Perrigo NEWS – relaunch 3rd July 2021

Hi parkrunners!

We hope you are well, and managing to stay cool during this very warm week!

After SIXTY NINE weeks away from our beloved red barn, we are thrilled to announce that Perrigo parkrun is finally ready to relaunch this Saturday, 3rd July 2021.


We have a full volunteer roster already, so all you have to do is find (or reprint) your barcode, dig out your running shoes, and bring your fine self back to Perrigo Park in time for a 9am start on Saturday morning. As always, we'll have a run brief shortly before we wave you all on your merry 5k way!

Because it is Independence Day weekend, we'd also love to see a sea of red, white and blue out on the trails (and in our photo roundup) - it wouldn't be parkrun without a theme, right?

We have missed you all SO much over the past 17 months, and just can't wait to get back to our happy place again!

See you on Saturday. Bring your friends and family, and if you have not been vaccinated, please also bring your mask.

See you SOON!!!!

Best wishes


Event Director: Perrigo parkrun


"No printed barcode, no time, no exceptions" is parkrun's official policy.


*Your printed barcode includes your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact info. We and first responders need that information readily available.

*Printed barcodes scan most reliably. Phones do not (plus it takes more time to pull up a barcode on a phone than it does to produce your printed barcode, keeping the finish funnel running smoothly).

*It is time consuming for run directors to add people in to the results system manually, especially for larger events. It also slows down the finish funnel. Don't worry, if your printed barcode doesn't scan for some reason, we'll add you.

It is important that all events around the globe abide by the rule to ensure consistency. That way, every parkrunner knows what to expect at any parkrun around the world, and the expectations on run directors and volunteer teams are the same.

Laminating several copies of your barcode (packing tape works beautifully) and stashing them in your car, your wallet, your running shoes, etc. will ensure that you're never without your barcode when you need it. You can also order plastic keychain tags, bracelets, etc. with your parkrun barcode (and ICE) here:

Thank you for understanding!!

The usual reminders:

Have you "liked" our Facebook page? We post a lot of news there, so following it is the best way to stay up to date. You do not have to have a Facebook account of your own to access our public page. We also share our photos from every event. Feel free to tag, share and save any photos of yourself.


We look forward to seeing you (and all your friends & acquaintances!) on Saturday morning. It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day!


Perrigo #notaparkrun Number 37: 2nd January 2021

Hello 2021 (and Good Riddance, 2020)!

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

Well, it was wet and windy, it was cold, it was even snowy in some spots. But at least it was no longer 2020! Can you believe it's been 314 days since we last got together at Perrigo Park? I can't tell you how much we're hoping for a better year ahead, and a chance to gather at the red barn once more.

Well done to all 28 of you who braved the atrocious weather on Saturday, and got your first #notaparkrun of 2021 in the books. We welcomed two first timers, and celebrated one very speedy PB:

First Timers

A very warm welcome to

    Scott Wisiniewski - not only his first time at Perrigo's virtual parkrun, but coming in at 8th place, in a very respectable 23:40!

    Eric Lynn - getting a good run in with his furry running partner around Juanita Bay, Eric finished in 41:31 at his first #notaparkrun. Look forward to seeing more of you, Eric!

Personal Best

    Yet another PB from our own Jordan Elder, finishing his 5k in 22:10. That's an amazing 7:09 minutes / mile - wow! For reference, Jordan's first #notaparkrun was completed in 36:53, meaning he has taken a whopping 14 minutes and 43 seconds off his 5k time in just 8 months. Incredible - many congratulations, Jordan!


Special mention must also go to Steve Dancy of Livonia parkrun. Steve achieved a Golden Groundhog this week - that means he achieved the exact same time and finish position on consecutive weeks! Ready to go for the triple this week, Steve?


We have now had a total of 116 individuals complete one or more #notaparkruns over the past 37 weeks - amazing! Imagine if that number of people turned up for our Comeback Party (you know I'm planning...for whenever it might happen!), and brought a friend. What a celebration that could be!

2020 Accomplishments / 2021 Goals

Thanks to everyone who watched the run brief, and decided to share their goals and accomplishments with us. 2020 clearly wasn't all THAT bad for some of you (as evidenced above!), and we love to hear positive stories and your goals for 2021.

    Zach Fung inspired us with his amazing accomplishment of running 368 days in a row (as of Jan 2nd), running at least 2 miles a day...totally 2,800 miles in 2020!

    This does not mean taking no rest days. In fact quite the opposite. Doing some running on an off day no matter how slow not only counts for mileage, but also counts for rest recovery for fitness and well being. You may find after getting into this habit for a while your PBs may be easier to come by too


Perrigo #notaparkrun Number 33: 5th December 2020

December!! How did that happen?

