9/18/2021 Lillie parkrun #91: It’s Fall, don’t Fall! (on the nuts etc.)

Veteran parkrunner Josh S (who has completed 134 parkruns) was sandwiched in the first three finishers by second-timer Ben W, who finished first with a PB time of 19:16, and First-timer Adam L. who started his parkrun career with a time of 19:43.

First female finisher was Sachiko T with a PB of 23:11 , which was also a new Age Category record for Lillie parkrun. Way To Go, Sachiko!

Also notching up PBs were Yuma T, Kurt S, Scott B, Ana D, Rangarao R, and Thor S.  Nice work!

Other new faces were Christopher C, Carrie S, and Justin H. Welcome!


Cooler temperatures brought a welcome respite from the mosquitoes, but the 51 finishers did have to contend with an assortment of fallen nuts on the course, notably Hickory nuts and Black Walnuts. The Goldenrod was in full bloom -lamented by several hay-fever sufferers- but I performed a deep scientific study of this phenomenon (i.e. I Googled) and discovered that golden rod actually has large pollen particles that fall close to the plant or are carried by insects so are not terribly likely to cause people to have allergic reactions, but it blooms at exactly the same time as its cousin Ragweed, which is slightly less visually striking, but casts numerous tiny pollen particles far and wide using the wind as a carrier,  so it is more likely the culprit.

Several of us were fresh from the Gallup Gallop the night before -either participating, volunteering (on-the-day and organizing), or manning the parkrun tent to spread the word!  Two Lillie parkrunners won their age categories -Laurel P and Aldus Y.  Way to Represent!

As always, deep gratitude to all the volunteers who make parkrun possible. There are many volunteer roles -some on the day of the run -before, during, and after, and some during the week. Some easy, some involved. Some allow you to run, some don’t. If you have never volunteered before, please consider it -we’re a friendly bunch.  Every week we need a crew to set up, someone to be in charge of the race, people to record times and match runners to times, people to come last, people to take pictures, people to tear down…… and you could even volunteer to write this report!

Finally, don’t forget to check us out on social media, and meet up in real life after the run at Biggby’s just down the street from Lillie.


9/11/2021 Lillie parkrun #90: 5K 5Ks!

sun bleach start

We did it! We reached 5000 finishes! Is everyone excited?!? What, just me? Okay.

But who was it? This guy: Kurt Sonen, who finished in 24:14, setting a new PB. Kurt finished 8th on his 8th run at Lillie (he has also run Livonia 8 times. Crazy 8s!) (Psst, Kurt, that looks like 9 fingers.)

5000th finish at Lillie

At our ninetieth run on 11 September 2021, we had 53 finishers and 16 volunteers. That total included 7 first timers: welcome to Kathleen C, Cameron G, Noah C, John G, Kristina H, and Walker L. who were joined by tourist Sarah E from Kensington (MD) parkrun. Sarah finished in the numerically interesting time of 23:34, which set a new record for her age group (VW40-44). Based on her hat, she was rooting for the correct team at Michigan Stadium later in the day.

Jeremie Laurel and Sarah setting records

Jeremie, Laurel, and Sarah on their way to age group records

18 of our parkrunners set PBs (personal bests) on the day. Leading the PB way was Jeremie O, who finished 18:02 on his way to first finisher. He also set a new record for his age group (SM30-34). Laurel P was again first female finisher, and her 21:43 PB means she once again set an age group record (VW55-59) and redefined our course overall age grade record. Congratulations to you both!

3 of these people set PBs

David B led the 3 adults in this photo to PBs: Steve R, Sheri R, and Tricia J. Other people setting PBs were Michael C, Sara W, Darel M, Gabe T, Thorsten K, Muhammad T, Bill G, Heather D, Anna V, Thor S, Leslie P, and Raghuma S. Well done - we're all cheering for you!

One more notable event: Torsten spotted another critter, a garter snake this time. Somewhere between branch and ground and branch again, it turned on him and said (in it’s snake-y way) “go away, you have a parkrun to finish!” 

We’ve had a total of 5045 finishers in our 90 runs. Cumulatively, we’ve run 25225 km, or 63% of the circumference of the Earth.  With 916 unique participants, that’s an average of 5.5 runs per person. Just 84 more first-timers until we reach 1000. But enough numbers for now: join us again next week for more Lillie parkrun fun, and join us after your run at Biggby for coffee and chat.



