Perrigo #notaparkrun Number 33: 5th December 2020

December!! How did that happen?

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

frosty barn

Hi friends. How on earth did we make it to December already? It's now been almost 41 weeks since we last saw you all, as we approach our 34th virtual parkrun! Crazy! Whilst we miss you dreadfully (as I may have mentioned once or twice in my run briefs), I'm so glad we still have this opportunity to catch up each week. It's great to see your pictures, your amazing running achievements, and your encouragement of each other!

Let's keep this ball rolling, and maybe encourage your friends and family (no matter where in the world they may be!) to join us. The more the merrier - there is no better time to focus on our health and fitness, and (more importantly) to have a chance to check in with fellow humans outside of our restricted "bubble"!

I don't know about you, but I love seeing where you all are each week. Whether it's John and Zena Hoegger, rocking their disgusting Hawaii tans (!!), or Joanna Davis making my heart long for the homeland, with her beautiful English village scenes!


Joanna UK

I must also give a shout out to our own dedicated Canadian, Dean Faber - not only does he show up to Perrigo every Saturday morning ("just in case anyone is there to say hello to"), but he also sends me some great photos of our home-from-home, and is kind enough to help me out with the results each week. Thanks Dean - what would we do without you?

This week, Dean captured great photos of Kevin Sorensen speeding across the (virtual) finish line into 3rd place, and Gayle Keenan running around the track on her 30th #notaparkrun.



The Lowdown

Well done to all 28 of you who got out there, despite the chill, and got your 5k done! We saw two PBs this week, appropriately enough in 1st and 2nd place on our results table:

    Cole Wisniewski crossed the line in a super speedy 21:07 at only his 3rd #notaparkrun. That's an incredible pace of 6:48 min / mile! The competition between the Livonia parkrun gang was clearly fierce, because Cole was closely followed by....

    Steve Dancy - finishing his 30th #notaparkrun in an equally impressive 21:39 (6:58 min / mile pace), Steve has set the bar pretty high for us all in 2021!! Well done you guys, we love seeing your fun posts each week!

Photo Roundup

As always, thank you for sending in your selfies and scenic snaps - they truly are a joy!
Here are a few of your inspirational pics:

Happy birthday, Zoe Muggeson Heath!!! Thanks for sharing your special day with us - love love love the lippy!!

Zoe birthday

Congrats on upping your distance this week, Jordan Elder. You are getting faster and stronger every day, we love seeing your progress!


I feel like Abby Reulas almost needs a blog post of her own. How many miles have you run this year now, Abby? A quick Strava check reveals 2,197 miles - that's an average of 6.35 miles EVERY SINGLE DAY of 2020. Can you imagine having the motivation to run more than a 10k every day, of this car crash of a year? There's our baseline for 2021. Gulp....


Happy trails everyone. Stay in touch, stay well, stay distant. See you all again on Saturday!


All the best,


Results are here:!As6KUHoY-sr5yHs55WAy9jkEPv0C?e=8VEZkN

And here:

Position Name Time
1 Cole WISNIEWSKI 21:07
2 Steve DANCY 21:39
3 Kevin SORENSEN 22:24
4 Dave TYL 23:04
5 Jordan ELDER 23:26
6 Joanna DAVIS 23:55
7 Kurt WILSON 24:23
8 Mike WILLIAMS 24:40
9 Abby RUELAS 24:42
10 Christopher CULLEN 25:10
11 Danielle RUIZ 25:37
12 Dean FABER 25:57
13 Kay STARR 27:07
14 Tim GALLAGHER 27:37
15 John HOEGGER 29:25
16 Zena HOEGGER 29:34
17 Michael SHIACH 29:35
18 Tadek DUL 30:29
19 Aimee ASHLEY 30:58
20 Gayle KEENAN 31:04
21 Bill SCHWABENLAND 32:40
22 Alicia LUNA 35:57
23 Kerstin PEPPER 46:05
24 Drea LYON 46:08
26 Lynn PERSSE 65:00
27 Amy CRANDALL 67:38
28 Melani MCGRATH 74:14