7/10/2021 Lillie parkrun #81 Another Milestone and a Million Mosquitoes

45 returning parkrunners and 8 first-timers battled their way through the mosquito mayhem at Lillie Park this morning.   Welcome to Alan S, Cameron R, David R, Jeremie O, Muhammad T, Sarah H, Susan A and Virang P, and congratulations to Sarah R, who completed her 50th parkrun.


After an unusual warm-up of trying to outrun the infernal insects whilst setting up the course -and developing some impressive welts-  Matthew D stormed home first with a new personal best time of 18.21.


Hot on his heels were Josh S and first-timer Jeremie O. Laurel P was the first female finisher, running a new personal best time of 24.16, closely followed by Naomi H, who also achieved a new PB. It seems trying to escape the buzzing bloodsuckers put some spring in everybody’s step this morning! Ana D, Daniel J, Jesse H, Mary G, Sreejith B and Thomas E also chalked up new personal best times. You may think it sounds crazy to try and outrun mosquitoes, but they are actually quite slow as insects go, flying around 1-1.5 mph, whereas our tailwalker today completed over three miles in an hour -so we were all faster than mosquitoes!


Only female mosquitoes bite -they need a blood meal in order to be able to produce eggs. But they don’t care whether they are biting males or females.  Otherwise adult mosquitoes feed on nectar.  For those who didn’t manage to outrun the pesky piercing proboscises, Nicola N recommends a product called Sting-Eze, although preventing bites with a repellant is better.... here we all are warming up and DEETing up.....

Deetin' up

As always, thanks to all the volunteers who make Lillie parkrun happen ...and shoutout to Josh S for setting up a little barcode printing area to help keep our finish funnel moving and covid-safe


Next week, Lillie Park is hosting Pedal Pittsfield. Although this event starts after parkrun, the organizers will need to start setting up quite early, so please park on Hanselman Drive.