9/11/2021 Lillie parkrun #90: 5K 5Ks!

sun bleach start

We did it! We reached 5000 finishes! Is everyone excited?!? What, just me? Okay.

But who was it? This guy: Kurt Sonen, who finished in 24:14, setting a new PB. Kurt finished 8th on his 8th run at Lillie (he has also run Livonia 8 times. Crazy 8s!) (Psst, Kurt, that looks like 9 fingers.)

5000th finish at Lillie

At our ninetieth run on 11 September 2021, we had 53 finishers and 16 volunteers. That total included 7 first timers: welcome to Kathleen C, Cameron G, Noah C, John G, Kristina H, and Walker L. who were joined by tourist Sarah E from Kensington (MD) parkrun. Sarah finished in the numerically interesting time of 23:34, which set a new record for her age group (VW40-44). Based on her hat, she was rooting for the correct team at Michigan Stadium later in the day.

Jeremie Laurel and Sarah setting records

Jeremie, Laurel, and Sarah on their way to age group records

18 of our parkrunners set PBs (personal bests) on the day. Leading the PB way was Jeremie O, who finished 18:02 on his way to first finisher. He also set a new record for his age group (SM30-34). Laurel P was again first female finisher, and her 21:43 PB means she once again set an age group record (VW55-59) and redefined our course overall age grade record. Congratulations to you both!

3 of these people set PBs

David B led the 3 adults in this photo to PBs: Steve R, Sheri R, and Tricia J. Other people setting PBs were Michael C, Sara W, Darel M, Gabe T, Thorsten K, Muhammad T, Bill G, Heather D, Anna V, Thor S, Leslie P, and Raghuma S. Well done - we're all cheering for you!

One more notable event: Torsten spotted another critter, a garter snake this time. Somewhere between branch and ground and branch again, it turned on him and said (in it’s snake-y way) “go away, you have a parkrun to finish!” 

We’ve had a total of 5045 finishers in our 90 runs. Cumulatively, we’ve run 25225 km, or 63% of the circumference of the Earth.  With 916 unique participants, that’s an average of 5.5 runs per person. Just 84 more first-timers until we reach 1000. But enough numbers for now: join us again next week for more Lillie parkrun fun, and join us after your run at Biggby for coffee and chat.



8/28/2021 Lillie parkrun #88: a family affair

Olds 88 from wikipedia

Lillie parkrun Super 88 saw 54 finishers, with stalwarts Josh S as first finisher and Laurel P as first female finisher. In addition, Ellen R set a new age group record for 18-19 year old females with a time of 24:18. We have it on good authority that Ellen is a student at UM with a Styron connection so we may be seeing more of her.

ellen combo pics

Ellen was one of our 10 first-timers at Lillie this week. Half of them are new to parkrun: welcome to Deekshitha R, Saharsha G, Thor S, James B, and Rajanikanth K - we hope to see you back! The other half have participated before: Ellen and Matthew R (2nd timers), Elena S (another Styron! 6 total events at 5 different locations), Karen V (a regular at Rec Plex North in Pensacola) and Dan O who has 175 parkruns under his soles and is a regular at Fletcher’s Cove! One more and he could have been our honorary double-super-88 mascot.

tourists combo

We also had 3 PBs this week: Christa S-W has improved every week and has cut 6 minutes off her time. Raghuma S has also cut about 6 minutes from his time and set 3 PBs in a row. Finally, Rajender G has set a PB every week he’s run at Lillie and this week cut 10 minutes off his time - super! Maybe Rajender was trying to keep up with his daughter Saharsha G (in yellow in photo below), who finished a few seconds ahead of him with her friend Deekshitha R?

young first timers

parkrun: it's a family affair. The Gadus and the Ravus could ask the Styrons, or the Dudashes, or the Yuns, or the Sinz-Welshes, or the (Suzanne) Joneses, or the Swansons, or the Bertchers, or (the many other parent-kid combons who have run with us but maybe not this week).


