Run Report: Virtual parkrun #7 – 6th June 2020

Our First Groundhogs!
by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director


It was a good day for a #notaparkrun last Saturday, with (according to regular parkrunner, Kate Drewer) perfect running conditions in Redmond! Maybe that is why we had a record number of virtual participants for our 7th event, with 39 of you running, jogging and walking 5k or more.

This included four first timers (welcome, Farheen and Camila Figueira, and great to see you again Shawn and Jen - we have missed you so!!).

Camila and dad, Carlos

Camila and dad, Carlos



An amazing NINE of you celebrated PRs this week:

    Danielle Ruiz - taking a massive 7 minutes and 5 seconds off her previous time, and sharing a beautiful pic of the mean (ahem) streets of Redmond!

    Ryan Ashley - keeping his mom on her toes, running an amazing 1 minute 54 seconds faster this week

    Mike Williams (Melton Mowbray parkrun) - celebrating a return to running after injury, and moving from tail walker last week, to 11th position this week!

    Jim Pollock - 24 seconds faster than last week, despite forgetting his headphones and having to run "naked"

    Simon Faber - 35 seconds faster than his previous PR, and making us all very envious with his beautiful photos of Kelowna, Canada!

    Chloe Hoegger - proving yet again that those capes on her socks really do make her fly! 58 seconds off her PR this week, well done Chloe!

    Nina Tang - applying her average pace gave her a 14 second #notaparkrun PR. Of course, she had to go just a little further...12.07 miles to be exact! Inspiring stuff, Nina!

    Fred McKinlay, combining parkrun and the Big Backyard Run in one!

    Molly Jensen - great to see Molly back with us again! 5 minutes and 14 seconds faster than her first (virtual) parkrun, nice work. You'll be putting Max through his paces soon, Molly!

Back to that groundhog...

Strictly speaking, a parkrun groundhog is the award given to someone who finishes a parkrun event in the same time for two consecutive weeks in the same location!

However, given that this is #notaparkrun, I'm going to call out all three runners who achieved exactly the same time this week as one of their previous virtual parkruns. There have only been 7 of them, after all, so this is still a pretty awesome achievement!

    Dan Metteer didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he matched his fastest ever 5k result, in 18:37 (last achieved at Virtual parkrun #4). Sorry Dan - maybe borrowing Chloe's socks will help next time?


    101539809_10158209481087597_1036227606790594209_o (1)

    Kevin Sorensen has only taken part in two virtual parkruns, and managed to achieve the exact same time at both (22:04). Impressive stuff, Kevin!

    Melton Mowbray's Joanna Davis also matched her previous PR (achieved on Week 5) of 23:59 this week. She also made this British RD quite homesick with her photo of England's green and pleasant land!


Special Mentions

In the run brief each week, we ask that you make sure to send us photos, so we get to see what you're all up to without us...and most importantly, so we can see your lovely faces. So, thank you so much to all who have done so - those I've already mentioned above, and:

    Abby Reulas - Renton parkrun's Abby has completely transformed herself in the time we have known her - not only in physical appearance (as she puts it, she has lost "a small child" in weight - those legs, though!), but also in her incredible fitness and health. We are so proud of her - this Saturday she went on to run almost 16 miles, and has PRd every category that her Garmin tracks. Amazing!

    Dean Faber and Allison Prather are your friendly parkrun elves, responsible for all the motivational chalk messages and hashtags you see each week (if you choose to run your virtual parkrun at Perrigo Park). Thanks so much to both of them for their dedication (and also to Melani McGrath and her faithful sidekick, Murphy, for the photos!).




    Lynn Persse (from Long Eaton parkrun in the UK) never fails to disappoint with her amazing leggings...but this week she truly outdid herself. How else do you get through this lengthy lockdown, other than by celebrating Christmas in June, as you run laps around the garden!? Thank you Lynn - you look fabulous, as always!!


    Bill Schwabenland, a man more dedicated to staying fit and healthy throughout this pandemic than anyone I know, did a sterling job as (virtual) tailwalker this week. He completed 3 miles with his 4-legged buddies, then remembered it was Saturday and went out to complete another 3.1. Thanks so much for bringing everyone home safely, Bill!

    And finally...thanks so much to my favorite Perrigo Brits, for always showing up with a huge smile and just being such wonderful members of our growing parkrun family. And for the photos, of course. We miss you, Family Hoegger and Family Drewer !



And finally...

Don't forget, we would love to share the Run Director role with anyone who'd like to try it. Email or just DM Kerstin through her private Facebook or via Perrigo's FB page. It's very easy, I'll do all the number crunching, you just need to put your lovely mug in front of the camera and say a few encouraging words!

Also, we have a BIG celebration coming up. Our 1 year anniversary is the 15th June 2020. Typically we would celebrate the following Saturday, which would be the 20th.
In lieu of cake, balloons and mad Perrigo decorations, I would love to find a great way to mark the occasion. If anyone has any bright and brilliant ideas (I'll even take average ones at this point!), please do share them. Otherwise, what would be AMAZING would be to get a really BIG number of runners / walkers / joggers out pounding the streets on Saturday the 20th. If any of you can help spread the word (i.e. encourage your friends / family / colleagues - no matter where in the world - to join us!), we would really love to draw a virtual celebratory crowd.

That's it from me, folks. Thanks again for all your dedication, camaraderie and endless support. See you next time...



Results can be found here:!As6KUHoY-sr5xht_Fsyn1HdWgPYu?e=MFMSP9

Or here:

Position Name Time
1 Dan METTEER 18:37:00
2 John HOEGGER 21:53:00
3 Kevin SORENSEN 22:04:00
4 Daniel SWART 22:13:00
5 Kurt WILSON 23:39:00
6 Joanna DAVIS 23:59:00
7 Max JENSEN 24:45:00
8 Christopher CULLEN 25:28:00
9 Danielle RUIZ 26:02:00
10 Ryan ASHLEY 26:03:00
11 Mike WILLIAMS 26:12:00
12 Steve DANCY 26:16:00
13 Jim POLLOCK 27:28:00
14 Kelly LYON-KING 28:09:00
15 Aimee ASHLEY 28:29:00
16 Allison PRATHER 29:19:00
17 Simon FABER 29:35:00
18 Michael SCHIACH 29:39:00
19 Abby RUELAS 29:58:00
20 Chris DREWER 30:02:00
21 Kate DREWER 30:13:00
22 Jennifer MARSHALL 30:34:00
23 Dean FABER 30:49:00
24 Mary BLAKE BAUCHER 31:41:00
25 Zena HOEGGER 33:26:00
26 Zoe MUGGESON HEATH 33:45:00
27 Chloe HOEGGER 35:11:00
28 Shawn PEARCE 35:36:00
29 Lynn PERSSE 36:08:00
30 Nina TANG 36:16:00
31 Camila FIGUEIRA 38:53:00
32 Carlos FIGUEIRA 38:53:00
33 Fred MCKINLAY 40:20:00
34 Farheen AL MISHARI 42:37:00
35 Fred MCKINLAY 43:52:00
36 Molly JENSEN 45:06:00
37 Gayle KEENAN 47:55:00
38 Melani MCGRATH 1:06:00:00
39 Bill SCHWABENLAND 1:08:39:00