August 4th Cancelation

We are sorry to announce that we have to cancel Leakin Park parkrun for this coming Saturday (8/4) due to road closures and park access. Rest assured, our Core Team is working hard to figure out a way to get everyone back to the park safely so we can all run together again. Please continue to monitor our facebook page for any updates.

In the meantime, please consider visiting one of our sister parkruns in the area including College Park, Anacostia, Fletchers Cove, Roosevelt Island, or Kensington. Your parkrun ID works at all these locations, and parkrun tourism is always a good time. Just tell them Leakin Park sent you!


LP #52- Happy Birthday to us

parkrun #52

Leakin Park parkrun #52 brought with it our first birthday and a plethora of volunteers to help make our inaugural anniversary possible. Our volunteers were well represented by core team members Thomas HORNIK, Mackenzie HORNIK, David HORNIK, Genevieve HORNIK, Doug JONES, and Robert LESSICK, with stalwart Ed ORSER, as well as David PLATT, Mark PRESSLEIN, and Valerie YINGLING providing all the support we could have asked for to keep our runners and walkers alike happy, safe, and successful.
volunteers collage

The threat of a summertime sprinkle didn’t keep the celebrations at bay. Balloons, cupcakes, orange juice, and some donut holes were all kept safe under the shade of our portable canopy, which turned out to be unnecessary on the day’s event.
birthday collage

While our anniversary wouldn’t have been possible without our volunteers, it was our participants that helped the day be a memorable one. Forty-one parkrunners joined by three barkrunners, Foxy, Midnight, and Martina, put us at our second highest turnout to date. Eight first-time parkrunners joined eight other first time Leakin Park parkrunners as an indication that word about Leakin Park parkrun is still getting out!
barkrun collage

We welcomed parkrun tourists from South Africa, U.K., College Park, and Roosevelt Island. U.K. visitors Nick and Roxane Pratt and Sue and Beth Garner may have shown up separately, but they were able to use Leakin Park as a union point to share the commonality of parkrun. The Skorbinskis made a family day of it, while Gus Campbell and the Hiskys brought some College Park love for our birthday, and Eden Gray and Foxy represented Roosevelt Island.

tourists collage

We may only be a year old, but age simply isn’t a factor when it comes to participating in parkrun. Our age ranges included everyone from 15-17 through 75-79. Sue Garner on her 77th parkrun set a Leakin Park parkrun age-grade record, but she set the highest age-grade percentile rank in the U.S. (and EVER for Leakin Park) with an 87.78% accomplishment! Kudos, Sue! Impressive work!
20180623-Leakin Park parkrun 52_course3_finish line (6)

Some new PBs shined through as Doug Jones, Sally Waller, and Krissy Kallemyn, all in different age categories, crossed the finish line faster than ever before.
pbs collage

Thank you all for a wonderful year, and we look forward to a new year of memories ahead.


Leakin Park #50

Run Report #50

Leakin Park parkrun has finally earned its own parkrun-red club shirt as we completed our 50th event. Thank you to all our volunteers who helped make the day possible, including some of our regular helpers: David Hornik, Ed Orser, and Kristie Metz. Additionally, the MRTT contingent was in force with Jenn Givens, Shannon Miller, Cayce Hoffman, Erin Presslein, Danielle Boessel, and Bronwyn Bates representing the moms of Catonsville.

June is a time of graduations for many, and parkrun was no different as we hosted the graduates from the Moms Run This Town spring Couch-To-5k cohort. The ladies worked hard for months to complete their first 5k, and their efforts paid off with some impressive runs on Saturday. Congratulations to all the runners and the mentors on a huge 3.1 milestone. We are so proud of Lisa Perkins, Olivia Parton, Laura and Noelle Saxton, Tracie Cometa, Shelly Leibowitz, Kelly Lennon, Melanie Clatchey, and Katie Knight. Our apologies if we missed anyone.

There were additional reasons to celebrate, including the new Personal Best times for three of our runners. Krissy Kallemyn combined mother-duty, jogging, and strollering on her way to a new PB. Jo Orser improved on her age-grade record by trimming an additional three minutes from her time. Lateesha Smith returned for a second week while continuing her training and saw her time drop as well. Congratulations ladies.

We love honoring our regular runners who push towards earning their own 50-runs shirts. Angela Hale and Etosha Dixon have now crossed the line five times each, while Sally Waller and Robin Destefano have completed 20 parkruns. Tom Hornik uniquely finished his 25th parkrun at Leakin Park but is now at run #89. Congratulations to Tony Ribeiro for being our third member of the 30+ club at Leakin Park.