And in the grand scheme of things, we have now have 4934 people finish a Lillie parkrun. That means we are only 66 finishers short of 5000! Will it be September 4th or 11th that we reach 5K people doing our 5K?

thumbs up




8/7/2021 Lillie parkrun 85: closing in on 5K!

News flash: we're closing in on 5000 finishers - 5K people completing a 5K at Lillie parkrun!  In our 85 events so far, we've had 4,771 finishes. That means we've got 229 to go. With an average of 60 finishers per post-pandemic week, we should reach that milestone in about 4 weeks.

Kranthi and friends

Kranthi and friends

But first, let's talk about this week. Our first finisher was Matthew D (19:09) and first female finisher was Laurel P (23:06). The first 3 finishers completed the course under 20 minutes, including Jaime D who set a PB for the 2nd week in a row.

susan and tricia

first-timer Susan, neighbor of Lillie regular Tricia

We had a total of 72 finishers, including at least 5 first-timers: Ryan R, Hannah B, Srinath C, Susan B, and Rajagopalan S. We hope to see you back soon! We welcomed visitors Ali P from Rec Plex North in Pensacola, FL, and Alice and Michael B from Fletcher's Cove in DC. Join us again next time you're in town.

tourists Ali, Michael, and Alice

tourists Ali, Michael, and Alice

At least 8 finishers achieved PBs: congrats to Rajender G, Raghuma S, Alan S (PB 3 weeks in a row!), Carsten W, Dan R (also 3 weeks in a row!), Aldus Y, Matt B, and Jaime D.  Way to go!

So why all the “at least”? As mentioned elsewhere (email, FB, instagram), we had a bit of a glitch with the scanning app this week. After one of the tokens got scanned, all the previous results just ... disappeared. Thank you to everyone who already responded to our plea for your finish details - with your input we're down to 10 unknowns (including the 4 who finished after Steve & Sheri & youngster David B). If you finished this week but don’t see your name in the results, please contact us with details (your finish token number, approximate time if you were tracking it, and/or people you finished near).

Steve and Sheri

Steve and Sheri

Aesthetically pleasing and numerically interesting is in the eye of the beholder, but this week those finish times included

  • JJ (22:33), Terese B (31:31),
  • seconds-doubling-minutes: Henry (22:44) and Sachiko (24:48),
  • reflective: Charles (35:53) and Suzanne (50:05),
  • and Ana gets an honorary mention with 33:32, 1 second from all 3s.

As long as we're geeking out on numbers, note that 85 is the smallest number that can be represented as a sum of two squares (greater than 1) in two different ways: 85 = (9*9) + (2*2) and (7*7) + (6*6).

Join us again next week. If you volunteer for setup crew, you might get to see a lovely sunrise like this one captured by Amanda S!

Amanda sunrise


7/24/2021 Lillie parkrun #83: Smashing Records!

happy family

If you’ve been around parkrun for awhile, you know that HQ is keeping track of lots of data about your individual performance. You probably know you can go to the latest results page, look at the detailed view, and sort by various categories to see that this week we had 63 finishers, and 10 first-timers. You might notice that 2 of the first-timers have run at other events; you can click through on their names and see where else they have run (for example, Elizabeth S ran once at Aspen and Chirag B twice at Livonia).


You might also notice that 14 people have a red "New PB!" by their name, indicating that they set a new personal best time at Lillie. But did you know that HQ keeps track of lots of stats on the event level as well?

Alex B, first-timer, record-smasher

Alex B, first-timer, record-smasher

If you look at the bottom of the page, you'll see that this week's first finisher Alex B set a NEW COURSE RECORD of 16:33, smashing the old one by over a minute. Well done, Alex! We hope you visit us again whenever you're in town.

If you poke around on the event history page and sort by "male first finisher," you'll see that the previous record was set by Moses W-P (17:45) at event 67 in January 2020.

