Mountain Goat Trail parkrun is cancelled on 11 April 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

parkrun 78

While the cat's away, the mice will rock the house.   Chuck took the reins this week for parkrun.   He ran the show with daughter Whitney.  Luckily our regulars came out in force to help him through the day.   A huge thank you to Chuck, Whitney, Kenneth, and Michele.   You all did a fantastic job and we appreciate you volunteering!

Luna got a PB - oh how we wish we could officially track our Barkrunner's  PBs outside of their humans.   Patrick put up a solid run too.  We're proud of both him and Luna!

Our parkrun tourist of the day was Sergey who joined us from his home parkrun of Timiryazevsky.  Judging from his parkrun stats, he is something of a parkrun tourist star!   We're so happy you joined us!  We hope you enjoyed our trail!

Always happy to see Michele, Dale, Susan and Kenneth on the trail!   All had great outings.

We enjoy and appreciate each and every one of you!  Thank you!  Until next week.....


parkrun 75

Our little parkrun is just something special.  We decided to play it fast and loose today with set up since it was pouring and we weren't sure who was coming.  If it was all regulars, our regulars are SO regular we didn't even need to put turn signs out.   Well, we had two tourists so Chuck quickly ran out the 2nd turn sign, Patrick took the third turn sign out with him when he went out for a run and all worked out beautifully.  We may not fill in our roster before hand but we never have a shortage of volunteers.  In fact, we had more volunteers today than runners and every runner volunteered in some way!   Just leaves you feeling good!

We welcomed Chris and Mel who did their first US parkrun today!   What a couple!   Chris got a first finisher token and paced Patrick for one of his fastest runs in a bit (he's been pacing slower for marathons!).  Mel had a great run and came in under 30 minutes while even stopping to take pictures along the way!!!   It was unanimous that we wish you both could be regulars!  We love our tourists but are always a bit sad to see them go!   Wish they all could be regulars!   Safe travels and truly great meeting you both!

The rain stopped just in time for parkrun and we enjoyed a nice day out on the Mountain Goat Trail!   We just enjoy and appreciate you all so much!   As we head toward Thanksgiving know we are thankful for all of you - those we've seen in the past and those we saw today!    Until next week, Happy Thanksgiving to our parkrun family!


parkrun 73

Who can believe we've been at this for 73 weekends?   Wow.   We're still impressed with all our participants.  Today is no different than any of the other 73 events.  Carmen rocked it and was first place finisher with a personal best in her belt.  She brought alone Mark who has now done his third parkrun with us despite not living in the state.    Patrick was tailwalker after running the NYC marathon last weekend.   We'd be willing to bet he appreciated a slightly slower pace and shorter distance this weekend.  It's also his 30th parkrun with us.   Well on his way to his 50 shirt.  Speaking of well on their way to their 50 shirt, Michele ran her 36th and Dale ran his 24th parkrun this morning!    We also had one of our most important milestones, Art joined us for his first ever parkrun!   Welcome and we hope you enjoyed yourself!    You all did amazing!   We enjoy and appreciate all of you!  Until next week....


parkrun 72

Even when it's cold and you don't feel like getting out of your warm covers, parkrun will always bring a smile to your face.  Today wasn't any different.  We welcomed three tourists on their travels.  Thank you so much Tracy and Steve for popping in.  Steve sported his 250 shirt while holding the "new kid" sign.    Thank you Jo for stopping in too and for saving your 50th run for our event!   We wish we'd known sooner or we'd have had cake!  Another welcome goes out Karen who ran her first ever parkrun today!   WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME!  We hope you had a great time!    It was lovely meeting you all!

Regulars Chuck and Dale showed that the cold wouldn't slow them down at all and put in great runs!  Dale said how lovely the Third Creek parkrun in Knoxville was.    Heather was kind enough to tail walk with event director Kristin today.  It was a lovely walk/jog in the back of the pack.    The leaves were crunching, the air was crisp!   Lovely day on a lovely trail with lovely people!   We enjoy and appreciate all of you!  Until next week....


parkrun #71

A huge thank you to the folks who came out despite very dreary weather.  It was wind, wet, but luckily warm.    We had 7 finishers with 4 first timers.   It would have been a slim crowd without our parkrun tourists this week.  We were thrilled to welcome Shawn Ann, Jacob and Eli from Joe Creason parkrun!  Thank you to David for travelling an hour from Chattanooga to join us today!    We're glad no one slipped on our banana peel bridge and no limbs came down with our gusty winds!

We enjoy and appreciate all of you!  Until next week....

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