#15 New year, new habits?

New years resolutions were clearly at the front of peoples' minds this weekend as a third of our participants were completing their first every parkrun! Welcome John, Ken, Heather, Ranesia, Barbara, Radhika, Patrica, and Linda, we are so pleased you decided to join us.

It was truly a week showing that parkrun is for everyone from tourist Jim Goddard visiting us from the UK to claim his first ever parkrun "victory" (we're not competitive at all but let's face it, who doesn't like being the first one over the line!) to a wonderful group of walkers encouraging each other around the slightly damp conditions.

Well done to Mark Nilson on his PB, and thanks to our volunteers Michael, Brett, Parker, Alida, Gary and Zhanna for making sure parkrun can happen every week.



Some of our first timers looking happy despite the grey skies!