Now back to Alex. At the bottom of the page you can also see that he set an age-graded record of 81.57%. The weekly results email links to an explanation of age-grading (TL;DR: it compares your time to others of similar age around the world). Interesting factoids: the previous age-graded record was 81.1% and set by Laurel Park a mere 7 days ago. Before that, it was 79.72% and set by Karen Crane at our inaugural event in November 2018! If you want to see where your personal best lands you, chose "age-graded league" under the results menu and search for your name.

Naomi H, first female finisher, age group record holder

Naomi H, first female finisher, age group record holder

The latest results also list where you are within the female or male finishers on the given day. This week, Naomi H was first female finisher at 24:24 (an aesthetically pleasing time) and knocked 30 seconds off her PB. (Naomi has set a PB every week but one - wow!)  If you choose "age category records" from the results menu you can see that Naomi's time set a new record for her age group (JW11-14). (And when you change age groups, your results from the previous group stay in that group. So if Naomi were to turn 15 tomorrow, she'd still have that JW11-14 record until someone beat it.)

calvin 2s

The people who like aesthetically pleasing numbers will notice that on Calvin’s 64th park run, he finished in 8th position with a time of 22:22. Was the 22 predicted as he ran past our photographer?

Kumar family volunteers

And last but not least, parkrun HQ is keeping track of your volunteer efforts. Just ask Rajiv (who has volunteered basically every week), and maybe follow his lead by roping your family into helping when they come to visit you! Thank you to Angelica, Sarina, Madhav, Rajiv, and all the other non-Kumar-family volunteers. If you want to volunteer in the future, sign up here.


6/26/21 Lillie parkrun #79: more milestones

After the deluge on Friday night, it was a relief and somewhat of a surprise that our 79th event on June 26th was sunny. Hopefully everyone took the advice to avoid wearing new and/or pretty shoes. (This report writer indeed took it to heart, er, foot.) (Aside: are you familiar with the Ann Arbor rain gauge web page? South Industrial is the closest to Lillie Park, and it reports 3.5 inches for Friday. More than an inch of that fell between 11:30 PM Friday and 12:30 AM Saturday!)

Given the deluge, we weren’t surprised that event 79 was crazy muggy (can you say nearly 100% humidity?). We have no pictures of the bridge, but suspect it was once again under water - although we miss the picturesque bridge, the bypass on our new route has its advantages! (Although stay away from the sides: according to our resident geologist, what you see on the edge there goes by the technical term “erosion”.) Even with a few giant puddles and slippery mud patches, it was mostly possible to keep your feet dry. But given the humidity, tops of shoes were the only thing that remained dry.

Enough of the weather report, on to the run report.

Event 79 had 49 finishers - a bit down for our post-pandemic parkruns, but not a big surprise in light of the weather forecast.

reed joe combo
We had many milestones to celebrate: both Reed Swanson and Joe Libin finished their 50th parkrun on Saturday, while Marie reached her volunteer 25 milestone. Thanks Marie, for all you do! In addition, Aldus reached his 50th run milestone last week. Congratulations to all! (Closing in are Sarah R, Nicola N, and Kristine Y.)

combined firsties lesspixels
We had five first timers, including first finisher Matthew Dowling at 19:33. Other first timers were Susan Burek, Andreas Welsh, Sam Bacon, and Himanshu Harish. Welcome to the parkrun family and please join us again next week!

First female finisher was a familiar face: Sachiko Tsubouchi at 24:59.

Four people got new PBs: Naomi Hernandez, Steve Reck, Steven Kronenberg, and Sreelith B. Naomi and Steve R ran their second events, while Sreelith and Steven K are on their third and all have improved their times each week they participated.

If you want to volunteer in any upcoming week and join Marie in earning a v25 shirt, enter your name on the spreadsheet here: bit.ly/lp_volunteer The descriptions are in another tab on the spreadsheet. All jobs are pretty easy, most can be learned with a few minutes instruction, and all but 4 can be done in combination with running. And don't forget to check our Facebook page for even more photos!

Marie and Charlie IMG_3216


06/12/2021 Lillie parkrun #77: It’s not the heat, it’s the feat. And you did it!