While we had 31 finishers, we are also part of the journey to healthier living for many as they walk or jog one lap of the course. We were happy to welcome Roberta and Kelly Jordan from Indiana who were surprised by a visit from their daughter, Annie, who finished her first parkrun. Tony Jones came in from Georgia for a lap, and our friend Alfay Manning smiled his way around the course to recover from injury. All ages and abilities are welcome at parkrun to walk, jog, or run.
Leakin Park parkrun June 9, 2018

The countdown is on to our first birthday on June 23rd, so we hope everyone can come out to show their love and support to our parkrun. The more the merrier!


Leakin Park #48

Leakin Park was greeted with some early summer humidity as our runners dripped their way around the river; some visitors even slinked and slithered their way across our path . . . .

A bow to our friend Bob Lessick who excelled in his debut role as Run Director. Special thanks to all our volunteers who filled in last minute to help make run #48 possible.  Purple shirt award goes to Jo Orser who completed her 25th volunteering role, joining her husband Ed OrserJen and Cayden Givens were invaluable members of our finish line crew, while Mitch Kallemyn completed his first parkrun as our tail walker!
Volunteer collage

We love to cheer those who score a Personal Best time.  Congratulations to Damon Chalk for knocking 90 seconds off his previous best.  Emily Shaw not only took two minutes off her time, but also was the first female finisher in the process. Michael Givens dropped his time by more than a minute as well showcasing the success of his training regimen.
PB collage

We also took the day to celebrate several of our regular runners.  We bid a fond farewell to Joe Gladue, our most prolific parkrunner, as he heads off to Puerto Rico.  Joe has only missed ONE Leakin Park parkrun since discovering us.  We also said farewell to Keypher Strombeck and Alan Robertson. Both of these fine gentlemen have been reassigned as part of our US Navy to new ports of call, but both welcomed Baltimore as their adoptive home.  Alan regularly served as our volunteer while Keypher was able to mix in running with volunteer days.  Both men served as promoters of our event and often spent their time after parkrun providing assistance to other local charities.
Farewell collage

While it isn't quite the dog days of summer yet, we were wagging our tails welcoming several barkrunners. Even though none of our furry friends completed the entire course, just as with our two-legged partners, one lap or two, everyone is welcome. Ernie Sharpless returned for his second tour of the course and was bounding with energy joining Bethany and Damon, but he only had the attention for one lap.  No worries, Ernie! There is always next week.  Janie Yingling also came back for her second run, and she loves watching mom Valerie run, but struggles with not cutting the course short to stay by her side.  Cinnamon Haynes has tail walked the course several times already, but she was eager to accompany her sister Nevaeh Haynes at her first parkrun. Martina Hornik is certainly our most experienced barkrunnner, but could only keep up with Mackenzie for one lap before panting her way back to dad.
Dog collage

Milestone Alerts:

- Brothers Charles and James Haynes have finished their 5th parkrun.  Erin Presslein joins this prestigous group as well while also completing several volunteer roles.

- The Joyce family can give a shout out (or bark from Dixie) to Charlie  Joyce for finishing his 15th parkrun. Thanks for all the smiles.
Milestone collage

Stay Dry and Keep Running!


Run Report #47

Leakin Park parkrun #47 was remarkable in that it was our first run in the rain, and rain we had indeed. Leakin Park never ceases to amaze visitors with the variety of vistas one can view in the park. The Dead Man branch of the river looked more like an adventure park ride than the fishing hole seen on most Saturdays.
SplashThe wet weather could not dampen the spirit of the runners as 18 individuals braved the conditions. We especially want to thank our volunteers who endured the deluge to make sure the day could happen. Iman Newman provided superb leadership as Run Director, while Jo and Ed Orser manned the marshal spots and had quite the walk and wait to ensure our runners' safety. Valerie, Bridget, and Alan worked our finish line, and Tom Hornik did double duty as runner and barcode scanner. Joe Gladue wanted to spend the morning visiting friends and avoiding packing but allowed himself to be conscripted into service as our puddle splashing tail walker. Vols

The navy unsurprisingly thrived in the wet conditions as they brought out a handful of runners and another handful to serve as our cheering section. All these fine servicemen and service women helped us before going out to assist with a community service program to help victims of abuse. Thank you for all you do!

Even with the potentially challenging conditions, there were some remarkable milestones to recognize. Bob Lessick is half way to his red shirt as he finished his 25th parkrun globally. We are so glad to have you each and every week, Bob. Tom hit a different type of 25 mark as he volunteered for the 25th time.  Next time we see Tom, he will be wearing his new purple club shirt!

Two individuals were also able to better their times and bring home PBs; congratulations to Lisen Hart and Doug Jones on their perseverance. Doug was able to beat the clock by 6 seconds, and Lisen was able to trim a whopping FIVE minutes off her time!

