Run Report: Virtual parkrun #1 – 25th April 2020

As you are all very much aware, COVID-19 has now swept the globe, resulting in local businesses closing, people working from home, and mass participation events (including parkrun) unable to go ahead for the foreseeable future.

On hearing the news from parkrun HQ that all parkruns are suspended until at least the end of May, and from the City of Redmond that all group activities are suspended until 20th June, we pondered the idea of starting a Perrigo virtual parkrun. A quick Google search led us to Melton Mowbray parkrun in the UK, and Event Director, Shane Sharkey (possibly the best name I've ever come across!). Shane provided invaluable advice and guidance, and now here we are - Perrigo's first ever virtual parkrun!

The premise is that we all go out on Saturday and run our usual 5k - the only difference being that we do not run it all together, at the exact same start time, or even on the same course! We will simply keep our parkrun momentum going by sharing our runs, and I will collate all the results in a simple spreadsheet each week.

This task is not quite as quick and easy as our regular results processing - there is obviously no centrally used timing device that updates immediately to Microsoft Excel, and no barcode scanning means that individuals need to be individually entered. Additionally, not everyone ran exactly 5k / 3.1 miles, so some calculations were required.

Where people ran approximately over 5k, I have calculated their 5k time using their average pace over the entire run. This should hopefully make the results comparable if not perfect.
However, in future, I will only do this for people who have run more than 6k. If your run / walk / jog is "approximately" 5k, I'll just take your time directly from your uploaded Strava/Garmin screenshots.

Please be mindful that this does not count as an accredited parkrun - you do not get run or volunteer credits - it is just for fun. If you choose to run your 5k at our usual Perrigo route, you can record your time as a Freedom run on your own parkrun profile page.

Results can be found below, and here!

    - 35 of you took part in your local neighborhoods and parks.

    - Max Jenson took first place, in the fastest time of 18:52 (with Dan Metteer hot on his heels, in 18:56). These are the times to beat!

    - Joanna David, a parkrun tourist from Melton Mowbray, set the female virtual course record, in 25:07.

Thank you all so much for making this event what it is. It truly is keeping the spirit of parkrun going during these strange and difficult times, and hopefully giving us a fun way to keep in touch.

Look after yourselves, and your families. We will return.


1 Max JENSEN 18:52:00
2 Dan METTEER 18:56:00
3 Richard BURGESS 21:29:00
4 Ian SHIACH 23:50:00
5 Todd KING 24:30:00
6 Colin PHILLIPS 24:36:00
7 John HOEGGER 25:07:00
8 Joanna DAVIS 25:07:00
9 Kelly LYON-KING 26:00:00
10 Michael SCHIACH 27:22:00
11 Mike SCALLON 27:37:00
12 Mary BLAKE BAUCHER 27:42:00
13 Zena HOEGGER 29:01:00
14 Carys GWATKIN 29:02:00
15 Zoe MUGGESON HEATH 30:28:00
16 Carlos FIGUEIRA 30:33:00
17 Lynn PERSSE 30:42:00
18 Shane SHARKEY 31:25:00
19 Dean FABER 32:42:00
20 Colin ASHBY 34:53:00
21 Gayle KEENAN 35:11:00
22 Joel WALTERS 35:42:00
23 Shubha SUNDARAM 37:09:00
24 Kerstin PEPPER 37:16:00
25 Evie PEPPER 37:16:00
26 Chris DREWER 39:38:00
27 Kate DREWER 39:41:00
28 Fred MCKINLAY 43:04:00
29 Louise MCKINLAY 43:08:00
30 Abby RUELAS 43:49:00
31 Molly JENSEN 50:20:00
32 Erik SCHNEIDER 1:00:30:00
33 Lars SCHNEIDER 1:00:30:00
34 Melani MCGRATH 1:16:07:00
35 Bill SCHWABENLAND 1:21:52:00