7/31/2021 Lillie Parkrun #84: Tourist Season …and more milestones and another record

We had 61 finishers this week, with 12 of them achieving Personal Bests (and half of those were among the first 10 finishers!) One PB achiever was our first female finisher, Laurel P, who set a new Age-Graded Record two weeks ago, only to have it beaten last week by Alex B visiting from California. Today, she reclaimed that record with an amazing 82.06%! Congratulations, Laurel.

First across the line was Jaime D, with a PB of 19:59. Sub 20! WTG!

Two milestones were celebrated this week -it was Kristine Y’s 50th parkrun and Vanessa C’s 25th time volunteering. We also learned that it was Reed S’s 27th time volunteering and we missed his 25th…….. so that run-briefing shout-out will be coming…..731msts

We welcomed two first-timers (one of whom wasn’t intending to participate, but we can be very persuasive…… :D )   Hi to Hollie A and Kevin M.  And there was one tourist…. welcome to Derek S who usually runs at College Park in Maryland.731new

Speaking of tourists…….some of our regulars were missing from Lillie this week…… but we tracked them down….. Henry S was busy finishing first at Eagan parkrun (MN), whilst dad Josh S was pipped at the post and finished second at Heritage Harbor Ottawa parkrun (IL) ….where he was surprised to find Emma K and Adam H also touristing -Emma was the first female finisher and Adam was the tailwalker. Way to Represent, Lillie parkrunners!

And whilst we’re on the travelling theme… Sara W has spent the last three months virtually running across Tennessee and completed her mission yesterday. That’s an average of 7 miles per day since the start of May! Congratulations Sara….. Most of us would have taken today off….. but Sara still rolled out of bed extra early this morning to set-up ……and then run….. Thank you! And WOW!SaraTN



7/24/2021 Lillie parkrun #83: Smashing Records!

happy family

If you’ve been around parkrun for awhile, you know that HQ is keeping track of lots of data about your individual performance. You probably know you can go to the latest results page, look at the detailed view, and sort by various categories to see that this week we had 63 finishers, and 10 first-timers. You might notice that 2 of the first-timers have run at other events; you can click through on their names and see where else they have run (for example, Elizabeth S ran once at Aspen and Chirag B twice at Livonia).


You might also notice that 14 people have a red "New PB!" by their name, indicating that they set a new personal best time at Lillie. But did you know that HQ keeps track of lots of stats on the event level as well?

Alex B, first-timer, record-smasher

Alex B, first-timer, record-smasher

If you look at the bottom of the page, you'll see that this week's first finisher Alex B set a NEW COURSE RECORD of 16:33, smashing the old one by over a minute. Well done, Alex! We hope you visit us again whenever you're in town.

If you poke around on the event history page and sort by "male first finisher," you'll see that the previous record was set by Moses W-P (17:45) at event 67 in January 2020.

Now back to Alex. At the bottom of the page you can also see that he set an age-graded record of 81.57%. The weekly results email links to an explanation of age-grading (TL;DR: it compares your time to others of similar age around the world). Interesting factoids: the previous age-graded record was 81.1% and set by Laurel Park a mere 7 days ago. Before that, it was 79.72% and set by Karen Crane at our inaugural event in November 2018! If you want to see where your personal best lands you, chose "age-graded league" under the results menu and search for your name.

Naomi H, first female finisher, age group record holder

Naomi H, first female finisher, age group record holder

The latest results also list where you are within the female or male finishers on the given day. This week, Naomi H was first female finisher at 24:24 (an aesthetically pleasing time) and knocked 30 seconds off her PB. (Naomi has set a PB every week but one - wow!)  If you choose "age category records" from the results menu you can see that Naomi's time set a new record for her age group (JW11-14). (And when you change age groups, your results from the previous group stay in that group. So if Naomi were to turn 15 tomorrow, she'd still have that JW11-14 record until someone beat it.)

calvin 2s

The people who like aesthetically pleasing numbers will notice that on Calvin’s 64th park run, he finished in 8th position with a time of 22:22. Was the 22 predicted as he ran past our photographer?