What an absolute stunner of a day Saturday for another beautiful Lillie parkrun.

Mostly sunny, 68 degrees, a dry course, and -- what's' that you say? 90% humidity? Oh yeah, maybe THAT'S why it felt like we were running underwater!

In spite of the humidity and losing some of our regulars to the A2Zukey Relay, we still gathered a whopping 68 parkrunners for another memorable outing.

68 degrees? 68 runners? Here's hoping our participant numbers continue to increase while the temps stay down!

Out on the course we were reminded by the animals to take it easy in this weather. Some of our barkrunner friends encouraged us to take some extra breaks. A couple of turtles ventured out to show us that, no matter how fast or slow we went, a few laps around Turtle Rock Pond is better than sitting on a log. (Sorry, Kermit.) Plus it's a nice way to see friends.

This week we were joined by ten first-timers John H, Dan R, Joaquin M, James H, Derek M, John M, Clare H, Mary G, Sreejith B, and Allison P. Thanks for joining us, and we hope to see you again next week!

We even had five personal bests from Sachiko T, Mahesh S, Steven K, Thomas E, and Sheri R who was a first-timer the previous week.

Torsten Y had a milestone, completing his 50th parkrun.

Well done, everyone! Get the full list of Lillie parkrun #77 results here.


6/5/2021 Lillie parkrun: Spirit of #76

Did you know that our sister parkrun in Livonia was the first in the US? It's true! This past weekend they celebrated their 9th birthday with event number 393 - thanks for leading the way, Livonia!

pre-run crowd crop

Meanwhile, we held event 76, but apparently only Joanna got the Spirit of '76 memo. Not quite 76 finishers: only 60. And not quite 76 degrees: my watch reported 69°F. But it was a spirited event 76.

4 of our 60 finishers were first-timers: Sheri R, Steve R, Tushar T, and Madhav K. Welcome to the parkrun family, and join us again next week!

First finisher was Derek Harmon with barkrunner Chloe, making this Derek's 2nd time as 1st finisher. Derek was followed by 3 high schoolers: Aldus, Yuma, and Liam R. First female finisher was Frances Fei (how’s that for alliteration?).

schafer family

And we had 20 PBs, including Aldus and Yuma and the female half of the Schafer family (way to go, Abigail and Jolynn). 20 out of 60 y’all, that’s a pretty good ratio! Maybe people are getting used to the new hill, or were inspired by Liam R's quote.

aldus 50th

Along with finishing 2nd and setting a new PB, Aldus reached his 50th parkrun milestone. Way to go, Aldus! We have a number of regulars with run counts in the 40s, so expect to see the sash a lot more over the summer, perhaps as early as next week (hint hint).

By the way, in case you missed it - our very own Emma Keer was interviewed on the parkrun Adventurers podcast. Take a listen to find out what she was doing behind the scenes to keep us all connected over the past year or so!




#Lillienotaparkrun Week FOUR: Expeditionary Report

In official #lillienotaparkrun news, this week saw 55 finishers. This included 6 first-timers, 10 double-dippers, 20 three-peats, and 19 passionistas (perfect participation). The average finish time was 0:41:51, ranging from first finisher at 19:48 and talk walker (and wagger) in 1:35:00.

janet and cake

Out of state tourists were Janet J in Newport RI (celebrating with cake!), Colin P in College Park MD, Ben W and Bailey K in Durham NC; and Brooke W somewhere else in NC. Michigan had at least 6 locations represented beyond Ann Arbor, including Belle Isle (see below), Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Livonia, Tecumseh, and Ypsilanti. 

belle isle

First finisher (19:48) was out of state tourist Colin P in College Park; tailwalkers (1:35:00) were Amanda E and barkrunner Gingel in the western outer wilds of Ann Arbor (aka Saginaw Forest); tail walker in terms of reporting was Kranthi B. 

Still no cats or other non-canids, but a record setting 8 bark runners joined us this week (top row: Jasper & Whistler, Cooper with Jolynn, Scout & Brooke; bottom row Baxter with Laura, Linux, Gingel)

barkrunner montage

Peruse all the results in this linked spreadsheet and read reports on the book of face and join us again next week!


