Run Report: Virtual parkrun #8 – 13th June 2020

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

Thanks so much to everyone for showing up to our virtual #notaparkrun every week - we so appreciate your support, and we really love seeing your selfies and stories!

After eight weeks of virtual parkrunning (can you believe we've been doing this for two months?), we are averaging 34 participants each week. 20th June's parkrun (our 9th virtual event) would have been our biiiiiiiiig first birthday celebration. In lieu of cake, balloons and a very cheesy birthday playlist, let's celebrate by encouraging as many people as we can to join us!! Tell your friends, family, colleagues, social media audience etc. Remember, anyone anywhere in the world can be a virtual parkrun tourist. Even if they participate in their own local event, they can still also run with us. Spread the word, and don't forget to tag @perrigoparkrun on Facebook, so people know where to find us!

Thank you guys. We had 85 parkrunners at our launch. Wouldn't it be awesome to match that number?
It's so sad to see our red barn so lonely on a Saturday morning (thank you Bill Schwabenland for the nostalgic photo).


On Saturday June 13th, we had 36 of you out walking, jogging and running your 5k (or more). We welcomed two first timers this week - welcome to Vincent Bersagol (who has now run one "real" parkrun, and one virtual parkrun, both in Redmond. Here's hoping we'll see a lot more of you!), and Belinda Blackburn, joining us all the way from Tasmania, Australia. Belinda ran with her fellow Run Directors from beautiful Bellerive parkrun, and shared some stunning photos of her route. Now, excuse me while I run off and Google flight deals to Tassy!



This was apparently the week of breaking personal records, with 9 (or 25%) of you celebrating a new PB. Many congratulations to:

    Joanna Davis - 17 second improvement
    Dean Faber - a huge 1 minute and 9 seconds improvement
    Simon Faber - 16 second improvement at his 5th virtual parkrun
    Mike Williams - very impressive 1 minute 30 second improvement
    Jim Pollock - 5th PB in a row, 28 seconds faster than last week
    Nina Tang - flying this week, improving her PB by a massive 8 minutes and 51 seconds
    Chris Drewer - another big PB, with a 48 second improvement
    Kate Drewer - not far behind, Kate celebrated another great PB, 45 seconds faster than the last
    Bill Schwabenland - running our familiar route obviously put a spring in Bill's step, and improved his PB by five huge minutes and 55 seconds!





Thank you to everyone who sent such fun photos. As always, Zena Hoegger, daughter Chloe and sister Lynn Persse never disappoint:




Father/daughter duo, Carlos and Camila Figueira made a valiant attempt to claim the Tailwalker crown (or should I say, yellow vest!) this week...but unfortunately, Louise and Fred McKinlay had their own eyes on that particular prize! We love your masks though, great job keeping your community (and yourselves) healthy!


We weren't entirely sure we recognized Dan Metteer without his trusty cap on.

Fortunately, he fixed it for us, so we knew there wasn't an impostor in our midst. Congrats on claiming 1st Place yet again, speedy Dan!


Speaking of beautiful scenery, Jolanta Thorburn ran her 5k at Cannon Beach, Oregon this week. I'm thinking we need to find an Event Director to kick off a new Pacific North West beach parkrun - I can't imagine a better spot for it. Any Goonies fans fancy taking on the task?

And finally, thanks to Kelly Lyon-King, Amanda Nathan and Ryan and Aimee Ashley for sharing your fabulous selfies with us!




In other news...

    This week we learned that New Zealand is the first country in the world to have completely eliminated Covid-19 from their population. As a result, they have now lifted all social distancing measures, and parkrun is able to recommence on July 4th. While we are some way behind NZ, here in the USA, this does give us hope. parkrun is not dead, we WILL be back, and rest assured that our fearless leaders at parkrun HQ are working hard behind the scenes to ensure the health and safety of the whole global parkrun family.


    I may have mentioned (once or twice) that it was Perrigo parkrun's first birthday on June 15th. Help us celebrate this weekend by sending us your best birthday selfies. Wear red (for the red barn), carry a balloon, eat some cake (mmmmm.....cake), wave a pom-pom, sport a fetching tutu - I don't care how you choose to mark the occasion, but whatever you do, be sure to get a fun photo and share it with us!


    CONGRATULATIONS to all the mums, dads and teachers who have survived this crazy year of "pandemic schooling". No more guilty worrying about not doing enough, no more apologetic emails, and no more throwing school laptops at the wall. You got there. You survived, your children survived, and their brains have not rotted in 3 short months. Well done you guys, you did it!!!

See you on Saturday, parkrunners.

Toodle-pip for now!