7/24/2021 Lillie parkrun #83: Smashing Records!

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If you’ve been around parkrun for awhile, you know that HQ is keeping track of lots of data about your individual performance. You probably know you can go to the latest results page, look at the detailed view, and sort by various categories to see that this week we had 63 finishers, and 10 first-timers. You might notice that 2 of the first-timers have run at other events; you can click through on their names and see where else they have run (for example, Elizabeth S ran once at Aspen and Chirag B twice at Livonia).


You might also notice that 14 people have a red "New PB!" by their name, indicating that they set a new personal best time at Lillie. But did you know that HQ keeps track of lots of stats on the event level as well?

Alex B, first-timer, record-smasher

Alex B, first-timer, record-smasher

If you look at the bottom of the page, you'll see that this week's first finisher Alex B set a NEW COURSE RECORD of 16:33, smashing the old one by over a minute. Well done, Alex! We hope you visit us again whenever you're in town.

If you poke around on the event history page and sort by "male first finisher," you'll see that the previous record was set by Moses W-P (17:45) at event 67 in January 2020.

Now back to Alex. At the bottom of the page you can also see that he set an age-graded record of 81.57%. The weekly results email links to an explanation of age-grading (TL;DR: it compares your time to others of similar age around the world). Interesting factoids: the previous age-graded record was 81.1% and set by Laurel Park a mere 7 days ago. Before that, it was 79.72% and set by Karen Crane at our inaugural event in November 2018! If you want to see where your personal best lands you, chose "age-graded league" under the results menu and search for your name.

Naomi H, first female finisher, age group record holder

Naomi H, first female finisher, age group record holder

The latest results also list where you are within the female or male finishers on the given day. This week, Naomi H was first female finisher at 24:24 (an aesthetically pleasing time) and knocked 30 seconds off her PB. (Naomi has set a PB every week but one - wow!)  If you choose "age category records" from the results menu you can see that Naomi's time set a new record for her age group (JW11-14). (And when you change age groups, your results from the previous group stay in that group. So if Naomi were to turn 15 tomorrow, she'd still have that JW11-14 record until someone beat it.)

calvin 2s

The people who like aesthetically pleasing numbers will notice that on Calvin’s 64th park run, he finished in 8th position with a time of 22:22. Was the 22 predicted as he ran past our photographer?

Kumar family volunteers

And last but not least, parkrun HQ is keeping track of your volunteer efforts. Just ask Rajiv (who has volunteered basically every week), and maybe follow his lead by roping your family into helping when they come to visit you! Thank you to Angelica, Sarina, Madhav, Rajiv, and all the other non-Kumar-family volunteers. If you want to volunteer in the future, sign up here.