Perrigo parkrun is cancelled on 11 July 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Run Report: Virtual parkrun #10 – 27th June 2020

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

Can you believe we are in double digits already? Doesn't our barn look sad? 2020 has been a funny old year, to say the least, but I'm so glad that you continue to show up every week. Hopefully when we finally get back together, we all won't be too creaky!

At our 10th #notaparkrun, we had 34 fabulous parkrunners taking part. Of those, we saw 7 PBs, welcomed 2 First Timers, and a whopping 7 of you have now shown up every single week since we started this strange virtual business!

Let's celebrate each of you:

Personal Bests

Congratulations this week go to:

    Carlos Figueira - 26:35
    Abby Ruelas - 27:36 (for her fastest ever 5k!)
    Helen Smith - 28:03
    Jordan Elder - 29:34
    Belinda Blackburn - 29:55
    Gayle Keenan - 31:51
    Amanda Nathan - 37:38



First Timers

Both of our first timers this week were the supportive offspring of our seasoned veterans!
A very warm #notaparkrun welcome to Katie Metteer (daughter of Speedy Dan) and Caitlyn Keenan (pushing Mom Gayle to a PB this week!)


Our Trusty Regulars

Our reliable few, who have shown up week after week, whatever the weather (and let's face it, 8 out of the last 10 Saturdays have been pretty darned wet and gloomy!) cannot go unmentioned! Huge kudos to the following #notparkrunners who have completed 10/10 virtual Perrigo parkruns:

    Joanna Davis - of Melton Mowbray fame. We're so going to miss her when she goes back to "normal parkrun".
    Michael Shiach - who gets up at the break of dawn to beat the Arizona heat each week.
    Zena Hoegger - who not only ran despite it being daughter Lynzee's 21st birthday, but she also baked a mean Bakewell tart, making all our mouths water. Guess who's on baking duty for our big return party? Forewarned is forearmed, Zena!
    Dean Faber - part of our core team, and a whizz with the chalk. We love our friendly, ever supportive Canadian!
    Lynn Persse - Zena's faithful sister. This week should have been her 100th parkrun, and yet she remains frustratingly stuck at 86, despite running every single week. We feel for you, Lynn - you'll get there!!
    Bill Schwabenland - of Eastside Runners fame, Bill not only runs or walks a #notaparkrun each week, but he often pops out again, once or twice on the same day. Just for kicks. And to make the rest of us look bad. Well done Bill - your dedication to your health and fitness is truly inspiring!






And Finally...

Thank you so much to all of you who shared photos this week: Michael with his glorious Arizona sunrise photos; Dan with his ever-smiling selfie; Aimee and Ryan for always getting it done together; Mike Williams's gorgeous photo of part of the Melton Mowbray parkrun course; and Nina for her Bridle Trails snap! I know I say it every week, but I really do love seeing what you are all up to during our little hiatus!
smiling Dan

Nina Bridle Trails

MikeWilliams endofMelton



Michael Sunrise

Michael Arizona


Some additional things to mention before the next #notaparkrun:

    Masks are mandatory indoors and outdoors if you are unable to easily maintain a 6 foot distance from fellow park / trail users. Allison and I both wore a buff around our necks last week, which we pulled up over our nose and mouth whenever we saw another person coming towards us. This works well, and isn't at all disruptive to your run!

    Our 11th #notaparkrun falls on July 4th. You KNOW how disappointed I am that we can't all celebrate together, Perrigo style! So...don't let me down folks! I want to see a sea of red, white and blue attire in your selfies, please!!! That's a lot of exclamation marks, for good reason!

    Don't forget to support our friends at Cypress Coffee. They are open every day, the tables indoors and outside are all spaced well apart, and they have markings on the floor to keep everyone distant. All staff are wearing masks (and after Tuesday, you will be required to as well, per Gov Inslee's directive). Let's support this local business, so we can ensure they are still there for us when we finally get a "go" green light.


More importantly, please stay safe, stay healthy, and stay in touch.

Elbow bumps and air hugs to you all.



