8/28/2021 Lillie parkrun #88: a family affair

Olds 88 from wikipedia

Lillie parkrun Super 88 saw 54 finishers, with stalwarts Josh S as first finisher and Laurel P as first female finisher. In addition, Ellen R set a new age group record for 18-19 year old females with a time of 24:18. We have it on good authority that Ellen is a student at UM with a Styron connection so we may be seeing more of her.

ellen combo pics

Ellen was one of our 10 first-timers at Lillie this week. Half of them are new to parkrun: welcome to Deekshitha R, Saharsha G, Thor S, James B, and Rajanikanth K - we hope to see you back! The other half have participated before: Ellen and Matthew R (2nd timers), Elena S (another Styron! 6 total events at 5 different locations), Karen V (a regular at Rec Plex North in Pensacola) and Dan O who has 175 parkruns under his soles and is a regular at Fletcher’s Cove! One more and he could have been our honorary double-super-88 mascot.

tourists combo

We also had 3 PBs this week: Christa S-W has improved every week and has cut 6 minutes off her time. Raghuma S has also cut about 6 minutes from his time and set 3 PBs in a row. Finally, Rajender G has set a PB every week he’s run at Lillie and this week cut 10 minutes off his time - super! Maybe Rajender was trying to keep up with his daughter Saharsha G (in yellow in photo below), who finished a few seconds ahead of him with her friend Deekshitha R?

young first timers

parkrun: it's a family affair. The Gadus and the Ravus could ask the Styrons, or the Dudashes, or the Yuns, or the Sinz-Welshes, or the (Suzanne) Joneses, or the Swansons, or the Bertchers, or (the many other parent-kid combons who have run with us but maybe not this week).


And in the grand scheme of things, we have now have 4934 people finish a Lillie parkrun. That means we are only 66 finishers short of 5000! Will it be September 4th or 11th that we reach 5K people doing our 5K?

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