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

frosty barn

Hi friends. How on earth did we make it to December already? It's now been almost 41 weeks since we last saw you all, as we approach our 34th virtual parkrun! Crazy! Whilst we miss you dreadfully (as I may have mentioned once or twice in my run briefs), I'm so glad we still have this opportunity to catch up each week. It's great to see your pictures, your amazing running achievements, and your encouragement of each other!

Let's keep this ball rolling, and maybe encourage your friends and family (no matter where in the world they may be!) to join us. The more the merrier - there is no better time to focus on our health and fitness, and (more importantly) to have a chance to check in with fellow humans outside of our restricted "bubble"!

I don't know about you, but I love seeing where you all are each week. Whether it's John and Zena Hoegger, rocking their disgusting Hawaii tans (!!), or Joanna Davis making my heart long for the homeland, with her beautiful English village scenes!


Joanna UK

I must also give a shout out to our own dedicated Canadian, Dean Faber - not only does he show up to Perrigo every Saturday morning ("just in case anyone is there to say hello to"), but he also sends me some great photos of our home-from-home, and is kind enough to help me out with the results each week. Thanks Dean - what would we do without you?

This week, Dean captured great photos of Kevin Sorensen speeding across the (virtual) finish line into 3rd place, and Gayle Keenan running around the track on her 30th #notaparkrun.



The Lowdown

Well done to all 28 of you who got out there, despite the chill, and got your 5k done! We saw two PBs this week, appropriately enough in 1st and 2nd place on our results table:

    Cole Wisniewski crossed the line in a super speedy 21:07 at only his 3rd #notaparkrun. That's an incredible pace of 6:48 min / mile! The competition between the Livonia parkrun gang was clearly fierce, because Cole was closely followed by....

    Steve Dancy - finishing his 30th #notaparkrun in an equally impressive 21:39 (6:58 min / mile pace), Steve has set the bar pretty high for us all in 2021!! Well done you guys, we love seeing your fun posts each week!

Photo Roundup

As always, thank you for sending in your selfies and scenic snaps - they truly are a joy!
Here are a few of your inspirational pics:

Happy birthday, Zoe Muggeson Heath!!! Thanks for sharing your special day with us - love love love the lippy!!

Zoe birthday

Congrats on upping your distance this week, Jordan Elder. You are getting faster and stronger every day, we love seeing your progress!


I feel like Abby Reulas almost needs a blog post of her own. How many miles have you run this year now, Abby? A quick Strava check reveals 2,197 miles - that's an average of 6.35 miles EVERY SINGLE DAY of 2020. Can you imagine having the motivation to run more than a 10k every day, of this car crash of a year? There's our baseline for 2021. Gulp....


Happy trails everyone. Stay in touch, stay well, stay distant. See you all again on Saturday!


All the best,


Results are here:!As6KUHoY-sr5yHs55WAy9jkEPv0C?e=8VEZkN

And here:

Position Name Time
1 Cole WISNIEWSKI 21:07
2 Steve DANCY 21:39
3 Kevin SORENSEN 22:24
4 Dave TYL 23:04
5 Jordan ELDER 23:26
6 Joanna DAVIS 23:55
7 Kurt WILSON 24:23
8 Mike WILLIAMS 24:40
9 Abby RUELAS 24:42
10 Christopher CULLEN 25:10
11 Danielle RUIZ 25:37
12 Dean FABER 25:57
13 Kay STARR 27:07
14 Tim GALLAGHER 27:37
15 John HOEGGER 29:25
16 Zena HOEGGER 29:34
17 Michael SHIACH 29:35
18 Tadek DUL 30:29
19 Aimee ASHLEY 30:58
20 Gayle KEENAN 31:04
21 Bill SCHWABENLAND 32:40
22 Alicia LUNA 35:57
23 Kerstin PEPPER 46:05
24 Drea LYON 46:08
26 Lynn PERSSE 65:00
27 Amy CRANDALL 67:38
28 Melani MCGRATH 74:14


Perrigo #notaparkrun Number 30: 14th November 2020

The One Where We Finally Wrote a Run Report


Firstly, I must apologise for the dearth of run reports lately. I have absolutely no excuse, other than a growing degree of apathy and far too much time spent "doom-scrolling"...or sitting on my children's bedroom floors, imploring them to PLEASE sit through just one more Teams class!

For anyone else in our wonderful community who is feeling a little jaded, deflated, or "can't be bothered"ed....we hear you! Always remember that parkrun is a family, and we are here for you. Send us your rants, your vents, your OMGs....and we will, in turn, send you our warmest elbow bumps and air high fives!

And without further ado....the results are in!! Many congrats (and happy Diwali to all our Indian friends!) to the 30 #notparkrunners who took part in our 30th #notaparkrun on November 14th. How serendipitous! Well done, you guys - we are so very proud of you all for showing up each week!