Results are here:!As6KUHoY-sr5xhsNTgLoC8y48FG5?e=1acxcs

Position Name Time
1 Dan METTEER 19:49
2 Daniel SWART 22:46
3 John HOEGGER 22:49
4 Joanna DAVIS 23:41
5 Mike WILLIAMS 25:13
6 Kurt WILSON 25:17
7 Christopher CULLEN 26:01
8 Carlos FIGUEIRA 26:35
9 Abby RUELAS 27:36
10 Helen SMITH 28:03
11 Steve DANCY 28:07
12 Max JENSEN 28:22
13 Michael SHIACH 28:29
14 Zena HOEGGER 28:56
15 Jordan ELDER 29:34
16 Belinda BLACKBURN 29:55
18 Ryan ASHLEY 30:45
19 Aimee ASHLEY 31:16
20 Katie METTEER 31:36
21 Chris DREWER 31:37
22 Kate DREWER 31:37
23 Caitlyn KEENAN 31:51
24 Gayle KEENAN 31:51
25 Dean FABER 31:56
26 Lynn PERSSE 32:53
27 Jolanta THORBURN 33:20
28 Nina TANG 36:22
29 Amanda NATHAN 37:38
30 Bill SCHWABENLAND 40:16
31 Wendy GRINOLS-SWEENEY 45:00
32 Allison PRATHER 53:57
33 Kerstin PEPPER 54:18
34 Kelly LYON-KING 89:42


Run Report: Virtual parkrun #9 – 20th June 2020

Birthday parkrun
by Kerstin Pepper: Event Director


You may or may not have realized this (!!), but Saturday's parkrun was our first BIRTHDAY parkrun!!
Whilst it wasn't the celebration we would have hoped for, we still found ways to mark the occasion. I traveled back from Winthrop so that we could finally have the run brief in front of our beloved red barn again. And of course, you knew we would never be able to resist a bouquet of balloons!




Our wonderful Perrigo parkrun elves were at it again (ahem, Dean Faber, ahem!), showing off some artistic flair on the trail:




And the Hoegger family (including poor Lynzee, fresh off the plane from Hawaii, and surviving on 24 hours without any sleep) REALLY showed up! Thank you, Zena, John, Chloe, Lynzee and Andrey, you guys are awesome!




processed (2)

It was also really great to see Aimee and Ryan Ashley (in person, at last!), who not only ran a great time on this rainy Saturday, but kindly brought along a sweet sign for us:


I love our parkrun family - thank you everyone for helping us to make the most of this very unusual situation!

Back to the Important Stuff

This week, at our 9th #notaparkrun, we had a record 40 participants!

A very warm Perrigo welcome to our six First Timers:

    Helen Smith - all the way from Sammamish WA. So glad you were able to recover from your ailments, and join us!
    Neil Witherow - going by the pseudonym "fatbarsteward"...that took some decoding!! Not a first timer to Perrigo, but very fitting that Neil should join our birthday celebration, as he and wife Sue Witherow were there for our launch in 2019! Thanks to both of you for "dialing in", all the way from Croydon, UK! Neil is just 7 runs short of his 250 shirt - he must be almost as frustrated as our Kenny!
    Yen Chi Le - joining us from Beaverton, Oregon.
    Andrey Risukhin - also known as Chloe Hoegger's other half. Not a stranger to Perrigo parkrun, with 8 events under his belt, but this was his first #notaparkrun. Hope to "see" you again, Andrey!
    Lynzee Hoegger - whose family arose at the crack of dawn to drive to the airport, collect her from her Hawaii flight, and headed straight to Perrigo Park to help us celebrate. In the rain. Outstanding! And just a little bit bonkers.



We also saw six of you celebrating Personal Bests this week:

    John Hoegger - working hard on his cadence recently, having been known for his gazelle style of running. It seems to be paying off - well done, John!
    Kevin Sorensen - a PB of 21:52 for his third #notaparkrun.
    Joanna Davis - our Melton Mowbray tourist has achieved a PB every single week. Lockdown clearly agrees with you, Joanna (or, not being stuck with the school run, and ferrying teenagers around all their activities)!
    Simon Faber - another runner who seems to get better and better each week. Thanks for joining us again from Kelowna, Canada, Simon!
    Belinda Blackburn - joining us from Tasmania, Australia, and once again making us green with envy with her beautiful photos. Congrats on a PB for your second #notaparkrun, Belinda!
    Molly Jensen - not only achieved a PB at her third virtual parkrun, but braved all the snakes on the trail to get there. Actually, maybe it was the snakes that put the spring in her step this week! Shudder...




