#Lillienotaparkrun week ELEVEN: The Heat Is On! Also… StravArt Fair announcement

31  Lillienotaparkrunners and one Lillienotabarkrunner reported in this week for Lillienotaparkrun #11. 9 human participants earned their Big Ten badges, and 9 have participated in all 11 Notalillieparkruns! Barkrunner Baxter also hit the Big Ten. There was one newcomer: Welcome, Mark! Mauricio was our lone international tourist -from Canada, and Colin and Joyce joined us from out of state. Sadly, no cats, lizards, fish or other non-canine pets submitted any times. (Sorry, Emma, maybe next week….).

Ben, Josh and Colin all stormed home (in that order) in under 23 minutes to top the table. At the other end of the spectrum, Tiffany (reporting 70 minutes) was pipped at the post for the coveted tailwalker position by Mini-Tiffany who -whilst technically finishing at the same time and maybe even before mama-to-be (unless Tiffany was walking backwards- (LilleParkrunBingo square))…. Is our youngest ever Notalillieparkrunner so wins everything by default.

In addition to the running and walking, there was a fiercely contested Poohsticks* tournament among a small group of LillieParkrunBingo Maniacs who were doing their 5K through 5 different parks. The last park was Scheffler, which has the perfect Poohsticks bridge. Kristine quickly took the lead by running ahead so her stick was the first to cross the finish line, but Christopher Robin declared that to be a preliminary round. That did secure her a spot the final, but she was unfortunately delayed by a coffee incident and failed to make the championship game. Amanda S was also waylaid by coffee and life and was unable to compete in this nail-biting tournament.

There were 5 Poohsticks finalists -Sara, Marie, Emma, Adam, and Vanessa, and in true Lillienotaparkrun tradition, the most hotly contested position was for that of official Tailfloater.  Marie was triumphant.


Now… An Announcement.

This week, we will be helping folks get over their grief at the cancellation of this year’s Ann Arbor Art Fairs by introducing LillieNotParkrun StravArt Fair. This is a non-juried event. We’d love to see as many entries as possible in as many different genres as possible -realistic or abstract -tiny or huge…  And some interesting names for your pieces would be cool too…. No “Artist Statement” required, but definitely welcomed if you feel like it…:D

Either post the map of your walk/run on our facebook page or send it to us via email. No StravArt expertise is required -you don’t even need to use Strava -Onthegomap.com is a pretty neat tool for drawing routes, and there are many others out there. Please try to get your submissions in by the end of July, but we do understand that sometimes art just can’t be hurried, so let us know if the deadline is looming and you have a work in progress, and we will wait.  Please also feel free to submit previous works.....

Have a great week, and take care in the heat, see you all (virtually) next Saturday!


*Definition of Poohsticks from Wikipedia: “A game for two players or more, in the traditional version of poohsticks the participants must drop a stick simultaneously on the upstream side of a bridge and run to the other side. The winner is the player whose stick first appears on the other side of the bridge”