9/4/2021 Lillie parkrun #89: Poetry in Motion

Lillie parkrun, number 89:

Turnout was decent, weather was fine.

‘skeeters were present, wanting to dine.

58 braved them and crossed the line.


Oh yes, dear readers, it’s well past time

A Run Rep written wholly in rhyme

“Far too silly” did I hear you chime?

I drop the gauntlet: Run Rep in Mime.


Barkrunners were plenty, some humans came too

But still no kitties in our Saturday Zoo.

5 ran for the first time, so Welcome to you:

Jeffrey, Thorsten, Srishiki, Bill, Leslie. Woo!


There were 11 personal bests

Well done all, celebrate, beat your chests!

And we broke records -4 of them, yes!

For times in age groups, 3 were fastest.


Walter C, Laurel P, Ellen R

-they set new top times for Lillie Park.

That isn’t all -Laurel ran so hard

She topped her own age-graded record.


First back was Josh S, also Jeremie O

Who ran the same time, less than 20, you know.

Laurel P for the women -new record. Yo!

And Tui for dogs -wishing Charles would let go!

Lastly, a pic, which I think is awesome.

Matti the dog, and Thorsten and Torsten:



8/28/2021 Lillie parkrun #88: a family affair

Olds 88 from wikipedia

Lillie parkrun Super 88 saw 54 finishers, with stalwarts Josh S as first finisher and Laurel P as first female finisher. In addition, Ellen R set a new age group record for 18-19 year old females with a time of 24:18. We have it on good authority that Ellen is a student at UM with a Styron connection so we may be seeing more of her.

ellen combo pics

Ellen was one of our 10 first-timers at Lillie this week. Half of them are new to parkrun: welcome to Deekshitha R, Saharsha G, Thor S, James B, and Rajanikanth K - we hope to see you back! The other half have participated before: Ellen and Matthew R (2nd timers), Elena S (another Styron! 6 total events at 5 different locations), Karen V (a regular at Rec Plex North in Pensacola) and Dan O who has 175 parkruns under his soles and is a regular at Fletcher’s Cove! One more and he could have been our honorary double-super-88 mascot.

tourists combo

We also had 3 PBs this week: Christa S-W has improved every week and has cut 6 minutes off her time. Raghuma S has also cut about 6 minutes from his time and set 3 PBs in a row. Finally, Rajender G has set a PB every week he’s run at Lillie and this week cut 10 minutes off his time - super! Maybe Rajender was trying to keep up with his daughter Saharsha G (in yellow in photo below), who finished a few seconds ahead of him with her friend Deekshitha R?

young first timers

parkrun: it's a family affair. The Gadus and the Ravus could ask the Styrons, or the Dudashes, or the Yuns, or the Sinz-Welshes, or the (Suzanne) Joneses, or the Swansons, or the Bertchers, or (the many other parent-kid combons who have run with us but maybe not this week).


And in the grand scheme of things, we have now have 4934 people finish a Lillie parkrun. That means we are only 66 finishers short of 5000! Will it be September 4th or 11th that we reach 5K people doing our 5K?

thumbs up




8/21/21 Lillie parkrun #87: Squirrel!

Guest Reporter Charlie here with this week’s Run Report.

Reporter Charlie

The humidity and bitey buzzy things made going a bit ruff, But three intrepid barkrunners and lots of two-legged food providers crossed the finish line and got “good boy”s and “good girl”s. 66 of them, apparently.

Tui was showing off and was the first barkrunner to finish with a time of 30:49, whilst junior barkrunner Cosmo returned for his second barkrun and clocked up 54:33 after a pit stop to change humans. I, of course, was with the sensible and essential tailwagging group the whole time, herding the walkers and chasing off dangerous black squirrels.

Tui Cosmo

Jeremy O was the first “Good Boy” with a time of 18:40, and Laurel P was the first “Good Girl” with a time of 23:08.

Tui helped Charles Y complete his 50th parkrun, alongside Barbara T and Kranthi B. That’s a lot of running, they’re going to need lots of water! And perhaps join me for a cooling dip in the pond.

