Run Report: Virtual parkrun #9 – 20th June 2020

Birthday parkrun
by Kerstin Pepper: Event Director


You may or may not have realized this (!!), but Saturday's parkrun was our first BIRTHDAY parkrun!!
Whilst it wasn't the celebration we would have hoped for, we still found ways to mark the occasion. I traveled back from Winthrop so that we could finally have the run brief in front of our beloved red barn again. And of course, you knew we would never be able to resist a bouquet of balloons!




Our wonderful Perrigo parkrun elves were at it again (ahem, Dean Faber, ahem!), showing off some artistic flair on the trail:




And the Hoegger family (including poor Lynzee, fresh off the plane from Hawaii, and surviving on 24 hours without any sleep) REALLY showed up! Thank you, Zena, John, Chloe, Lynzee and Andrey, you guys are awesome!




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It was also really great to see Aimee and Ryan Ashley (in person, at last!), who not only ran a great time on this rainy Saturday, but kindly brought along a sweet sign for us:


I love our parkrun family - thank you everyone for helping us to make the most of this very unusual situation!

Back to the Important Stuff

This week, at our 9th #notaparkrun, we had a record 40 participants!

A very warm Perrigo welcome to our six First Timers:

    Helen Smith - all the way from Sammamish WA. So glad you were able to recover from your ailments, and join us!
    Neil Witherow - going by the pseudonym "fatbarsteward"...that took some decoding!! Not a first timer to Perrigo, but very fitting that Neil should join our birthday celebration, as he and wife Sue Witherow were there for our launch in 2019! Thanks to both of you for "dialing in", all the way from Croydon, UK! Neil is just 7 runs short of his 250 shirt - he must be almost as frustrated as our Kenny!
    Yen Chi Le - joining us from Beaverton, Oregon.
    Andrey Risukhin - also known as Chloe Hoegger's other half. Not a stranger to Perrigo parkrun, with 8 events under his belt, but this was his first #notaparkrun. Hope to "see" you again, Andrey!
    Lynzee Hoegger - whose family arose at the crack of dawn to drive to the airport, collect her from her Hawaii flight, and headed straight to Perrigo Park to help us celebrate. In the rain. Outstanding! And just a little bit bonkers.



We also saw six of you celebrating Personal Bests this week:

    John Hoegger - working hard on his cadence recently, having been known for his gazelle style of running. It seems to be paying off - well done, John!
    Kevin Sorensen - a PB of 21:52 for his third #notaparkrun.
    Joanna Davis - our Melton Mowbray tourist has achieved a PB every single week. Lockdown clearly agrees with you, Joanna (or, not being stuck with the school run, and ferrying teenagers around all their activities)!
    Simon Faber - another runner who seems to get better and better each week. Thanks for joining us again from Kelowna, Canada, Simon!
    Belinda Blackburn - joining us from Tasmania, Australia, and once again making us green with envy with her beautiful photos. Congrats on a PB for your second #notaparkrun, Belinda!
    Molly Jensen - not only achieved a PB at her third virtual parkrun, but braved all the snakes on the trail to get there. Actually, maybe it was the snakes that put the spring in her step this week! Shudder...




And I can't let another Groundhog go unmentioned! Congrats Dan Metteer on your second Groundhog in 9 short weeks. 18:58 was the time this week and last.


Thank you to all of you who continue to show up every week, to help keep our wonderful community thriving. We love seeing your fabulous photos.

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And finally...

Although we have now moved into Phase 2 in King County, the resultant relaxing of social distancing rules and lockdowns means that our vigilance is more important than ever. WA State is now under a mandatory face mask order, as of today - Friday 26th June. So, if you find yourself running in a park or a trail where it is hard to avoid other people, please do cover your face. I know it's not the most comfortable thing, running in a mask, but it is the responsible thing. The more responsible we all are, the sooner we can get back to our high fives and whoop whoops!!

wville distance


We miss you, we love you all, and we will get through this together.

Take care,



Position Name Time
1 Dan METTEER 18:58
2 Max JENSEN 19:18
3 John HOEGGER 21:26
4 Kevin SORENSEN 21:52
5 Joanna DAVIS 23:18
6 Christopher CULLEN 23:52
7 Steve DANCY 26:25
8 Ryan ASHLEY 27:02
9 Mike WILLIAMS 27:35
10 Dean FABER 28:11
11 Aimee ASHLEY 28:16
12 Michael SHIACH 28:34
13 Kelly LYON-KING 28:36
14 Simon FABER 28:56
15 Helen SMITH 30:12
16 Daniel SWART 30:47
17 Chris DREWER 31:16
18 Kate DREWER 31:16
19 Belinda BLACKBURN 32:35
20 Lynn PERSSE 32:50
21 Abby RUELAS 33:07
22 Wendy GRINOLS-SWEENEY 33:07
23 Gayle KEENAN 33:21
24 Neil WITHEROW 33:40
26 Jordan ELDER 34:08
27 Yen Chi Le 34:08
28 Sue WITHEROW 36:26
29 Nina TANG 37:43
30 Bill SCHWABENLAND 40:29
31 Chloe HOEGGER 41:13
32 Andrey RISUKHIN 41:13
33 Molly JENSEN 42:39
34 Lynzee HOEGGER 53:40
35 Zena HOEGGER 55:07
36 Allison PRATHER 56:14
37 Kerstin PEPPER 56:30
38 Melani MCGRATH 62:15
39 Camila FIGUEIRA 91:46
40 Carlos FIGUEIRA 91:46