In addition to the official #lillienotaparkrun results, a special expeditionary force explored the west side of Ann Arbor and wrote up a report in the spirit of legendary explorers. Their report follows.

Report Of A #lillienotaparkrun Expedition, In Which We Seek Out Artifacts To Honor “lillie” 

The subscription for multiple coordinated expeditions for the formation of singular artifacts having been filled weeks ago [ed note: other people signed up to run all the letter shapes ], we embarked upon an independent attempt to honor our clan. Our goal: the collection (via photographic facsimile) of artifacts already extant in the landscape, and in a sequence determined by our clan moniker.

Planning Stage

Our expeditionary force has determined that street corners have markers bearing names of varying significance. Some appear to be counters (such as Seventh and Eighth), while others bear the monikers of historical figures (Washington and Jefferson). Upon perusing the map for some many hours, we determine it shall be possible to traverse a path that honors clan lillie of parkrun USA.

The Briefing

08:58 am

The day began bright and clear. We elected to delay our departure in order to attend a collective pre-expedition briefing which often proves useful to ensure the safe and successful completion of our quest. Today, however, there was an element that may have put us in Jeopardy. The googol in attendance at the “Meet” briefing was so large that our small team, wedged into the rear of the auditorium, was unable to hear, so we elected to leave the briefing and strike out for our goal.

Matthew Tricia explorers

We donned our specially designed expeditionary gear marked with both our clan (lillie) and tribal (parkrun) markings. This will facilitate recognition and offers of assistance, etc. Additionally the clan markings can serve as a reference as we seek out the artifacts in sequence.

departure: 10:53 AM

Shortly after departure, we discovered one omission from our preparations. The path marking artifacts contain initial glyphs of a form different from our source pattern. Dr. Jones commissioned me to consult the Jupyter sourcebook on glyph conversion. By applying a heretofore obscure transformation referred to as “upper(),” we were able to deftly translate our clan name into a set of glyphs comparable to the leading glyphs we are observing on the way-markings.

first convert lillie
A report from an earlier expedition described sightings of “unmasked ruffians” with some consternation. But they assured us that if we maintained a sufficient distance from these wandering individuals, we could avoid serious exposure of all parties concerned. And indeed, we had occasion to observe but yet avoid unmasked faces along our journey.

timestamp 11:01 Liberty


We have found the first sign post with a matching glyph! A mysterious monograph precedes our target “L,” but as our glyph is in the upper() form, we conclude it satisfies the necessary conditions to qualify for our collection. Scholars believe the preceding “W.” may be an indication of the importance of the path, or perhaps some indication of its direction. We take it as a positive portent, since we began our quest with a westward heading.

timestamp 11:05 Ivywood


Our facsimile collection is hampered by an unfortunate positioning of the sun. Note to future expedition: an earlier start time may help overcome this obstacle.

Ivy Ups

It is rumored among the Strava confederation that this region has abrupt changes in elevation, thus they have named them the Ivy Ups. We notice the immediate similarity in this path marker and rejoice in having found the second item of our quest, just before our legs and lungs indeed detect the changes in elevation.  

timestamp 11:08 Lennox


On our initial exploratory expedition we had to pause while Dr. Jones recorded our findings in a Not Expedition log entitled AnaGram. This requires much adjusting of a recording device, in fact so much time, that I would prefer a more Insta kind of trip log.

timestamp 11:15 Lutz


Closer inspection of the third "L" signpost shows additional runic markings, perhaps indicating a District of Historic or Archeological Interest.

timestamp 11:23 Ivydale



A return to the Ivy Ups region was necessary to collect another artifact of the “I” variety, owing to its scarcity in this territory. Once again, our legs and lungs faithfully detect the changes in elevation. This sign is not in shadow but shows a mysterious visitation (ed note: lens flare) that we interpret as a portent: but is it ominous or auspicious?

