Run Report: Virtual parkrun #16 – 8th August 2020


by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

Well, it was certainly not the most appealing running weather last Saturday. Cold, wet and grey - a typical Seattle summer's day, and only Dean Faber, myself and my Loki dog braved the elements at the red barn at 9am! Despite that, we saw 26 parkrunners completing their 5k for our 16th #notaparkrun, including:

First Timers

Only one first timer this week. No stranger to "actual" parkrun, but a newbie to our virtual events. We hope to see a lot more of you, Elliot Gaskins - we've missed you and Rocky!


Personal Bests

Many congrats to our three #notparkrunners celebrating PBs this week. I am beyond inspired by those of you who are managing to not only keep up with your physical fitness during these strange times, but actually improve it!! I'll be calling you for tips on how to budge the Covid-15 soon enough...

    Zach Fung managed to steal the coveted top spot from our stalwart, Dan Metteer. Not only did Zach finish in an incredible 17:41, he took a huge 19 seconds off his previous #notaparkrun PB! Nice work, Zach (please send more selfies!). :)

    Danielle Ruiz took a magnificent second off her previous PB, at her 9th #notaparkrun, finishing in 24:56. The crazy thing is, Danielle is always telling me she's "not fast". Yeah. Right. Pull the other one, speed demon! Many congrats - we miss your always smiling face!!

    Drum roll pleeeease, for the fabulous Zena Hoegger, who achieved an amazing PB of 27:59 at her 16th #notaparkrun. That's right folks - not only is Zena enviably fast, she's also one of the few who has shown up every single week since we started this crazy online dalliance. Nice job, Zena - we miss you and your whacky wardrobe!



The Groundhog!

We had yet another Groundhog this week. I don't know what is going on - I honestly don't remember having one at all previously, but #notaparkrun seems to have a few of you staying unbelievably consistent!

This week, Abby Ruelas matched her previous PB of 27:36. Although not strictly a groundhog, as there were 6 weeks between them, I'm choosing to celebrate Abby's dedication regardless, mainly because she shares such awesome selfies every week. Nice work, Abby - Punxsutawney Phil ain't got nothing on you!


Photo Roundup

As ever, I love seeing all your smiling, sweating faces every week. Thank you so much to all of you who indulge me, and our Perrigo community, with your beautiful selfies or scenic shots. Please do keep them coming!!










Can't wait to see you all again next time! It looks to be a beautiful, sunny day, so get out there and get it done nice and early.

Mask up, parkrunners, and stay safe - we miss you!



Results are here:!As6KUHoY-sr5xxSY2GFhFNGGEi98?e=md0PuF

And here:

Position Name Time
1 Zach FUNG 17:41
2 Dan METTEER 19:21
3 Joanna DAVIS 23:27
4 Danielle RUIZ 24:56
5 Mike WILLIAMS 25:16
6 Kurt WILSON 25:38
7 Jordan ELDER 26:41
8 Christopher CULLEN 27:23
9 Steve DANCY 27:28
10 Abby RUELAS 27:36
11 Zena HOEGGER 27:59
12 Michael SHIACH 28:19
13 Aimee ASHLEY 29:53
14 Katie METTEER 30:01
15 Gayle KEENAN 30:45
16 Bill SCHWABENLAND 36:53
17 Elliott GASKINS 37:45
18 Amanda NATHAN 38:32
19 Mary BLAKE BAUCHER 56:32
20 Dean FABER 57:34
21 Kerstin PEPPER 57:39
22 Lynn PERSSE 60:00
24 Melani MCGRATH 66:45
25 Tadek DUL 86:42
26 Kelly LYON-KING 94:42