Event #6- British invasion

A chilly but gloriously sunny Saturday morning with a surge in attendance from international visitors. We were honored to have Andrew Filer with us for his 201st parkrun!  Also Ben Trigg was visiting from Cambridge and with his close 2nd place finish, pushed Andreas Heilmann to his PR on the Northside Beltline. Conditions were good for PRs and both Brandon Gamble and John O'Connor achieved their best times.  Welcome back Genie Beaver who was at our very first parkrun and was 40 seconds faster this time around.


We're fortunate to have so many eager volunteers - for the first time Sammie Buzzard, founding parkrun director for Northside Beltline, was able to participate as a runner - she took off at a blistering pace, and came in as the second female.  parkrun veterans Jos Bartlett and Claire Barnard (each with over 100 parkruns to their credit) were hot on her heels.

Special thanks to our volunteers for shrugging off the freezing conditions and helping make this another successful parkrun. Parker and Alida's two barkrunners were a welcome addition and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Zhanna was our tailwalker and also organized all the volunteers.   Good luck Gary on the Soldier Marathon next week!

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