And I can't let another Groundhog go unmentioned! Congrats Dan Metteer on your second Groundhog in 9 short weeks. 18:58 was the time this week and last.


Thank you to all of you who continue to show up every week, to help keep our wonderful community thriving. We love seeing your fabulous photos.

processed (3)







And finally...

Although we have now moved into Phase 2 in King County, the resultant relaxing of social distancing rules and lockdowns means that our vigilance is more important than ever. WA State is now under a mandatory face mask order, as of today - Friday 26th June. So, if you find yourself running in a park or a trail where it is hard to avoid other people, please do cover your face. I know it's not the most comfortable thing, running in a mask, but it is the responsible thing. The more responsible we all are, the sooner we can get back to our high fives and whoop whoops!!

wville distance


We miss you, we love you all, and we will get through this together.

Take care,



Position Name Time
1 Dan METTEER 18:58
2 Max JENSEN 19:18
3 John HOEGGER 21:26
4 Kevin SORENSEN 21:52
5 Joanna DAVIS 23:18
6 Christopher CULLEN 23:52
7 Steve DANCY 26:25
8 Ryan ASHLEY 27:02
9 Mike WILLIAMS 27:35
10 Dean FABER 28:11
11 Aimee ASHLEY 28:16
12 Michael SHIACH 28:34
13 Kelly LYON-KING 28:36
14 Simon FABER 28:56
15 Helen SMITH 30:12
16 Daniel SWART 30:47
17 Chris DREWER 31:16
18 Kate DREWER 31:16
19 Belinda BLACKBURN 32:35
20 Lynn PERSSE 32:50
21 Abby RUELAS 33:07
22 Wendy GRINOLS-SWEENEY 33:07
23 Gayle KEENAN 33:21
24 Neil WITHEROW 33:40
26 Jordan ELDER 34:08
27 Yen Chi Le 34:08
28 Sue WITHEROW 36:26
29 Nina TANG 37:43
30 Bill SCHWABENLAND 40:29
31 Chloe HOEGGER 41:13
32 Andrey RISUKHIN 41:13
33 Molly JENSEN 42:39
34 Lynzee HOEGGER 53:40
35 Zena HOEGGER 55:07
36 Allison PRATHER 56:14
37 Kerstin PEPPER 56:30
38 Melani MCGRATH 62:15
39 Camila FIGUEIRA 91:46
40 Carlos FIGUEIRA 91:46


Run Report: Virtual parkrun #8 – 13th June 2020

by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director

Thanks so much to everyone for showing up to our virtual #notaparkrun every week - we so appreciate your support, and we really love seeing your selfies and stories!

After eight weeks of virtual parkrunning (can you believe we've been doing this for two months?), we are averaging 34 participants each week. 20th June's parkrun (our 9th virtual event) would have been our biiiiiiiiig first birthday celebration. In lieu of cake, balloons and a very cheesy birthday playlist, let's celebrate by encouraging as many people as we can to join us!! Tell your friends, family, colleagues, social media audience etc. Remember, anyone anywhere in the world can be a virtual parkrun tourist. Even if they participate in their own local event, they can still also run with us. Spread the word, and don't forget to tag @perrigoparkrun on Facebook, so people know where to find us!

Thank you guys. We had 85 parkrunners at our launch. Wouldn't it be awesome to match that number?
It's so sad to see our red barn so lonely on a Saturday morning (thank you Bill Schwabenland for the nostalgic photo).


On Saturday June 13th, we had 36 of you out walking, jogging and running your 5k (or more). We welcomed two first timers this week - welcome to Vincent Bersagol (who has now run one "real" parkrun, and one virtual parkrun, both in Redmond. Here's hoping we'll see a lot more of you!), and Belinda Blackburn, joining us all the way from Tasmania, Australia. Belinda ran with her fellow Run Directors from beautiful Bellerive parkrun, and shared some stunning photos of her route. Now, excuse me while I run off and Google flight deals to Tassy!