50 milestones

We smelled lots of smells, they were great. The first-timers smelled particularly nice, they were Bree A, JP G, Kevin R, Lauren M, Mitch H, Sophie L Théa K and a few more who didn’t have their barcodes. Welcome! Please come back again (and bring dog treats as well as your barcodes).

One sixth of the two-leggers must have seen a squirrel because they ran very hard indeed and achieved Personal Best Times: Anand M, Batool A, Daniel J, John M, Raghuma S, Rajender G, Rangarao R, Sheri R, Steve R, Tushar T and Wafa M.

Maggie and Speckles kept the humans playing with their phones by the finish line in order, so a big wet kiss for them and all the other volunteers.

Maggie Speckles

Afterwards some of us went to Biggby’s where the dog biscuits provided by my mom were very good, but we shared because I am a good boy. The humans had biscuits provided by Charles which they seemed to enjoy. I’m not one to gossip, but it seemed that the youngsters were developing a bit of a crush on one another…. I’m keeping my eye on them.






8/14/2021 Lillie parkrun #86: Small but Perfectly Formed

Last Saturday (the day before the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run) 42 parkrunners and 4 barkrunners crossed the finish line at Lillie Park.  So, dear Douglas Adams, the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything must be "How many humans finished Lillie parkrun #86?".

Not only were many of our regulars running in the DXA2 the next day, but some of them were busy running the event!  Shout Out to JJ, Laurel P, and everyone who volunteered to make that happen!

Finishing first at Lillie was Tourist Tim T, who crossed the line in 20:33 on his 25th parkrun. Previously he has run at Livonia 4 times, and before that at Pontefract in England. Welcome and Well Done, Tim! Finishing last were tailwalker Sara W and her posse, checking in at one hour and a few seconds. First Female Finisher was Naomi H in 6th place overall on her 7th parkrun, with a new Personal Best time of 23:55. Congratulations, Naomi.

Canine Corner

Barkunners Charlie, Chloe, Cosmo, and Liberty kept all the squirrels, rabbits, and birds out of our way -thanks guys.

Achiever Alcove

6 participants achieved PBs this week: Alan S, Andreas W, Christa S, David W, Naomi H, and Rajagopalan S. Well Done, all!

Newbie Niche

Welcome to first-timers Akshat M, Anand M, Anna V, Heather D and Keri H!

Number Nerd Nook

On the Aesthetically Pleasing Finish Times front, Alan S finished in 35:35 -his 4th PB in a row -and only his 5th ever parkrun! WTG, Alan, a PB every time!  Kranthi B -who will be celebrating his 50th parkrun milestone this week- recorded 37:37, whilst Jeremy W opted for  mirror symmetry over repetition with a finish time of 31:13.

On the Super Weird/Vanessa-you-need-to-get-a-life front... it is interesting to note that 5 of the 42 human finishers (12%) had times of XY:55.

Photo Finish

After weeks of being plagued by the flying vampires as we set up and ran, I thought we were being attacked by a mega mosquito this week…… but it turned out to be Alex C’s drone taking pictures. Check them out on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lillieparkrun Here’s a taster…..



Why yes, I do adore a little alliteration....... why do you ask?



8/7/2021 Lillie parkrun 85: closing in on 5K!

News flash: we're closing in on 5000 finishers - 5K people completing a 5K at Lillie parkrun!  In our 85 events so far, we've had 4,771 finishes. That means we've got 229 to go. With an average of 60 finishers per post-pandemic week, we should reach that milestone in about 4 weeks.

Kranthi and friends

Kranthi and friends

But first, let's talk about this week. Our first finisher was Matthew D (19:09) and first female finisher was Laurel P (23:06). The first 3 finishers completed the course under 20 minutes, including Jaime D who set a PB for the 2nd week in a row.

susan and tricia

first-timer Susan, neighbor of Lillie regular Tricia

We had a total of 72 finishers, including at least 5 first-timers: Ryan R, Hannah B, Srinath C, Susan B, and Rajagopalan S. We hope to see you back soon! We welcomed visitors Ali P from Rec Plex North in Pensacola, FL, and Alice and Michael B from Fletcher's Cove in DC. Join us again next time you're in town.

tourists Ali, Michael, and Alice

tourists Ali, Michael, and Alice

At least 8 finishers achieved PBs: congrats to Rajender G, Raghuma S, Alan S (PB 3 weeks in a row!), Carsten W, Dan R (also 3 weeks in a row!), Aldus Y, Matt B, and Jaime D.  Way to go!

