#Lillienotaparkrun week TWELVE: our week in pictures

Hey Lillie parkrunners! What a great #Lillienotaparkrun week 12 we had!!! Of our 30 virtual parkrunners this week, we had 3 parkrunners earning their big TEN badge (Great job Tim G, Janet, and Amanda P!) and 9 parkrunners who have perfect virtual parkrun attendance (you guys know who you are!!). Our average finish time was 40 minutes flat - awesome!! We love seeing how many walkers we're getting. Check out some great pictures from the day:

laura and baxter week 12

It definitely wouldn't be a #Lillienotaparkrun without our weekly dose of Baxter! Laura and Baxter explored Mary Beth Doyle Park in Ann Arbor, taking advantage of the shade on an extremely hot day!

joe week 12


Joe definitely felt the heat as well, you can just tell by those red faces the before and after pics! But still, we're glad everyone got out there!!

matthew:tricia week 12

Some of us decided that the heat was the perfect excuse for some treats - Matthew and Tricia made a well-deserved stop at Dexter bakery after their 5k... We're jealous!

amanda week 12

Amanda, Kristine, and Torsten spent their morning exploring Parker Mill Park and LOOK at those pictures! We're sure lucky to live in such a pretty place, yeah?

me week 12

Emma walked her 5k around Bandemere before it got too hot and crowded, but there were lots of baby geese!

marie week 12

Marie, Vanessa, and Rajiv walked around the trails adjacent to Lillie Park. In order to finish off her bingo square, Vanessa and Rajiv walked one of those miles backwards while Marie (sort of) guided them! Left? The other left? Right? Safe to say, would've been a fun adventure to watch!

colin week 12

All the way in College Park, MD, Colin was out for his Saturday morning run when he ran into fellow parkrunner John and they were able to do part of their College Park virtual parkrun together! We love seeing how strong the parkrun community is to withstand a few months of not seeing each other in person. Keep it up - social distanced runs with friends are a great way to stay active, social, and safe all in one!

janet week 12

Janet and her dad, Mark, explored Lower Huron Metro park and saw loads of deer - should we invite the deer to parkrun with us? Think that would go over well? Maybe?

tiffany week 12

Tiffany let us know how much she's enjoying her time outside every Saturday morning - and we are too! We love seeing everyone still incorporating parkrun into their lives in whatever way they can!!

That's it from us this week... Just a few more days to finish up with your July bingo boards!! We're still taking requests for August bingo (and we've noted that the backwards mile was not a fan favorite... oops) so send them in! We'll see you all *virtually* soon!! <3