8/21/21 Lillie parkrun #87: Squirrel!

Guest Reporter Charlie here with this week’s Run Report.

Reporter Charlie

The humidity and bitey buzzy things made going a bit ruff, But three intrepid barkrunners and lots of two-legged food providers crossed the finish line and got “good boy”s and “good girl”s. 66 of them, apparently.

Tui was showing off and was the first barkrunner to finish with a time of 30:49, whilst junior barkrunner Cosmo returned for his second barkrun and clocked up 54:33 after a pit stop to change humans. I, of course, was with the sensible and essential tailwagging group the whole time, herding the walkers and chasing off dangerous black squirrels.

Tui Cosmo

Jeremy O was the first “Good Boy” with a time of 18:40, and Laurel P was the first “Good Girl” with a time of 23:08.

Tui helped Charles Y complete his 50th parkrun, alongside Barbara T and Kranthi B. That’s a lot of running, they’re going to need lots of water! And perhaps join me for a cooling dip in the pond.

50 milestones

We smelled lots of smells, they were great. The first-timers smelled particularly nice, they were Bree A, JP G, Kevin R, Lauren M, Mitch H, Sophie L Théa K and a few more who didn’t have their barcodes. Welcome! Please come back again (and bring dog treats as well as your barcodes).

One sixth of the two-leggers must have seen a squirrel because they ran very hard indeed and achieved Personal Best Times: Anand M, Batool A, Daniel J, John M, Raghuma S, Rajender G, Rangarao R, Sheri R, Steve R, Tushar T and Wafa M.

Maggie and Speckles kept the humans playing with their phones by the finish line in order, so a big wet kiss for them and all the other volunteers.

Maggie Speckles

Afterwards some of us went to Biggby’s where the dog biscuits provided by my mom were very good, but we shared because I am a good boy. The humans had biscuits provided by Charles which they seemed to enjoy. I’m not one to gossip, but it seemed that the youngsters were developing a bit of a crush on one another…. I’m keeping my eye on them.