Run Report: Virtual parkrun #18 – 22nd August 2020

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

My gosh, can you believe it's now been 25 weeks since we had our last "real" parkrun? At the time, I remember we thought we'd be on pause for a couple of weeks...and now look at us, with no end in sight?

I know it's hard to stay motivated, particularly as the weather cools down and many of us find ourselves busy again with work, homeschooling and a return to reality after the long summer. But remember - we are still here for you, every Saturday morning at 9am. If you're struggling to get out there and put in the miles, I recommend finding a running buddy. Not a big group, but one person that maybe you've been seeing a fair amount of over the last few months anyway. I don't know about you, but I do find that the fear of letting someone else down far outweighs my desire to sit on the couch eating chips. Just. :)


Kudos to the 29 of you who ran/walked/jogged your 5k on Saturday - not only did we welcome a new first timer, we also celebrated another 7 impressive PBs!

First Timers

We'd like to extend a very warm welcome to first timer, Craig Ashley. Dad and Husband to our regulars, Ryan and Aimee, it's great to see the Ashley contingent of #notaparkrun growing! Craig finished in a very impressive 25:45, so he has already set the bar high for those future PRs. We'll look forward to seeing more of you (and your selfies!) in the coming weeks, Craig!

Personal Bests

Congratulations to the following seven #notparkrunners who achieved impressive PBs this week:

Danielle Ruiz - no stranger to parkrun, Danielle gets faster each week. She beat last week's best by 8 seconds, to finish in 24:56 this week, her 10th #notaparkrun. Nice work!


Jordan Elder - another #notaparkrun regular, Jordan knocked a whopping 1:21 off his previous PB, at his 14th virtual event, to finish in 25:12. Excellent job, Jordan!


Abby Ruelas - hailing from Renton parkrun, Abby has dedicated her entire summer to running, and it shows! Yet another PB at her 16th #notaparkrun, Abby knocked an impressive 1:09 off her previous time, finishing in 26:27. Congratulations, Abby - your new go-faster shoes are clearly working!


Wendy Grinols-Sweeney - another Rentonite (is that a word? It is now!) and Abby's faithful running buddy (see? Everybody needs one!), Wendy took 13 seconds off her PB, finishing in 26:58 at her 10th #notaparkrun. Great job!


Belinda Blackburn - a Tasmania native, Belinda has set a new PB at every #notaparkrun she has completed! This week, she knocked a very respectable 40 seconds off, finishing in 29:15. Great result - all we need now is a matching selfie.

Elliott Gaskins - another Perrigo parkrun regular, but only his second #notaparkrun, Elliott took an amazing 7:12 off his previous time. If only we had a photo, we'd know your secret - instead, we'll just have to assume that Rocky had something to do with it (yes, friends - running buddies can be 4-legged, too!).

Bill Schwabenland - last, but most definitely not least, Bill achieved a PB for the 2nd week in a row (at his 15th #notaparkrun), finishing 54 seconds faster than last week, in 32:00. I'm not one to make wild assertions, but I'm going to go ahead and suggest that maybe a certain wild beast on the trail had something to do with putting a spring in Bill's step!
Bill bear

Nerd Alert!

It's OK, he called himself the nerd, so it's fine for me to say the same about our speed demon, Dan Metteer. He tells us that he has been working on a 5k predictor formula. I won't pretend to understand it, but wouldn't it be cool to use to figure out your future race or parkrun times? Maybe once he's ironed out any kinks, Dan might be kind enough to share his genius with the rest of us!

"I was about 50 seconds off of my PB. In the two weeks leading up to that PB I ran about 50 more miles than I did in the past two weeks. Other factors certainly apply, but it is interesting how close this formula holds up!"

Dan nerd

Photo Roundup

In the absence of any other news to share, I thought I'd finish with our weekly photo roundup. Thanks so much to everyone who shared either selfies or beautiful photos of your local running spot. Joanna Davis's English countryside has me checking BA flight prices, and Simon Faber's amazing background is just giving me one more reason to want to move to Canada!

Zoe Tikiboos


Melani connector trail




Joanna hay


Amy Edison


And Finally...

Thank you again to everyone who took part this week. Next week marks exactly half a year since we celebrated our last parkrun, on Leap Day no less! We are so grateful for this community, and the support you all offer us and each other. There is no more important thing right now than our relationships with friends and family, and I'm so very proud of our dedicated parkrun family for keeping all our spirits high.

Don't forget to let me know if you fancy a spot as Run Director one week!

Until the 29th.... toodle-oo!!



Results are here:!As6KUHoY-sr5xxh5dVsIwiHKCARd?e=gXSosV

And here:

Position Name Time
1 Dan METTEER 19:27
2 Daniel SWART 22:08
3 Joanna DAVIS 23:15
4 Zach FUNG 23:28
5 Danielle RUIZ 24:48
6 Jordan ELDER 25:12
7 Craig ASHLEY 25:45
8 Abby RUELAS 26:27
10 Steve DANCY 27:07
11 Michael SHIACH 28:02
12 Zena HOEGGER 29:04
13 Belinda BLACKBURN 29:15
14 Simon FABER 30:00
15 Aimee ASHLEY 30:12
16 Elliott GASKINS 30:33
17 Gayle KEENAN 30:54
18 Tadek DUL 31:37
19 Bill SCHWABENLAND 32:00
20 Lynn PERSSE 32:53
21 Dean FABER 34:32
22 Bushra BAJWA 34:39
23 Mike WILLIAMS 35:09
25 Amanda NATHAN 36:58
26 Kelly LYON-KING 59:36
27 Allison PRATHER 62:14
29 Amy CRANDALL 63:05
29 Melani MCGRATH 70:29