Run Report: Virtual parkrun #12 – 11th July 2020

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

Well, I think a lot of us were beaten by the heat this week, as we saw a relatively small crowd of 32 diehard not-parkrunners out pounding the pavement. Many congrats to our 4 speedy PB achievers, a warm welcome to our first timer, Amy Crandall (no stranger to parkrun, but a newcomer to #notaparkrun), and yet another “wow” for our Groundhog, Melton Mowbray’s own Kurt Wilson.


Personal Bests

    Big shout out to Dan Metteer’s daughter, Katie Metteer, who took a huge 1 minute 25 seconds off her previous time, for a 2nd PB at her 3rd #notaparkrun. The apple clearly doesn’t fall far from the tree – great work, Katie!

    Melton Mowbray’s Joanna Davis marked yet another PB this week, taking 9 seconds off her already very impressive previous best. Joanna is one of our “old faithfuls”, who has shown up every single week since we start our virtual parkruns, and celebrated 7 PBs out of 12 runs. Inspiring stuff – we’re so glad to see you every week, Joanna!

    Well done to Bushra Bajwa, who took 5 seconds off her previous time, at only her 2nd #notaparkrun.

    Congratulations to Amanda Nathan, who took a huge two and a half minutes off her previous PB! Nice job, Amanda.



Thank you so much to everyone who indulged my request for milestone numbers.

Only two parkrunners would have earned a shirt if they had attended Perrigo every week for the last 19 weeks since we last met in person.

Amanda Nathan would be wearing her red 50 shirt by now, with 62 parkruns under her belt

Lynn Persse would be sporting that coveted black 100 shirt, having completed 103 parkruns.


Congratulations ladies – we are so very proud of your dedication, and only wish we could get those shirts winging their way to you!

Two other dedicated parkrunners would be earning their milestones at the next parkrun:

Dean Faber is one run away from a black shirt, with 99 runs completed (and attendance at every single #notaparkrun so far)

Ryan Ashley would be earning his white 10 shirt, as he speeds his way to a faster and faster 5k each week!

Thanks to the rest of you who are also racking up those runs:

    Gayle Keenan (26)
    Aimee Ashley (13)
    Abby Ruelas (75)
    Zena Hoegger (38)




You’re all amazing – I’m so happy that you are all keeping up with your health and fitness while the world falls apart around us. There is no better way to ensure that you and your loved ones get through this strange time!

Selfie Time

As always, a huge thank you to everyone who continues to send me your beautiful selfies (and particularly the ones taken at Perrigo Park, which make me feel a little closer to “actual” parkrun).





I genuinely love seeing your happy, healthy, sweaty faces – I love our parkrun community and the friendships that continue to blossom. Rest assured that I am using this time to dream up the biggest return to parkrun celebration I can think of!!

And Another Thing….

Unfortunately it looks like WA state is far from beating this virus, and in fact it seems we are sliding into a worse situation than we have been before. As we encourage you to get outside and stay healthy, it is also our responsibility to ensure that we are protecting the health of our fellow community members.

When you are out #notparkrunning, please do make sure you always have a mask or face covering with you. You do not need to wear it at all times, but it is important to have it available in case you come across another path / trail / park user. Thank you to this week's tailwalker, Kelly Lyon-King for so beautifully modeling the ideal runner’s face covering – these buffs work really well, they’re so easy to pull up and down quickly without breaking stride.


Let’s continue to mask up, stay distant and wash our hands. I really, really, really want to start planning that Perrigo party!!!

In the very wise words of Jerry Springer himself: until next time, take care of yourselves…and each other.



Position Name Time
1 Zach FUNG 20:09
2 John HOEGGER 21:54
3 Daniel SWART 22:37
4 Joanna DAVIS 23:09
5 Kurt WILSON 24:28
6 Mike WILLIAMS 25:14
7 Ryan ASHLEY 26:39
8 Steve DANCY 26:43
9 Danielle RUIZ 27:04
10 Bushra BAJWA 27:42
11 Simon FABER 28:00
12 Michael SHIACH 28:54
13 Aimee ASHLEY 29:09
14 Zena HOEGGER 29:23
15 Jordan ELDER 29:53
16 Dan METTEER 29:57
17 Katie METTEER 29:57
18 Abby RUELAS 31:03
19 Wendy GRINOLS-SWEENEY 31:03
20 Lynn PERSSE 31:07
21 Chris DREWER 31:36
22 Kate DREWER 31:36
23 Gayle KEENAN 31:59
24 Tadek DUL 32:24
26 Kerstin PEPPER 34:44
27 Dean FABER 35:02
28 Amanda NATHAN 35:08
29 Allison PRATHER 43:30
30 Mary BLAKE BAUCHER 57:08
31 Amy CRANDALL 57:37
32 Kelly LYON-KING 92:28