Introducing: Lillie not-a-parkrun !!

Lillie Virtual Not-a-parkrun

Hello Lillie parkrunners! The sun is shining, the trees are blooming, and the birds are chirping. In lieu of parkrun global’s most recent coronavirus update, it may be a while before we are all at Lillie Park together again. While the curve is flattening in Washtenaw county (yay!) there are still places in Michigan (and the USA) that are not yet where we are. As more and more restrictions are lifted, we hope that more and more people will venture outside for some exercise.
We’ve seen some other parkuns doing this (College Park, Perrigo, etc) so why not give it a go – a *virtual* parkrun! No specific time, no specific place, just you and whatever your day has in store! While we will still have our virtual Lillie trivia/hangout this Saturday morning at 9am, the virtual not-a-parkrun will be an added bonus to our parkrun-less Saturday.

The best thing about parkrun is feeling a sense of community with other run/walkers through social, healthy activity. The physical aspect of socializing may be temporarily off the table, but we at Lillie parkrun are determined to keep everyone connected in the safest way we can.

Anybody! Literally, anybody. Barcode or not, Lillie parkrun regular or not, do a 5k, tell us about it, and you’ve done a not-a-parkrun! Take your children, your significant other, maybe even your cat. We welcome them all. This is a #not-a-parkrun so why not have some pet results too? I vote yes.
Virtual tourists are welcome as well! Wherever you are in the world, please share in our love of 5ks.

tourist photo

Saturday May 9th! It doesn’t have to be at the would-be parkrun time of 8am, just any time on Saturday before 8pm Eastern time.
4am? We’ll be sleeping, but good for you!. Lunchtime? Might be a bit full. 4pm? Tea time, but feel free to run.

Run a 5k or more (your choice!) anytime on Saturday before 8pm and tell us about it! Feel free to post a screenshot of your run but that’s not necessary, just tell us what you did, how long it took, or anything you feel comfortable sharing! We’d love to see photos, hear stories of how you still brought your barcode along just because, or what your post-parkrun coffee setup looked like.

Ways to share:
Facebook: We’ll put up a post on Saturday morning outlining the plan for the day- drop us a comment there! (Also join the Lillie parkrunners group on Facebook! Everyone is welcome!)
Instagram: Follow us at @lillieparkrun and tag us in your #notaparkrun posts!
Email: Send us your stories to

volunteering yun fam and amanda

Although these won’t count towards the volunteer milestone, we’ll need YOUR help putting this all together! Sadly, we will NOT get to use the amazing Styron token sorter, but we do have a couple of roles we’d love you to help us with:
Results processors: We’ll need someone to collect all of the virtual results from the day. Bonus: you won’t be using the official results software which means, do it however you want! Easy peasy.
Reporters: We’re going to need some good stories from the day, so we’re calling anyone and everyone to help us put together a “virtual report” with what went on.
“Tail walkers”: This one can be fun, I think. Since we’re all in different places at different times, we’ll have no idea who is truly our amazing tailwalker until the very end. Want a fun challenge that is easily achievable? Try and be our tailwalker! College Park parkrun had their virtual tailwalkers head out with a target time to “beat” (as in, slower than) so feel free to try your shot at being OUR virtual tailwalker.

Please, please, please stay safe with your virtual parkrunning attempts.
Social distancing: Please follow your local recommendations for safe socializing. This may mean staying 6 feet apart, wearing masks, avoiding closed trails/parks. Staying safe is our number one priority!!!
Lillie Park: We’d like to please ask you to NOT go to Lillie Park at 9am on Saturday. First of all, the bridge is underwater and you will not be able to complete the regular course. Second of all, parkrun is currently suspended which means we are not promoting/suggesting meeting at Lillie Park. This not-a-parkrun is to be completed at a safe, social distant location for YOU. If you do venture to Lillie Park to explore the other trails, please do not go at parkrun-o-clock and please practice safe behavior.
Safe route and safe timing: Taken directly from the College Park parkrun rules: Find a safe route of your choosing, and do not take safety risks. Stop your watch at a stop light. Take a breather. parkrun is never a race, and Lillie not-a-parkrun is REALLY not a race. (Report your “moving time”, not your “elapsed time”. It’s all fine.) A treadmill is totally allowed! Your balcony is totally allowed (and we will all be very very very impressed).
Distance: The “results” will report a 5k time or a 5k equivalent time (i.e if you ran a 10k in an hour, your 5k time will be reported as 30 minutes). Feel free to do whatever distance your feet desire! Any distance less than 5k will be recorded simply as a participant.

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PLEASE NOTE that this is not an official parkrun event and is not affiliated at all with parkrun Global. This is not required of Lillie parkrunners, it is simply a local and fun way to stay connected to our parkrun community. As always, run or walk at your own risk (be safe!). Participation will occur when you share your activity with Lillie parkrun.

Please reach out with any questions or if you’d like to virtually help out this weekend! We want to say THANK YOU to every single one of you for sticking with us during these times. We may not know when we’ll be parkrunning together again but until then, we hope to stay just as connected through social media in every way possible. Please continue to share your stories with us through any social media outlet, we love seeing what everyone is up to. Even if it’s not running related, we could all use some craft inspiration or adorable dog pictures.

See you all (virtually) soon!
-your Lillie parkrun team

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