So why all the “at least”? As mentioned elsewhere (email, FB, instagram), we had a bit of a glitch with the scanning app this week. After one of the tokens got scanned, all the previous results just ... disappeared. Thank you to everyone who already responded to our plea for your finish details - with your input we're down to 10 unknowns (including the 4 who finished after Steve & Sheri & youngster David B). If you finished this week but don’t see your name in the results, please contact us with details (your finish token number, approximate time if you were tracking it, and/or people you finished near).

Steve and Sheri

Steve and Sheri

Aesthetically pleasing and numerically interesting is in the eye of the beholder, but this week those finish times included

  • JJ (22:33), Terese B (31:31),
  • seconds-doubling-minutes: Henry (22:44) and Sachiko (24:48),
  • reflective: Charles (35:53) and Suzanne (50:05),
  • and Ana gets an honorary mention with 33:32, 1 second from all 3s.

As long as we're geeking out on numbers, note that 85 is the smallest number that can be represented as a sum of two squares (greater than 1) in two different ways: 85 = (9*9) + (2*2) and (7*7) + (6*6).

Join us again next week. If you volunteer for setup crew, you might get to see a lovely sunrise like this one captured by Amanda S!

Amanda sunrise


7/31/2021 Lillie Parkrun #84: Tourist Season …and more milestones and another record

We had 61 finishers this week, with 12 of them achieving Personal Bests (and half of those were among the first 10 finishers!) One PB achiever was our first female finisher, Laurel P, who set a new Age-Graded Record two weeks ago, only to have it beaten last week by Alex B visiting from California. Today, she reclaimed that record with an amazing 82.06%! Congratulations, Laurel.

First across the line was Jaime D, with a PB of 19:59. Sub 20! WTG!

Two milestones were celebrated this week -it was Kristine Y’s 50th parkrun and Vanessa C’s 25th time volunteering. We also learned that it was Reed S’s 27th time volunteering and we missed his 25th…….. so that run-briefing shout-out will be coming…..731msts

We welcomed two first-timers (one of whom wasn’t intending to participate, but we can be very persuasive…… :D )   Hi to Hollie A and Kevin M.  And there was one tourist…. welcome to Derek S who usually runs at College Park in Maryland.731new

Speaking of tourists…….some of our regulars were missing from Lillie this week…… but we tracked them down….. Henry S was busy finishing first at Eagan parkrun (MN), whilst dad Josh S was pipped at the post and finished second at Heritage Harbor Ottawa parkrun (IL) ….where he was surprised to find Emma K and Adam H also touristing -Emma was the first female finisher and Adam was the tailwalker. Way to Represent, Lillie parkrunners!

And whilst we’re on the travelling theme… Sara W has spent the last three months virtually running across Tennessee and completed her mission yesterday. That’s an average of 7 miles per day since the start of May! Congratulations Sara….. Most of us would have taken today off….. but Sara still rolled out of bed extra early this morning to set-up ……and then run….. Thank you! And WOW!SaraTN



7/24/2021 Lillie parkrun #83: Smashing Records!

happy family

If you’ve been around parkrun for awhile, you know that HQ is keeping track of lots of data about your individual performance. You probably know you can go to the latest results page, look at the detailed view, and sort by various categories to see that this week we had 63 finishers, and 10 first-timers. You might notice that 2 of the first-timers have run at other events; you can click through on their names and see where else they have run (for example, Elizabeth S ran once at Aspen and Chirag B twice at Livonia).


You might also notice that 14 people have a red "New PB!" by their name, indicating that they set a new personal best time at Lillie. But did you know that HQ keeps track of lots of stats on the event level as well?

Alex B, first-timer, record-smasher

Alex B, first-timer, record-smasher

If you look at the bottom of the page, you'll see that this week's first finisher Alex B set a NEW COURSE RECORD of 16:33, smashing the old one by over a minute. Well done, Alex! We hope you visit us again whenever you're in town.

If you poke around on the event history page and sort by "male first finisher," you'll see that the previous record was set by Moses W-P (17:45) at event 67 in January 2020.

