Run Report – Perrigo parkrun #24: 23rd November 2019

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

We had a wonderful turnout for this morning's chilly parkrun, with 54 parkrunners braving the cold to come along and run / walk with friends and family!



Plenty to Celebrate

We had lots of reasons to celebrate this morning, aside from the biggest turnout we've had since the summer!

    Dean Faber, our dedicated and parkrun-passionate core team member, mentioned that he's not really that excited by birthdays any more. Well, we obviously couldn't let THAT one slide by. Cake, balloons, party hats and a birthday banner all helped us to mark the big occasion! Happy Birthday, Dean - I'm afraid that keeping it quiet was just not an option.



    We also welcomed FIFTEEN first timers this week. We're so excited to see how our parkrun community just continues to grow and grow. We now have almost 440 registered Perrigo parkrunners, and have high hopes that we'll continue to see attendance increase as the weeks go by. Thank you to all of you who share your love of parkrun on social media, or just through word of mouth - we really appreciate it.

    Ann Reinhart was one of our many first timers this morning.

    Ann Reinhart was one of our many first timers this morning.

    Twelve parkrunners achieved new PBs this week. Many congratulations to Lars Scheider, Jeremy Salerno, Dean Faber, Aditya Shrivastava, Kelly Lyon-King, Tadek Dul, Perry Rodgers, Christopher Thorburn, Sidhanth and Kannan Srinivasan, Caroline Exner, and Alan Morris! Amazing work, everyone, particularly on cold legs. Clearly the lure of cake at the finish line was hard to resist...









Fastest Finishers

It was a fiercely competitive race to the finish for our top three males this week, with all three finishing within 4 seconds of each other!

    In first place, in an incredible 21:05, junior parkrunner, Lars Schneider (JM11-14) achieved another PB, putting him well on track to meet his goal of a sub-20 minute 5k!


    Mere milliseconds behind Lars, our visitor from the UK, James Piggott, finished second, in 21:05. Amazingly, this matches his previous PB, obtained at his most recent parkrun, Teignmouth Promenade parkrun, back in August.


    In third place, taking 11 seconds off his previous fastest time, Jeremy Salerno raced to the finish in 21:09.


Our fastest females were not far behind at all.

    First to finish was Allison Prather, in 26:12. A first timer at Perrigo, Allison is no stranger to parkrun, having previously been a regular over at Oak Grove parkrun in Kentucky. We're delighted that she has now moved to Redmond, and hope to see her among our group of regulars each week!


    Next to pass through the finish bollards was Kelly Lyon-King. Another PB for Kelly, finishing in 27:07. Congratulations, Kelly!


    Right behind Kelly, Lillian Bowler finished in an impressive 28:06 - I don't think I saw her without a smile on her face all morning! We love having your sunny self at Perrigo each week, Lillian.


A Few Fun Facts

Kelly Lyon-King was the only person with more than 10 parkruns under her belt (14 in total) to achieve a PB this week.

First timer and visitor from the UK, Ruth Bader, set a new age group record for Perrigo, in the Women's 70-74 yr bracket. This now means that three of our fastest all time finishers are Brits. No pressure, Redmond...


Perrigo's event v-Index has increased to 8, which means that at least 8 parkrunners have
volunteered here at least 8 times.

Rebecca Bader finished in 24th position at Perrigo's 24th event.


Niamh Carrig ran for the 10th time at Perrigo (11 in the USA; 13 worldwide).


John Hoegger ran for the 10th time in the USA (8 at Perrigo; 10 worldwide).


Zena Hoegger ran for the 10th time at Perrigo (12 in the USA; 12 worldwide).


Riley Walden (with Max for company) was the 400th different finisher at Perrigo.


Once again, a great time was had by all. Thanks, as always, to our wonderful volunteers, who are the only reason that parkrun keeps ticking along each week!




    - If you haven't yet volunteered at Perrigo, take a quick look at the future roster (, and let us know if you see a date and/or a role that you'd like to try. Email if you can help, any time. Thank you so much!

    - Please don't forget your PRINTED barcode. It is important that all events around the globe abide by the rule to ensure consistency. That way, every parkrunner knows what to expect at any parkrun around the world, and the expectations on run directors and volunteer teams are the same.

    Laminating several copies of your barcode (packing tape works beautifully) and stashing them in your car, your wallet, your running shoes, etc. will ensure that you're never without your barcode when you need it. You can also order plastic keychain tags, bracelets, etc. with your parkrun barcode (and ICE) here:

    Thank you for understanding!

    - Don't forget, we have our super fun, FREE Turkey Trot coming up this Thursday 28th November, at 9am. Tell your friends, your family, your on social media, sing from the rooftops - the more the merrier, we'd LOVE to make it a really great parkrun pre-turkey celebration!!


See you on THURSDAY, parkrunners!! Wrap up warm, it's going to be freeeeeezing cold (but beautifully sunny - a gorgeous winter's day).