timestamp 11:24: Evelyn Ct


The omen was indeed auspicious, as our artifact quest quickly completes upon reaching the location where Evelyn holds Court. However, as our clan requires a minimum trek for inclusion in the annals of greatness, we must continue our route for an additional 1200 meters. 


timestamp: approximately 11:30

elapsed (moving) time: 32:06

To officially establish the authenticity of our collection, Dr. Jones again employed the Jupyter sourcebook. It is a match! We pause to celebrate and reflect upon our labors, recalling the effort, the difficulties of the climbs, and the near disasters so deftly avoided by the labors of my most able expeditionary companion.


In closing I would like to leave some words of advice to any who might seek to attempt a similar feat. First, there is preparation: cartographic, linguistic, mathematical, and anthropological. There really is no substitute for a pre-expedition briefing. You must know your route and the rules that govern, how to read the signs, how to count to three. Second, there is physical preparation. Proper tools and equipment are important, but the preparation of the body for such an endeavor is also essential. A regular expedition of similar distance is recommended, perhaps every Saturday morning with others of similar interests (ed note: once tribe leadership has declared it is again safe to do so). And finally, personable and capable companionship can be essential. On many occasions, I have been invigorated by Dr. Jones’s heartening exclamations of “head up!” or “attack the hill!” or "finish strong!" during the most difficult of times. And she is undoubtedly hard at work with the editing necessary to revive my meager scratchings. (Ed note: boo yah!)

Ever onward, even if in circles!


Matthew Jones

And his able companion

Dr. Tricia Jones



#Lillienotaparkrun Week ONE: So close but so far away

Lillie parkrunners (+friends) WHAT an amazing start to our new series titled: Virtual parkrunning! While we can't physically parkrun together, sharing our Saturday morning 5k's with each other was delightfully reminiscent of different times. Results can be found here.

Forty six parkrunners from all around the country came together and bonus participation: SIX barkrunners got their weekly 5k in. Special mention: Rucifee was an excellent treadmill course marshal representing cats all over the world with his amazing skills.

We had THREE personal bests this week, with many parkrunners thriving without the triple hill we have to endure week after week. Shoutout to Joy, John P, and Laury G for crushing it!!! Can't wait to see what you have in store when we're all back in action! Even more noteworthy: John P is ONE parkrun away from the exciting 50 milestone t-shirt - that's bound to be an epic celebration when we're back.

john P virtual parkrun week 1


This week's first finisher Ben Williams was *also* a first timer! Until this week I have been unable to convince him to an actual parkrun but alas, endless persistent texts are the way to go. This is a public act of peer pressure to get him to an actual parkrun when we're back up and running!! Expect to see Ben at a parkrun as soon as physically possible (whether at Lillie or Durham parkrun, it's happening, you're all witnesses).

actual ben virtual parkrun 1

Pulling up the rear as our tailwalker was Tim Keer as he combined his virtual parkrun with mowing the lawn! Clocking in at 1 hour and 23 minutes, Tim ensured that all parkrunners were accounted for, and all blades of grass were the perfect length.

dad virtual parkrun week 1

As for the four legged participants this week, Baxter was our canine first finisher, successfully supervising his human's Saturday morning 5k. Our *literal* tailwalkers were Jasper and Whistler Keer as they took their mom on a pre-Mother's day walk around the neighborhood! Jasper has been to a handful of Lillie parkruns, but Whistler marches more to the beat of his own drum and the only pup he likes is his brother, so Jasper parkruns for the both of them!

doggos virtual parkrun week 1

Another honorably pup mention: Cooper, from Livonia, who is almost certainly the most seasoned USA barkrunner as he's run most (if not all) of his human's 316 parkruns. Wow! While his favorite dog park is still closed, Cooper took the time to send a message to his friends on his mid run pit stop. Dog social media?

cooper virtual parkrun week 1

We had THREE out-of-state tourists:

Joyce Adams (supervised by previously mentioned expert parkrun volunteer Rucifee) is one of the event directors at Roosevelt Island parkrun in the DC area! She joined us at Lillie back in November so we're very happy to *virtually* welcome her back. Fun fact about Joyce: she's been parkrunning for so long that her barcode only has 6 digits! Whoa!