Now back to Alex. At the bottom of the page you can also see that he set an age-graded record of 81.57%. The weekly results email links to an explanation of age-grading (TL;DR: it compares your time to others of similar age around the world). Interesting factoids: the previous age-graded record was 81.1% and set by Laurel Park a mere 7 days ago. Before that, it was 79.72% and set by Karen Crane at our inaugural event in November 2018! If you want to see where your personal best lands you, chose "age-graded league" under the results menu and search for your name.

Naomi H, first female finisher, age group record holder

Naomi H, first female finisher, age group record holder

The latest results also list where you are within the female or male finishers on the given day. This week, Naomi H was first female finisher at 24:24 (an aesthetically pleasing time) and knocked 30 seconds off her PB. (Naomi has set a PB every week but one - wow!)  If you choose "age category records" from the results menu you can see that Naomi's time set a new record for her age group (JW11-14). (And when you change age groups, your results from the previous group stay in that group. So if Naomi were to turn 15 tomorrow, she'd still have that JW11-14 record until someone beat it.)

calvin 2s

The people who like aesthetically pleasing numbers will notice that on Calvin’s 64th park run, he finished in 8th position with a time of 22:22. Was the 22 predicted as he ran past our photographer?

Kumar family volunteers

And last but not least, parkrun HQ is keeping track of your volunteer efforts. Just ask Rajiv (who has volunteered basically every week), and maybe follow his lead by roping your family into helping when they come to visit you! Thank you to Angelica, Sarina, Madhav, Rajiv, and all the other non-Kumar-family volunteers. If you want to volunteer in the future, sign up here.


7/17/2021 Lillie parkrun #82: Checking All The Boxes

First-timers --- √ CHECK!

Welcome to Keri M, Marc E, and Tyacie C!


Tourists --- √ CHECK!

Hi to Ruth L -a regular at Mansfield parkrun, OH.  It was lovely to have you join us.


Volunteer milestone --- √ CHECK!

Sara W volunteered for the 25th time this week. Often found at Lillie Park bright and early setting up the course, today Sara was collecting and sorting the finisher chips ready for us to do it all again next week….  Thank you, Sara!


parkruns milestone --- √ CHECK!

Nicola N ran her 50th parkrun today and brought all her lovely family to run with her and to volunteer –daughter Vivien was our Radiant Run Director this morning, Son Jack ran a PB and Nicola and Tony finished together in Nicola’s second-best-ever time of 28:59. Congratulations, Nicola!  And thank you N family for being such a wonderful part of our communityI

N fam

New Lillie parkrun Record --- √ CHECK!

Laurel P is the new Age-Graded Record holder, with a whopping 81.1%!  Age grading compares your times to others in your age/gender group, so it allows you to compare yourself to others in different groups.  the higher the %, the faster you are.  Way to go, Laurel!

Personal Bests --- √ CHECK!

There were 11 PBs this week -19% of finishers achieving their fastest ever time! Of our 10 fastest finishers this week, half achieved PBs, and …satisfyingly for us number-pattern-lovers… these 5 were the runners finishing in the evenly-numbered positions.

Alan S, David R and Jeremie O all finished their second-ever parkruns, bettering their times from their maiden outings, whilst at the other end of the spectrum, parkrun veterans Henry S and Matthew J (with 56 and 57 parkruns under their belts respectively) also recorded record times. First female finisher Laurel P chalked up a PB on her 3rd parkrun, Jack N on his 4th, Dan R and Tushar T on their 6th, Jackson S on his 8th, Brendan B on his 12th.

 Fun Finish Times  --- √ CHECK!

I think it was Amanda S who first talked about "aesthetically pleasing" times in a run report ....helping all of us number nerds know we are not alone......

Timekeeper Carol C excelled herself this week.:

  • Tyacie C and Marc E both finished in 24:24
  • Tiffany F and Nicole R both finished in 33:33
  • Elizabeth D clocked up 31:13.

And finally.... how did we do?

Storming home first -for the 4th week on the run and only his 4th parkrun- was Matthew D in a time of 18.52. Just 6 seconds later, Jeremie O crossed the line to be 2nd on his 2nd parkrun and notching up a new Personal Best time.  First female finisher was Laurel P in 22:56 -a Personal Best, and our tailwalkers (the Keer family) closed it up in an hour and change.


As always, thanks to all volunteers. See you on Saturday!


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