Don't forget the upcoming events at Leakin Park parkun:

June 9th- Moms Run This Town will be taking over to celebrate the completion/graduation of their Couch 2 5k program. It will also mark our 50th parkrun. Consider donning your red to show your support.

June 23rd- OUR ANNIVERSARY celebration.We would love to see all our friends who have come out over the course of our first year and welcome them back to our parkrun. Please bring your friends and family to come celebrate this milestone. Our parkrun couldn't be what it is without our community.


Leakin Park parkrun #46

Leakin Park parkrun #46

Moms not only Run This Town in Catonsville, but they ran Leakin Park’s parkrun this week during their takeover. Thank you Robert GIVENS, Cayden GIVENS, Michael GIVENS, Zach JONES, Doug JONES, Ed ORSER, Erin PRESSLEIN, Katie REPETTI, Laura SAXTON, and Noelle SAXTON for taking such good care of us with cheers and warm smiles, not to mention the muffins!
Milestones (1)

With all that support from our volunteers, it is no wonder that 11 parkrunners – that’s right! ELEVEN parkrunners achieved PBs! Congratulations, Joy, George, Jen, Robin, Valerie, Courtney, and Victoria for cruising around our Leakin Park course faster than ever before!

In addition to our standard PB earners, Jo, Mckenzie, and Morgan brought that little-something-extra to their achievements with new age-grade records. All three ladies’ smiles and enthusiasm make it perfectly clear that there is nothing much more satisfying than a good Saturday morning parkrun. We would be remiss if we didn't mention first time parkrunner, Nick, who scored not only an age-grade record, but also a new resident course record. We hope to see you again soon as you were a blur the first time.
0-Age1 records

Charles and James are also extra-notable PB-earners. Charles has shaved a whopping 8 minutes off of his initial parkrun time, having earned a new PB on each outing. James, too, puts forth his very best efforts out on the course each and every time, and his PB this week showed nothing different. Congratulations to our young parkrunners who stumbled across us at Leakin Park through their involvement with a park fishing event, and who continue to support us and the park with their presence ever since.

While PBs are always a treasured achievement, milestone runs are equally fun to celebrate. Joel, Victoria, and Mary sneakered their way into our 5-run posse, while Amy brought in the double digits with number 10! Dan and Jeanette have earned a their cool ventis, while James is half way to parkrun numero ciento. Quite the accomplishments! Congratulations to all.


Run Report #43

Leakin Park parkrun #43 brought us beautiful weather and even more beautiful volunteers. Thank you, Arthur LIEN, Bridget MCCUSKER, Kristie METZ, Mackenzie HORNIK, Michael WILLIAMS, Sally WALLER, Will JONES, and Zach JONES for making another week of parkrun so warmly (figuratively and literally) possible.

Leakin Park was happy to introduce parkrun to those who discovered our hidden gem. The Ringgolds heard about us through the community association and decided to share the adventure with barkrunners Bruno and Bree. The Haynes brothers, Charles and James, stumbled upon us while fishing and knew they needed to return to fill their passion for running. The brotherly love carried over to Ray Gladue who joined brother and Leakin Park regular Joe to the park. Welcome one and all!

Ray traveled in from Philadelphia, but his trip may have been one of the shorter treks in comparison as we welcomed the Cunningham/Day family hailing from London. Ashlyn and Tim could not leave the US without getting a parkrun in, so travel to Baltimore they did. The two also wrangled up brothers Sean and Patrick to join them for a morning run.

The pleasant Saturday spring morning allowed us to welcome Sai and Arrabi out of the winter doldrums while two of our local running clubs, Moms Run This Town and the Baltimore Road Runners Club were well represented by Sarah, Rian, and Sally.

Count Von Count would be proud of our achievement in the multiples of five category as Sai brought in parkrun #5, Astha and Malisha joined our 10+ club, Sally earned parkrun 15, our parkrun tourist Tim jumped to 35 runs, and our hometown parkrun split-between-College Park-and Leakin Park fave, Gus, showed off what 70 parkruns looks like. Whew, we ran out of fingers!

Congratulations to Leakin Park parkrun regular, Jon Hermansen, for hitting a PB this week. Jon's time was such a remarkable feat, it proved to be the second fastest time ever run at Leakin Park. Great work, Jon!


Run Report #42

parkrun #42 happened in no small part because of our spectacular volunteers: Will JONES, Zach JONES, Doug JONES, Arthur LIEN, Kristie METZ, Charles MUSE, Ed ORSER, Jo ORSER, and Michael WILLIAMS (with help via papoose from Risdyn)! We love that we had so many volunteers volunteer this week that we almost could have held an arm-wrestling tournament to decide who got dibs. Fortunately, we have built such a generous community that everyone was willing to give another a go at any chosen position. Thank you, volunteers, for your support of parkrun and everyone’s involvement.