Kumar family volunteers

And last but not least, parkrun HQ is keeping track of your volunteer efforts. Just ask Rajiv (who has volunteered basically every week), and maybe follow his lead by roping your family into helping when they come to visit you! Thank you to Angelica, Sarina, Madhav, Rajiv, and all the other non-Kumar-family volunteers. If you want to volunteer in the future, sign up here.


7/17/2021 Lillie parkrun #82: Checking All The Boxes

First-timers --- √ CHECK!

Welcome to Keri M, Marc E, and Tyacie C!


Tourists --- √ CHECK!

Hi to Ruth L -a regular at Mansfield parkrun, OH.  It was lovely to have you join us.


Volunteer milestone --- √ CHECK!

Sara W volunteered for the 25th time this week. Often found at Lillie Park bright and early setting up the course, today Sara was collecting and sorting the finisher chips ready for us to do it all again next week….  Thank you, Sara!


parkruns milestone --- √ CHECK!

Nicola N ran her 50th parkrun today and brought all her lovely family to run with her and to volunteer –daughter Vivien was our Radiant Run Director this morning, Son Jack ran a PB and Nicola and Tony finished together in Nicola’s second-best-ever time of 28:59. Congratulations, Nicola!  And thank you N family for being such a wonderful part of our communityI

N fam

New Lillie parkrun Record --- √ CHECK!

Laurel P is the new Age-Graded Record holder, with a whopping 81.1%!  Age grading compares your times to others in your age/gender group, so it allows you to compare yourself to others in different groups.  the higher the %, the faster you are.  Way to go, Laurel!

Personal Bests --- √ CHECK!

There were 11 PBs this week -19% of finishers achieving their fastest ever time! Of our 10 fastest finishers this week, half achieved PBs, and …satisfyingly for us number-pattern-lovers… these 5 were the runners finishing in the evenly-numbered positions.

Alan S, David R and Jeremie O all finished their second-ever parkruns, bettering their times from their maiden outings, whilst at the other end of the spectrum, parkrun veterans Henry S and Matthew J (with 56 and 57 parkruns under their belts respectively) also recorded record times. First female finisher Laurel P chalked up a PB on her 3rd parkrun, Jack N on his 4th, Dan R and Tushar T on their 6th, Jackson S on his 8th, Brendan B on his 12th.

 Fun Finish Times  --- √ CHECK!

I think it was Amanda S who first talked about "aesthetically pleasing" times in a run report ....helping all of us number nerds know we are not alone......

Timekeeper Carol C excelled herself this week.:

  • Tyacie C and Marc E both finished in 24:24
  • Tiffany F and Nicole R both finished in 33:33
  • Elizabeth D clocked up 31:13.

And finally.... how did we do?

Storming home first -for the 4th week on the run and only his 4th parkrun- was Matthew D in a time of 18.52. Just 6 seconds later, Jeremie O crossed the line to be 2nd on his 2nd parkrun and notching up a new Personal Best time.  First female finisher was Laurel P in 22:56 -a Personal Best, and our tailwalkers (the Keer family) closed it up in an hour and change.


As always, thanks to all volunteers. See you on Saturday!



7/10/2021 Lillie parkrun #81 Another Milestone and a Million Mosquitoes

45 returning parkrunners and 8 first-timers battled their way through the mosquito mayhem at Lillie Park this morning.   Welcome to Alan S, Cameron R, David R, Jeremie O, Muhammad T, Sarah H, Susan A and Virang P, and congratulations to Sarah R, who completed her 50th parkrun.


After an unusual warm-up of trying to outrun the infernal insects whilst setting up the course -and developing some impressive welts-  Matthew D stormed home first with a new personal best time of 18.21.