We had one PB this week:

Jordan Elder - can we just pause and have a round of applause for Jordan at this point? In 28 short weeks (he was 2 weeks late to the #notaparkrun party), Jordan has progressed from a 36:53 5k (that's an 11:54 min/mile pace) to an incredible 22:27 (7:15 min/mile pace). Jordan has stoically shown up for 25 our of our 30 virtual parkruns, and the results speak for themselves. Absolutely amazing - we doff our hats to you!


With that being said, I would also like to acknowledge all our amazing dedicated souls who have been with us from the beginning, and shown up week in, week out, to all 30 #notaparkruns. Massive kudos and gratitude to you, for your unwavering support and encouragement!

    Joanna Davis - Jo joined us from Melton Mowbray parkrun, after our (literally) 5 seconds of fame in their awesome BBC news segment. Like Jordan, Jo just seems to get faster and faster each week - she has gone from an already impressive 25:07 5k (08:06 min/mile) to a PB of 22:42 (07:19 min/mile). We are in awe!

    Dean Faber - part of our core team, and a master of chalked encouragements, Dean has stuck with parkrun through thick and thin! We are so grateful to him for his unwavering support, his Canadian handiness, and his endless optimism (though he refers to himself as a grumpy old man, nothing could be further from the truth!).

    Zena Hoegger - Oh, Zena, what can we say? If ever you need a supportive friend, Zena is your gal! Always the first to show up in costume (whether it's a themed parkrun day or not!), with her wonderful family in tow, and the most disgustingly positive attitude you'll ever be lucky enough to meet...we are so grateful to have you (and your sister!) as part of our parkrun / #notaparkrun family!


    Lynn Perrse - hot on the heels of Zena, comes her equally amazing sister, Lynn. Based in Long Eaton, UK, Lynn not only runs 5k with us each week, but she even shows up for the run brief! Thanks so much for all your support Lynn - we can't wait until these dark days are over, and we can welcome you back to Perrigo in person! Also...more selfies please, Lynn!

    Zoe Muggeson Heath - good friends and running buddy with Lynn (see the pattern here? I told you parkrun was an amazing community!), Zoe has also shown awesome dedication to our #notaparkrun from afar! It's been so great getting to know you, Zoe - we look forward to the day we can welcome you to the red barn in real life!

Photo Roundup

Thank you so much to all of you who continue to send in your selfies and scenic shots. In these strange socially distanced days, it's the best way we have of keeping up with your lives and your smiling faces - we really appreciate it!





Until next time...stay safe, stay distanced, and pull on those masks. We will get through this, together!

Adios, amigos.


Results are here:!As6KUHoY-sr5yA3DBMHLAYuh5H9d?e=NpvBMb

And here:

Position Name Time
1 Zach FUNG 18:32
2 Steve WOONTON 19:08
3 Dan METTEER 19:49
4 Jordan ELDER 22:27
5 John HOEGGER 22:31
6 Joanna DAVIS 23:22
7 Christopher CULLEN 24:17
8 Kurt WILSON 24:21
9 Steve DANCY 25:14
10 Emily BERRIMAN 25:14
11 Dave TYL 25:50
12 Scott MAXWELL 25:50
13 Abby RUELAS 26:05
14 Dean FABER 27:43
15 Kerstin PEPPER 27:58
16 Jim POLLOCK 28:00
17 Tim GALLAGHER 28:30
18 Kay STARR 28:30
19 Zena HOEGGER 28:45
20 Craig ASHLEY 29:33
21 Aimee ASHLEY 29:33
22 Michael SHIACH 30:03
23 Lynn PERSSE 30:55
24 Gayle KEENAN 31:13
25 Tadek DUL 35:40
26 Bill SCHWABENLAND 35:40
27 Alicia LUNA 35:57
29 Melani MCGRATH 77:50
30 Kelly LYON-KING 80:40


Run Report: Virtual parkrun #18 – 22nd August 2020

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

My gosh, can you believe it's now been 25 weeks since we had our last "real" parkrun? At the time, I remember we thought we'd be on pause for a couple of weeks...and now look at us, with no end in sight?

I know it's hard to stay motivated, particularly as the weather cools down and many of us find ourselves busy again with work, homeschooling and a return to reality after the long summer. But remember - we are still here for you, every Saturday morning at 9am. If you're struggling to get out there and put in the miles, I recommend finding a running buddy. Not a big group, but one person that maybe you've been seeing a fair amount of over the last few months anyway. I don't know about you, but I do find that the fear of letting someone else down far outweighs my desire to sit on the couch eating chips. Just. :)


Kudos to the 29 of you who ran/walked/jogged your 5k on Saturday - not only did we welcome a new first timer, we also celebrated another 7 impressive PBs!

