#16 Beating the storm

Did the storm get in the way of you getting outside last weekend? Those who took part in Northside Beltline parkrun were feeling very smug as we finished up just as the rain hit!

An even bigger turnout than last week with lots of PBs, well done John, Elizabeth, Ken, and Michael. Elizabeth clocked up another week as our fastest female, and we had a visitor from across the pond, Robert, as our fastest male. It was also great to see plenty of people walking and walk-running the course too, parkrun isn't just about the super speedy people!

Thanks to our volunteers who keep us going every week!




#15 New year, new habits?

New years resolutions were clearly at the front of peoples' minds this weekend as a third of our participants were completing their first every parkrun! Welcome John, Ken, Heather, Ranesia, Barbara, Radhika, Patrica, and Linda, we are so pleased you decided to join us.

It was truly a week showing that parkrun is for everyone from tourist Jim Goddard visiting us from the UK to claim his first ever parkrun "victory" (we're not competitive at all but let's face it, who doesn't like being the first one over the line!) to a wonderful group of walkers encouraging each other around the slightly damp conditions.

Well done to Mark Nilson on his PB, and thanks to our volunteers Michael, Brett, Parker, Alida, Gary and Zhanna for making sure parkrun can happen every week.



Some of our first timers looking happy despite the grey skies!


#14 Welcome to 2020

In addition to our regular Saturday runs, there are a few opportunities for optional bonus parkruns during the year. In the UK, they have Christmas day (where ED Sammie returned to her original parkrun home and enjoyed having no responsibility whatsoever!), in the US Thanksgiving is an option and both have the option of New Year's Day runs.

As we were still pretty new around Thanksgiving time we decided that may be a bit ambitious this year but the team, led by some enthusiasm from Sean, decided that we wanted a New Year's Day event and we are so glad we did have one. Seventeen people ran, jogged and walked the course including 4 who were completing their first ever parkrun, way to start the year Paul, Dennison, Caroline and Lori!

We also had an astounding 9 PBs from a whole range of speeds so clearly there hadn't been too much overindulgence during the holiday period! Great work Jeff, Elizabeth, Michelle, Laura, Sarah, Ian, Juna, Roger and Catriona.

As always it's our volunteers who are the true heroes, special thanks to Spencer Klagstad who stepped up for his first volunteer role, to Shaun Baker who came back for his second, to regular volunteer Gary's son who came along to help and our wonderful regular volunteers Sean, Zhanna, Gary and Helen.




The next question is will we have another parkrun close enough by for 2021 so Georgians can complete the infamous New Year's Day double...?


#13 Ending the year on a high!

A great turnout of 32 for our final event of the year with holiday travels bringing us 12 first timers. Congratulations to Juna Zhang on her amazing PB (personal best)- over 5 events Juna has got an entire 9 minutes quicker which is amazing progress. Zhanna, Gary and Amanda also got PBs, great effort everyone.


Run briefing with Event Director Brett

However, the most exciting part this week was the number of new volunteers we got! Huge thanks to Shaun Baker, Margaret Taylor, T Christensen, Ira Pearl, Steve Leahy, and Luke Leahy for stepping up. It's also to see the Clarence family and Helen Taylor coming out to volunteer yet again. Having so many willing hands meant some of our core team were finally able to run the event, including our superstar volunteer coordinator Zhanna who was able to run for the first time.


Zhanna finally got to run the course with no marshalling responsibilities!

Don't forget our New Year's Day event, same time (9am), same place, see you there!




Journalist report:

This week 32 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 18 were first timers and 4 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 3 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 11 volunteers:


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Northside Beltline parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Allie SCHAICH who recorded a time of 18:21 on 5th October 2019 (event number 1).
The male record is held by Roger SCHMIDT who recorded a time of 17:10 on 12th October 2019 (event number 2).
The Age Grade course record is held by Margaret TAYLOR who recorded 80.69% (25:07) on 7th December 2019 (event number 10).

Northside Beltline parkrun started on 5th October 2019. Since then 180 participants have completed 312 parkruns covering a total distance of 1,560 km, including 53 new Personal Bests. A total of 31 individuals have volunteered 110 times


#12 The one with the special guest

What does Santa do to warm up for his big Christmas delivery? Why he tailwalks at parkrun of course!

In addition to our festive guest we were pleased to welcome two parkrun firstimers, Ira Pearl and Amanda Dzvario, we hope you had a great time despite the rain. Congratulations to Mark Nilson on his PB and thanks as always to our volunteers, especially to Sean Randall who stepped up to volunteer for the first time after joining us on five previous occasions to run, proving just how easy it is to get involved and still be a regular runner.

We'll still be going over the holiday period (including our bonus New Year's Day run) so come and join us.

Happy holidays from all at Northside Beltline parkrun!


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Start 2020 the right way!

To celebrate the new decade we're starting out 2020 with a special bonus parkrun on New Year's Day. Normal time and place, come along and get those resolutions acted upon straight away next year!

We're currently running this even on a skeleton volunteer crew, if you're able to come along and lend a pair of hands (no experience needed) please get in touch at northsidebeltlinehelpers@parkrun.com


Event #11- We’ve reached 150

Yes, 150 individuals have now completed Northside Beltline parkrun! It's always exciting to meet the tourists who visit Atlanta (especially for our core team who appreciate the British and South African visitors!) but it's even more exciting to see our local community growing. Speaking of which, congratulations to Andreas, Elizabeth, Lijuan, Elaina, Martin and Alida who all achieved new personal bests this week. Andreas was especially given a run for his money by visitor Andy but still managed to come in first, only 3 seconds off of the overall course record.

Thanks to Yi Zhang who after running for several weeks stepped up to volunteer this week, we really appreciate you and the rest of our volunteer team.

It was the battle of the Andys this week.

It was the battle of the Andys this week.


Event #10- Look at all those PBs!

Well done everyone who came out in force for our 10th week, we made it to double figures and you didn't let us down with an amazing 12 people recording a personal best time. The greatest thing about parkrun is that it's not just the speedy people doing this (although we have a few of those too ;) ), our walkers, walk-runners, joggers and everyone in between get great benefits from coming along.

Special congratulations have to go to Margaret Taylor who set us a new course age grade record of 80.69%. You can read more about how age grade records work here.

Thanks as always to our volunteers, we couldn't have made it through the last 10 weeks without you!



Event #9- Thanksgiving recovery

Either people didn't overindulge too much this thanksgiving or they were keen to run off that extra portion of turkey as we had our highest turnout since our inaugural this week!

Congrats to Brandon Gamble, Sean Randall and Kayla Pineiro who all achieved PBs this week! We were also pleased to see a mix of tourists and first timers, please come back and visit us soon.

As always we appreciate our volunteers the most, come and join us for a week and wear the yellow jacket (modelled below by barkrunner Pingo who was very pleased with all the pets her new outfit got her this week).



Event #8- Now it’s Sean’s turn!

Following on from Parker taking the lead last week, this Saturday it was Sean's turn to take the role of run director. Despite the weather not being on our side this week we had a great event, with 7 first timers braving the wet conditions and the volunteers having to get inventive to protect our technology...

Our fastest runner was a visitor, Leon from Middleton Harriers got one closer to his 50 t-shirt by spending his 35th parkrun with us. Special thanks to our volunteers for coming out in the cold and wet to make the event happening and welcome Chantelle and Karen who volunteered with us for the first time this week.