Hot on his heels were Josh S and first-timer Jeremie O. Laurel P was the first female finisher, running a new personal best time of 24.16, closely followed by Naomi H, who also achieved a new PB. It seems trying to escape the buzzing bloodsuckers put some spring in everybody’s step this morning! Ana D, Daniel J, Jesse H, Mary G, Sreejith B and Thomas E also chalked up new personal best times. You may think it sounds crazy to try and outrun mosquitoes, but they are actually quite slow as insects go, flying around 1-1.5 mph, whereas our tailwalker today completed over three miles in an hour -so we were all faster than mosquitoes!


Only female mosquitoes bite -they need a blood meal in order to be able to produce eggs. But they don’t care whether they are biting males or females.  Otherwise adult mosquitoes feed on nectar.  For those who didn’t manage to outrun the pesky piercing proboscises, Nicola N recommends a product called Sting-Eze, although preventing bites with a repellant is better.... here we all are warming up and DEETing up.....

Deetin' up

As always, thanks to all the volunteers who make Lillie parkrun happen ...and shoutout to Josh S for setting up a little barcode printing area to help keep our finish funnel moving and covid-safe


Next week, Lillie Park is hosting Pedal Pittsfield. Although this event starts after parkrun, the organizers will need to start setting up quite early, so please park on Hanselman Drive.


Lillie parkrun #80: Happy Fourth of July!

In a happy change from the last few weeks, it was a (sort of) chilly Saturday morning with temps in the low 60s. 48 parkrunners joined us for our 80th event and there were a whopping 10 personal bests all across the board, so congrats to Matthew D, Dan R, Sachiko T, Naomi H, Nicola N, Daniel J, Jesse H, Sreejith B, Thomas E, and Michelle J!

We had 7 first timers this weekend- Rick S, Laurel P, Kougar L, Hongling Lu, Anne G, Lisa W, and Ben W! We also welcomed parkrun tourist Elizabeth W from Livonia parkrun.

As you all know, parkrun would not be possible without the help from our amazing volunteers, so here's a special shoutout to everyone who made this weekend a success as always: Kranthi B, Vanessa C, Matthew D, Adam H, JJ, Tricia J, Emma K, Tim K, Rajiv K, Vivien N, Amanda S, Sara W, and Calvin W!

Our usual photographer Marie was out of town this weekend (after managing to reach her v25 last week with no celebration, which will soon be fixed!) so our finish line photos are scarce and in between, but a huge thank you to Amanda S for stepping up so we have something to share!

And it wouldn't be a parkrun for Amanda S if she didn't take a bridge pic, so here it is in all of it's (surprisingly dry) glory! We definitely miss getting these views every week...

bride 80


Co-event director Rajiv helped us out with timing this week- Rajiv is one of our most-seasoned volunteers and has volunteered on 50 different occasions! We bet he's excited for the new parkrun milestone t-shirts...

rajiv 80

Here are the rest of our finish-line volunteer crew- Abby, JJ, and Calvin making sure that everyone gets a time and no tokens go missing!

more volunteers 80


Michelle and Madelyn J finishing strong while dad/husband JJ barcode scans. Michelle got a PB today, congrats!

jankowskis 80

It was a day for "bring old friends to parkrun!" Amanda P and friend-from-college Sarah W are closely trailed by Emma K and friend-from-high-school Ben W. Ben was a regular virtual parkrunner but this was his first official parkrun, despite living just adjacent to Durham NC for four years... Welcome to parkrun!

finish group 80

She may have slept in but she managed to beat the tailwalker, and we certainly were glad she made it - Brooke's move back to North Carolina took her away from Lillie parkrun, and now her big move all the way to Norway will take her even farther! If you're looking for an exciting place to get some parkrun tourism in, consider Creekside parkrun, started by Brooke's mom, Joyce, (also a regular virtual parkrunner) and inspired by how welcome they both felt here at Lillie parkrun.

brooke 80

And last, but definitely not least, we have tailwalker Tim K bringing up the rear!

dad 80

Thanks for a great week at Lillie parkrun! We'll see you again next week!