First Timers

We'd like to extend a very warm welcome to first timer, Craig Ashley. Dad and Husband to our regulars, Ryan and Aimee, it's great to see the Ashley contingent of #notaparkrun growing! Craig finished in a very impressive 25:45, so he has already set the bar high for those future PRs. We'll look forward to seeing more of you (and your selfies!) in the coming weeks, Craig!

Personal Bests

Congratulations to the following seven #notparkrunners who achieved impressive PBs this week:

Danielle Ruiz - no stranger to parkrun, Danielle gets faster each week. She beat last week's best by 8 seconds, to finish in 24:56 this week, her 10th #notaparkrun. Nice work!


Jordan Elder - another #notaparkrun regular, Jordan knocked a whopping 1:21 off his previous PB, at his 14th virtual event, to finish in 25:12. Excellent job, Jordan!


Abby Ruelas - hailing from Renton parkrun, Abby has dedicated her entire summer to running, and it shows! Yet another PB at her 16th #notaparkrun, Abby knocked an impressive 1:09 off her previous time, finishing in 26:27. Congratulations, Abby - your new go-faster shoes are clearly working!


Wendy Grinols-Sweeney - another Rentonite (is that a word? It is now!) and Abby's faithful running buddy (see? Everybody needs one!), Wendy took 13 seconds off her PB, finishing in 26:58 at her 10th #notaparkrun. Great job!


Belinda Blackburn - a Tasmania native, Belinda has set a new PB at every #notaparkrun she has completed! This week, she knocked a very respectable 40 seconds off, finishing in 29:15. Great result - all we need now is a matching selfie.

Elliott Gaskins - another Perrigo parkrun regular, but only his second #notaparkrun, Elliott took an amazing 7:12 off his previous time. If only we had a photo, we'd know your secret - instead, we'll just have to assume that Rocky had something to do with it (yes, friends - running buddies can be 4-legged, too!).

Bill Schwabenland - last, but most definitely not least, Bill achieved a PB for the 2nd week in a row (at his 15th #notaparkrun), finishing 54 seconds faster than last week, in 32:00. I'm not one to make wild assertions, but I'm going to go ahead and suggest that maybe a certain wild beast on the trail had something to do with putting a spring in Bill's step!
Bill bear

Nerd Alert!

It's OK, he called himself the nerd, so it's fine for me to say the same about our speed demon, Dan Metteer. He tells us that he has been working on a 5k predictor formula. I won't pretend to understand it, but wouldn't it be cool to use to figure out your future race or parkrun times? Maybe once he's ironed out any kinks, Dan might be kind enough to share his genius with the rest of us!

"I was about 50 seconds off of my PB. In the two weeks leading up to that PB I ran about 50 more miles than I did in the past two weeks. Other factors certainly apply, but it is interesting how close this formula holds up!"

Dan nerd

Photo Roundup

In the absence of any other news to share, I thought I'd finish with our weekly photo roundup. Thanks so much to everyone who shared either selfies or beautiful photos of your local running spot. Joanna Davis's English countryside has me checking BA flight prices, and Simon Faber's amazing background is just giving me one more reason to want to move to Canada!

Zoe Tikiboos


Melani connector trail




Joanna hay


Amy Edison


And Finally...

Thank you again to everyone who took part this week. Next week marks exactly half a year since we celebrated our last parkrun, on Leap Day no less! We are so grateful for this community, and the support you all offer us and each other. There is no more important thing right now than our relationships with friends and family, and I'm so very proud of our dedicated parkrun family for keeping all our spirits high.

Don't forget to let me know if you fancy a spot as Run Director one week!

Until the 29th.... toodle-oo!!



Results are here:!As6KUHoY-sr5xxh5dVsIwiHKCARd?e=gXSosV

And here:

Position Name Time
1 Dan METTEER 19:27
2 Daniel SWART 22:08
3 Joanna DAVIS 23:15
4 Zach FUNG 23:28
5 Danielle RUIZ 24:48
6 Jordan ELDER 25:12
7 Craig ASHLEY 25:45
8 Abby RUELAS 26:27
10 Steve DANCY 27:07
11 Michael SHIACH 28:02
12 Zena HOEGGER 29:04
13 Belinda BLACKBURN 29:15
14 Simon FABER 30:00
15 Aimee ASHLEY 30:12
16 Elliott GASKINS 30:33
17 Gayle KEENAN 30:54
18 Tadek DUL 31:37
19 Bill SCHWABENLAND 32:00
20 Lynn PERSSE 32:53
21 Dean FABER 34:32
22 Bushra BAJWA 34:39
23 Mike WILLIAMS 35:09
25 Amanda NATHAN 36:58
26 Kelly LYON-KING 59:36
27 Allison PRATHER 62:14
29 Amy CRANDALL 63:05
29 Melani MCGRATH 70:29

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