Lillie parkrun #80: Happy Fourth of July!

In a happy change from the last few weeks, it was a (sort of) chilly Saturday morning with temps in the low 60s. 48 parkrunners joined us for our 80th event and there were a whopping 10 personal bests all across the board, so congrats to Matthew D, Dan R, Sachiko T, Naomi H, Nicola N, Daniel J, Jesse H, Sreejith B, Thomas E, and Michelle J!

We had 7 first timers this weekend- Rick S, Laurel P, Kougar L, Hongling Lu, Anne G, Lisa W, and Ben W! We also welcomed parkrun tourist Elizabeth W from Livonia parkrun.

As you all know, parkrun would not be possible without the help from our amazing volunteers, so here's a special shoutout to everyone who made this weekend a success as always: Kranthi B, Vanessa C, Matthew D, Adam H, JJ, Tricia J, Emma K, Tim K, Rajiv K, Vivien N, Amanda S, Sara W, and Calvin W!

Our usual photographer Marie was out of town this weekend (after managing to reach her v25 last week with no celebration, which will soon be fixed!) so our finish line photos are scarce and in between, but a huge thank you to Amanda S for stepping up so we have something to share!

And it wouldn't be a parkrun for Amanda S if she didn't take a bridge pic, so here it is in all of it's (surprisingly dry) glory! We definitely miss getting these views every week...

bride 80


Co-event director Rajiv helped us out with timing this week- Rajiv is one of our most-seasoned volunteers and has volunteered on 50 different occasions! We bet he's excited for the new parkrun milestone t-shirts...

rajiv 80

Here are the rest of our finish-line volunteer crew- Abby, JJ, and Calvin making sure that everyone gets a time and no tokens go missing!

more volunteers 80


Michelle and Madelyn J finishing strong while dad/husband JJ barcode scans. Michelle got a PB today, congrats!

jankowskis 80

It was a day for "bring old friends to parkrun!" Amanda P and friend-from-college Sarah W are closely trailed by Emma K and friend-from-high-school Ben W. Ben was a regular virtual parkrunner but this was his first official parkrun, despite living just adjacent to Durham NC for four years... Welcome to parkrun!

finish group 80

She may have slept in but she managed to beat the tailwalker, and we certainly were glad she made it - Brooke's move back to North Carolina took her away from Lillie parkrun, and now her big move all the way to Norway will take her even farther! If you're looking for an exciting place to get some parkrun tourism in, consider Creekside parkrun, started by Brooke's mom, Joyce, (also a regular virtual parkrunner) and inspired by how welcome they both felt here at Lillie parkrun.

brooke 80

And last, but definitely not least, we have tailwalker Tim K bringing up the rear!

dad 80

Thanks for a great week at Lillie parkrun! We'll see you again next week!