This was apparently the week of breaking personal records, with 9 (or 25%) of you celebrating a new PB. Many congratulations to:

    Joanna Davis - 17 second improvement
    Dean Faber - a huge 1 minute and 9 seconds improvement
    Simon Faber - 16 second improvement at his 5th virtual parkrun
    Mike Williams - very impressive 1 minute 30 second improvement
    Jim Pollock - 5th PB in a row, 28 seconds faster than last week
    Nina Tang - flying this week, improving her PB by a massive 8 minutes and 51 seconds
    Chris Drewer - another big PB, with a 48 second improvement
    Kate Drewer - not far behind, Kate celebrated another great PB, 45 seconds faster than the last
    Bill Schwabenland - running our familiar route obviously put a spring in Bill's step, and improved his PB by five huge minutes and 55 seconds!





Thank you to everyone who sent such fun photos. As always, Zena Hoegger, daughter Chloe and sister Lynn Persse never disappoint:




Father/daughter duo, Carlos and Camila Figueira made a valiant attempt to claim the Tailwalker crown (or should I say, yellow vest!) this week...but unfortunately, Louise and Fred McKinlay had their own eyes on that particular prize! We love your masks though, great job keeping your community (and yourselves) healthy!


We weren't entirely sure we recognized Dan Metteer without his trusty cap on.

Fortunately, he fixed it for us, so we knew there wasn't an impostor in our midst. Congrats on claiming 1st Place yet again, speedy Dan!


Speaking of beautiful scenery, Jolanta Thorburn ran her 5k at Cannon Beach, Oregon this week. I'm thinking we need to find an Event Director to kick off a new Pacific North West beach parkrun - I can't imagine a better spot for it. Any Goonies fans fancy taking on the task?

And finally, thanks to Kelly Lyon-King, Amanda Nathan and Ryan and Aimee Ashley for sharing your fabulous selfies with us!




In other news...

    This week we learned that New Zealand is the first country in the world to have completely eliminated Covid-19 from their population. As a result, they have now lifted all social distancing measures, and parkrun is able to recommence on July 4th. While we are some way behind NZ, here in the USA, this does give us hope. parkrun is not dead, we WILL be back, and rest assured that our fearless leaders at parkrun HQ are working hard behind the scenes to ensure the health and safety of the whole global parkrun family.


    I may have mentioned (once or twice) that it was Perrigo parkrun's first birthday on June 15th. Help us celebrate this weekend by sending us your best birthday selfies. Wear red (for the red barn), carry a balloon, eat some cake (mmmmm.....cake), wave a pom-pom, sport a fetching tutu - I don't care how you choose to mark the occasion, but whatever you do, be sure to get a fun photo and share it with us!


    CONGRATULATIONS to all the mums, dads and teachers who have survived this crazy year of "pandemic schooling". No more guilty worrying about not doing enough, no more apologetic emails, and no more throwing school laptops at the wall. You got there. You survived, your children survived, and their brains have not rotted in 3 short months. Well done you guys, you did it!!!

See you on Saturday, parkrunners.

Toodle-pip for now!



Run Report: Virtual parkrun #7 – 6th June 2020

Our First Groundhogs!
by Kerstin Pepper: Run Director


It was a good day for a #notaparkrun last Saturday, with (according to regular parkrunner, Kate Drewer) perfect running conditions in Redmond! Maybe that is why we had a record number of virtual participants for our 7th event, with 39 of you running, jogging and walking 5k or more.

This included four first timers (welcome, Farheen and Camila Figueira, and great to see you again Shawn and Jen - we have missed you so!!).

Camila and dad, Carlos

Camila and dad, Carlos



An amazing NINE of you celebrated PRs this week:

    Danielle Ruiz - taking a massive 7 minutes and 5 seconds off her previous time, and sharing a beautiful pic of the mean (ahem) streets of Redmond!

    Ryan Ashley - keeping his mom on her toes, running an amazing 1 minute 54 seconds faster this week

    Mike Williams (Melton Mowbray parkrun) - celebrating a return to running after injury, and moving from tail walker last week, to 11th position this week!

    Jim Pollock - 24 seconds faster than last week, despite forgetting his headphones and having to run "naked"

    Simon Faber - 35 seconds faster than his previous PR, and making us all very envious with his beautiful photos of Kelowna, Canada!

