#18 Our event director finally got to run!

It was great to see so many new faces at parkrun this week, welcome Peter, Helen, Nathan, Danielle, Aurora, Austin, Bill, Tim, Frances and Anna!

Also congratulations to Elizabeth, Katie, Elliot, Nick, Jessie, David and Alida for all achieving their personal bests. Their times ranged from 23:29 to 54:05, showing that it's not about who is the fastest at parkrun, it's you against only yourself!

One exciting thing this week is that we had a surprising name in the new runners list this week- Brett Clarence. If you've been to our parkrun before you'll likely recognise this name, Brett is one of the founding members of Northside Beltline parkrun and is often found to be giving the run briefing at the start of the event but believe it or not he hasn't had chance to take part yet. Thanks to our volunteers that finally happened this week! (Also congrats to our regular volunteer coordinator Zhanna who stepped in and took on her first role as run director to make this happen!)