Run Report – Perrigo parkrun #21: 2nd November 2019

by Kelly Lyon-King - Run Director

We are so proud of our parkrunners and volunteers this morning, and even those who were out at the Lake Washington Half Marathon this morning. We missed you Kerstin, Dean, Andy and whoever else was out there. And by the way - Kerstin, Mary and Dean, you all make this Run Director gig look easy!

We were in the coldest blob on the planet here at Perrigo parkrun. That’s right, you all got up and got out even though it was warmer at the poles than it was here in the pacific northwest!


What dedication and commitment to getting up and getting moving every Saturday morning. And thank you Perrigo community for not slipping on those icy leaves that beautifully decorate our run! As those leaves drop from the trees to help light the path as the daylight continues to diminish, people in these northern climates tend to hunker down in some form of hibernation. I can see why all those parkruns over in the U.K. and other northern cities are so popular. They get you out and moving, saying "Hi!" to friends, and smiling at familiar faces. Whether it’s rain, or just cold, it’s wonderful having everyone come out to join in this community event. And while that frost on the grass may have made some feet wet, it was quite stunning!


What a beautiful day to welcome our First Timers: Hoke; Linda; Sidhanth and Kannan; Aditya and Andrea; and Song.

Song Hong was actually visiting from her home park run up in Vancouver. We really hope she can join us frequently down here at Perrigo - do come visit again, Song!


First Timer, Andrea, also had the distinction of being the first female park runner across the finish line. Go Andrea!


We loved that competitive spirit between Kannan and Sidhanth at their first Perrigo event!


We also welcomed first timer Linda Burt, as she smiled working hard right up to that finish line. We look forward to seeing you next time!


A special thanks to all the volunteers who stepped up at the last moment and rescued our frigid parkrun morning: Kelly Lyon-King (Run Director), Gayatri Teegavarau (Timekeeper), Melani McGrath (Timekeeper), Lee Nathan (Photographer), Gavin Young (Marshal), Mary Blake (Barcode Scanning), Niamh Carrig (Tail Walker), Kim McKeone (Finish Tokens), and Gabby Drewer (Token Support).


Reaching Double Digits

We now have 9 Perrigo parkrunners that have reached double digits for attendance at our home run. Two of those reached that milestone this weekend!

Alex Agranov ran for the 10th time worldwide (all at Perrigo).


Chris Drewer ran for the 10th time at Perrigo (10 in the USA; 15 worldwide).


Notably, Lizzie Lee ran for the 10th time in the USA (6 at Perrigo; 20 worldwide).

Fun Facts

Sidhanth Srinivasan finished in 21st position at Perrigo's 21st event.

Elliott Gaskins with his faithful companion increased his USA p-index to 2, by finishing at Perrigo for the 2nd time.


And Melani McGrath has now volunteered more times (19) at Perrigo than elsewhere in the USA (18).


Kelly Lyon-King was the 200th volunteer at Perrigo!

Gavin Young volunteered for the 10th time in the USA (6 at Perrigo).

And finally...

Whether you are here to run your heart out or enjoy a morning stroll, we are glad that you came and are part of our PP community!



Even the Perrigo pups come to make new friends!!! See you next week with much warmer weather and perhaps rain gear instead of snow.


Please do spread the word, invite your friends and family along to try us out, and share and share and share again on social media. Perrigo needs another 28 runners or walkers to reach 1,000 total finishers. So tell your friends and welcome them to our parkrun community!

Contact Kerstin Pepper on Facebook or at if you would like some flyers to hand out - we just ordered another several hundred, so there are plenty to go around!