    Chloe Hoegger - proving yet again that those capes on her socks really do make her fly! 58 seconds off her PR this week, well done Chloe!

    Nina Tang - applying her average pace gave her a 14 second #notaparkrun PR. Of course, she had to go just a little further...12.07 miles to be exact! Inspiring stuff, Nina!

    Fred McKinlay, combining parkrun and the Big Backyard Run in one!

    Molly Jensen - great to see Molly back with us again! 5 minutes and 14 seconds faster than her first (virtual) parkrun, nice work. You'll be putting Max through his paces soon, Molly!

Back to that groundhog...

Strictly speaking, a parkrun groundhog is the award given to someone who finishes a parkrun event in the same time for two consecutive weeks in the same location!

However, given that this is #notaparkrun, I'm going to call out all three runners who achieved exactly the same time this week as one of their previous virtual parkruns. There have only been 7 of them, after all, so this is still a pretty awesome achievement!

    Dan Metteer didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he matched his fastest ever 5k result, in 18:37 (last achieved at Virtual parkrun #4). Sorry Dan - maybe borrowing Chloe's socks will help next time?


    101539809_10158209481087597_1036227606790594209_o (1)

    Kevin Sorensen has only taken part in two virtual parkruns, and managed to achieve the exact same time at both (22:04). Impressive stuff, Kevin!

    Melton Mowbray's Joanna Davis also matched her previous PR (achieved on Week 5) of 23:59 this week. She also made this British RD quite homesick with her photo of England's green and pleasant land!


Special Mentions

In the run brief each week, we ask that you make sure to send us photos, so we get to see what you're all up to without us...and most importantly, so we can see your lovely faces. So, thank you so much to all who have done so - those I've already mentioned above, and:

    Abby Reulas - Renton parkrun's Abby has completely transformed herself in the time we have known her - not only in physical appearance (as she puts it, she has lost "a small child" in weight - those legs, though!), but also in her incredible fitness and health. We are so proud of her - this Saturday she went on to run almost 16 miles, and has PRd every category that her Garmin tracks. Amazing!

    Dean Faber and Allison Prather are your friendly parkrun elves, responsible for all the motivational chalk messages and hashtags you see each week (if you choose to run your virtual parkrun at Perrigo Park). Thanks so much to both of them for their dedication (and also to Melani McGrath and her faithful sidekick, Murphy, for the photos!).




    Lynn Persse (from Long Eaton parkrun in the UK) never fails to disappoint with her amazing leggings...but this week she truly outdid herself. How else do you get through this lengthy lockdown, other than by celebrating Christmas in June, as you run laps around the garden!? Thank you Lynn - you look fabulous, as always!!


    Bill Schwabenland, a man more dedicated to staying fit and healthy throughout this pandemic than anyone I know, did a sterling job as (virtual) tailwalker this week. He completed 3 miles with his 4-legged buddies, then remembered it was Saturday and went out to complete another 3.1. Thanks so much for bringing everyone home safely, Bill!

    And finally...thanks so much to my favorite Perrigo Brits, for always showing up with a huge smile and just being such wonderful members of our growing parkrun family. And for the photos, of course. We miss you, Family Hoegger and Family Drewer !



And finally...

Don't forget, we would love to share the Run Director role with anyone who'd like to try it. Email or just DM Kerstin through her private Facebook or via Perrigo's FB page. It's very easy, I'll do all the number crunching, you just need to put your lovely mug in front of the camera and say a few encouraging words!

Also, we have a BIG celebration coming up. Our 1 year anniversary is the 15th June 2020. Typically we would celebrate the following Saturday, which would be the 20th.
In lieu of cake, balloons and mad Perrigo decorations, I would love to find a great way to mark the occasion. If anyone has any bright and brilliant ideas (I'll even take average ones at this point!), please do share them. Otherwise, what would be AMAZING would be to get a really BIG number of runners / walkers / joggers out pounding the streets on Saturday the 20th. If any of you can help spread the word (i.e. encourage your friends / family / colleagues - no matter where in the world - to join us!), we would really love to draw a virtual celebratory crowd.

That's it from me, folks. Thanks again for all your dedication, camaraderie and endless support. See you next time...