Also joining us from the DC area was Colin Phillips, a well known name in the parkrun universe, as one of the College Park parkrun event directors in DC. Thanks to Colin's extremely thorough creation of their virtual parkrun these past two weeks, setting up the rules for ours was essentially a piece of cake. Thanks Colin!

colin p virtual parkrun week 1

Our third and final out of state tourist is really Lillie parkrun regular, Brooke Wolford! She's with her parents in North Carolina where her mother has started a parkrun herself because of Lillie! Check out their recent feature on parkrun USA HERE.

brooke virtual parkrun week 1

In terms of absolute time of the day, our legitimate first finishers is a toss up between Barbara/Gabe and Kranthi, both parties clocking in their 5ks before we even gave the run briefing! You heard that right, a pre 9am 5k (not required) just for fun. Woo!

kranthi virtual parkrun week 1

Our absolute tailwalker (based on time of submission within the window) was Tim Gallagher from Livonia, posting his results promptly at 7:59pm which definitely deserves a tailwalker mention. Here he is pictured with our founder Steph back in what looks like some very very cold parkrun weather!

steph tim g virtual parkrunw eek 1

We also had many virtual tourists from Livonia parkrun, our big sister just up the road, so hopefully we'll see more virtual tourism as the weeks go on.

Additionally, Amanda S and Kristine spent some time exploring the other trails at Lillie, which may be in our future if the bridge continues to "blend in" with the lake. Love the social distancing!

amanda kristine virtual parkrun week 1

THANK YOU to everyone who participated today, it was a great way to see what you are all up to. Please continue to share your activities with us during the week and we will see you back for our next virtual #Lillienotaparkrun next Saturday, May 16th!

Anyone is welcome to volunteer to write a run report like this, monitor the social medias for results coming in, literally anything you could possibly think of to do and we'll give you a volunteer shoutout! No task too big or small to be appreciated in the parkrun world.

While this may be what our Saturdays are going to look like for the foreseeable future, all of us at Lillie parkrun can guarantee the same welcoming and encouraging community. If you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out to your fellow parkrun family! We're here for you all... Keep up the parkrunning!

Lots of virtual high fives,


4/4/2020 Lillie -virtual- parkrun #76i

Great turnout today for event 76i (i for imaginary, still). 11 teams of parkrunners joined our livestream! The quiz questions were even more difficult this week. The average score fell to 9.5/18, or a mere 53% (SD: 15%). Rumor has it that the run director Adam H went to Lillie park with a tape measure in devising the questions. We admire his dedication. But somebody should tell him that Google Earth is a thing...

Here are the questions if you missed the quiz, and you can try it yourself here.

How well do you REALLY know Lillie park
1) What is the diameter of the roundabout?
2) How many pavillions are there in Lillie park?
3) How many parking spaces are there at Lillie park south?
4) When soccer is on, where do I ask you all to park?
5) Name of the North course lake?

6) Which is not a sponsor of Lillie parkrun?
7) What is the wording on the sign placed on the roundabout?
8) How many gallons is the new storage tote?
9) How many orange cones form the finish chute?
10) What brand is on the side of the yellow equipment bucket?

11) If you look up while entering Biggby, what can you see in the biggby sign?
12) Number of parking spaces at Biggby parking lot?
13) Biggby overflow parking lot name?
14) and 15) Count the parkrunners in the photos.
16) Only person in both pictures?

BONUS (2 pts)
17) Math: how many laps around the roundabout, given the diameter (Q1), do you do to run a 5k?

So? Did you do better than our livestreamers?

tempHaving been the run director for the past two weeks, Emma finished first as a first-timer. Answering Q10 and Q14 correctly when nobody else did definitely put her over the top! Yet, do we REALLY know the right answer for Q14 and Q15?


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