who braved the atrocious weather on Saturday, and got your first #notaparkrun of 2021 in the books. We welcomed two first timers, and celebrated one very speedy PB:

First Timers

A very warm welcome to

    Scott Wisiniewski - not only his first time at Perrigo's virtual parkrun, but coming in at 8th place, in a very respectable 23:40!

    Eric Lynn - getting a good run in with his furry running partner around Juanita Bay, Eric finished in 41:31 at his first #notaparkrun. Look forward to seeing more of you, Eric!

Personal Best

    Yet another PB from our own Jordan Elder, finishing his 5k in 22:10. That's an amazing 7:09 minutes / mile - wow! For reference, Jordan's first #notaparkrun was completed in 36:53, meaning he has taken a whopping 14 minutes and 43 seconds off his 5k time in just 8 months. Incredible - many congratulations, Jordan!


Special mention must also go to Steve Dancy of Livonia parkrun. Steve achieved a Golden Groundhog this week - that means he achieved the exact same time and finish position on consecutive weeks! Ready to go for the triple this week, Steve?


We have now had a total of 116 individuals complete one or more #notaparkruns over the past 37 weeks - amazing! Imagine if that number of people turned up for our Comeback Party (you know I'm planning...for whenever it might happen!), and brought a friend. What a celebration that could be!

2020 Accomplishments / 2021 Goals

Thanks to everyone who watched the run brief, and decided to share their goals and accomplishments with us. 2020 clearly wasn't all THAT bad for some of you (as evidenced above!), and we love to hear positive stories and your goals for 2021.

    Zach Fung inspired us with his amazing accomplishment of running 368 days in a row (as of Jan 2nd), running at least 2 miles a day...totally 2,800 miles in 2020!

    This does not mean taking no rest days. In fact quite the opposite. Doing some running on an off day no matter how slow not only counts for mileage, but also counts for rest recovery for fitness and well being. You may find after getting into this habit for a while your PBs may be easier to come by too

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