Results can be found here:!As6KUHoY-sr5xht_Fsyn1HdWgPYu?e=MFMSP9

Or here:

Position Name Time
1 Dan METTEER 18:37:00
2 John HOEGGER 21:53:00
3 Kevin SORENSEN 22:04:00
4 Daniel SWART 22:13:00
5 Kurt WILSON 23:39:00
6 Joanna DAVIS 23:59:00
7 Max JENSEN 24:45:00
8 Christopher CULLEN 25:28:00
9 Danielle RUIZ 26:02:00
10 Ryan ASHLEY 26:03:00
11 Mike WILLIAMS 26:12:00
12 Steve DANCY 26:16:00
13 Jim POLLOCK 27:28:00
14 Kelly LYON-KING 28:09:00
15 Aimee ASHLEY 28:29:00
16 Allison PRATHER 29:19:00
17 Simon FABER 29:35:00
18 Michael SCHIACH 29:39:00
19 Abby RUELAS 29:58:00
20 Chris DREWER 30:02:00
21 Kate DREWER 30:13:00
22 Jennifer MARSHALL 30:34:00
23 Dean FABER 30:49:00
24 Mary BLAKE BAUCHER 31:41:00
25 Zena HOEGGER 33:26:00
26 Zoe MUGGESON HEATH 33:45:00
27 Chloe HOEGGER 35:11:00
28 Shawn PEARCE 35:36:00
29 Lynn PERSSE 36:08:00
30 Nina TANG 36:16:00
31 Camila FIGUEIRA 38:53:00
32 Carlos FIGUEIRA 38:53:00
33 Fred MCKINLAY 40:20:00
34 Farheen AL MISHARI 42:37:00
35 Fred MCKINLAY 43:52:00
36 Molly JENSEN 45:06:00
37 Gayle KEENAN 47:55:00
38 Melani MCGRATH 1:06:00:00
39 Bill SCHWABENLAND 1:08:39:00


Run Report: Virtual parkrun #6 – 30th May 2020

Thunder bolts and lightening – very very frightening…


That’s right – we were greeted with a big thunder and lightening storm on Saturday morning. It was quite a show and a rare occurrence in Seattle. Obviously, it is not ideal running weather, but we did get a couple of small windows during the day that were thunder, lightening and rain free.

29 hardy runners, walkers and joggers got outside and got their virtual #notaparkrun in. We had participants from:

    Perrigo parkrun (18)
    Melton Mowbray parkrun, UK (4)
    Dishley parkrun, UK
    Long Eaton parkrun, UK
    Durban, SOUTH AFRICA
    Livonia parkrun, Michigan USA
    Rock Creek Trail parkrun, Oregon USA
    Himmel parkrun, Arizona USA
    Okanagan parkrun, Kelowna CANADA

Zoe Muggeson photo

Lynn photo

Congratulations to our 3 fastest male runners. Leading the pack with an incredible time of 18:54 was Dan Metteer. Well done Dan!

With just 4 seconds between them, our 2nd and 3rd fastest male runners were Daniel Swart and John Hoegger, both finishing in under 22 minutes – wow!!

Congratulations to our 3 fastest female runners. Joanna Davis threw down another incredible time of 24:13. How do you do it Joanna? That is amazing! Kelly Lyon King was hot on Joanna’s heels, and clearly Zena Hoegger wanted to twin with John Hoegger as they were the 3rd fastest female and male, respectively. Awesome and adorable, you guys!

John & Zena twinning for 3rd fastest

Big shout out to our amazing tail walker this week – Mike Williams! You are the anchor of virtual parkrun - thank you for bringing us all home safely!! :)

Well done to our five runners who not only went out in the stormy weather but also achieved a PB – Daniel Swart, Kurt Wilson, Jim Pollock, Zena Hoegger & Amanda Nathan!

Thank you everyone for carving out some time to get your virtual run in. Your willingness to participate and support everyone in Perrigo parkrun’s #notaparkrun means the world to us and shows what an amazing community of runners we have built up in just one year. We can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces in person again very soon!

Aimee photo

Jim Pollock photo

Louise photo

Ms Evie Pepper

zena photo

Yours in stride
Mary Blake

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