Our numbers this week belie us just a tad. While we had 23 finishers, we had 33 starters, and since we are not about the race, we were truly excited to see new faces willing to start their activity-journey with us. Ten of our community members came out to do what they could to get out and moving and enjoying Leakin Park as a part of their day. One lap today, and maybe next week, and perhaps two laps in the near future, but in any case, we are proud that our community is excited to join us.

Congratulations to Councilman Kristerfer Burnett for achieving a new PB on his fifth parkrun! While this week’s PBs tried to compete with the weather (a touch tough to come by), our participants were out showing the best of family and community this week. David and Sheka traded in quicker run times for quality friend and family time. Sheka’s daughters enjoyed both chaperoning and being chaperoned as they enjoyed our beautiful spring parkrun day.

In fact, there weren’t many participants this week that were not partnered with their next generation. Bruce and Kristen enjoyed another week at Leakin Park parkrun together; Tom and Mackenzie, and Genevieve and her father all represented the Hornik family well on the course; Michael finally got to return (with good reason for his hiatus) as he acclimated baby Risdyn to parkrun’s tail-walker role. She’s a quick study! Joe introduced godson Nick, up from Charlotte, to parkrun. While Nick is more accustomed to providing sports coverage, he enjoyed his opportunity to put work to leisure with the added inspiration of the park. Stacey and her gaggle reveled in the glory of cresting Mt. Orser with well-deserved high-fives from our stalwart turnaround marshal, Ed.

Not to be left out or out-done, Husband-Wife partners Tony and Rachel, Charlie and Allison, Joel and Courtney, and Bridget and Art toured the course with grand support for one another.

Let’s not forget about style points on the week. With the clear runaway, parkrun core team member Iman showed how to crank out one of his best times since the beginning of winter with panache! Chris Fell brought us his parkrun tourist style all the way from Australia and achieved his best parkrun finish place earning his first number 2 finish token! Chris, it was terrific meeting you and having you join us for tater tots at Bullwinkles! And WOOOHOOO Leakin Park parkrun finisher number 1,000! Yes! We reached our 1,000th finisher with local parkrunner Charlie Joyce, but his finish was not the only place we took note of him. Charlie frequents our parkrun with an apparent reserve of energy for showing off all the best ways to enjoy our course.
Panache pics

Stay tuned for glorious reports following upcoming events, including a Moms Run this Town take-over, supporting community food efforts with Courtney Rothwell and her team coming in to take over our volunteer positions; Leakin Park parkrun #50 will be here before we know it, and our one-year anniversary fast approaches! So many wonderful community members and milestones to acknowledge, and the perfect place to do it.


Run Report #41

Leakin Park #41

The cool breeze and flurries of the week brought memories of months gone by, yet April’s disguise didn’t slow down our parkrunnners or our volunteers. A HUGE thank you to the Hornik clan, who filled a large number of our volunteer positions. Thank you Tom, Genevieve, Mackenzie, and David. Jo and Ed Orser manned their marshal posts while Bridget McCusker and Alan Robertson joined the start-line crew. Bob Lessick is becoming quite the expert in our tail-walker role while continuing to enjoy the course and earn runs towards his total. If you are ever interested in volunteering, please talk to one of our finish-line helpers, and we can certainly find a role for you as part of one of our future runs.
20180407-Leakin Park parkrun 41_course halfway point2

One of the highlights of each week has to be the celebration for those earning a Personal Best (PB). Jason Tarleton and Rob Hankard (accompanied by Pokey) each improved his time from their first runs. Anthony Walker partnered with Astha to score his PB. And in ever impressive style, Ken Witcher and Rian Hart both hit PBs even after 10+ runs, no easy feat.

We were excited to welcome two new members to our parkrun family while we also cheered on our friends who hit milestones. David Platt crossed into the 20+ club while Tiffanie Loggins and Rian Hart both hit the double digit 10+ club. Congratulations all.

Our parkrun community has truly grown into a local family, and that family was on display with all the duos accompanying each other around the course. As mentioned, Astha Jain and Anthony Walker not only work together professionally but also have discovered the joy of running together. Keypher Strombeck and Ken Witcher pushed one another to strong finishes, and Rob and Rian each scored PBs by partnering up.

A thank you from our parkrun and the Friends of Gwynns Falls to all those who stayed after in order to help clean the stream. Our park keeps looking great through your efforts.


Run Report #40

Leakin Park parkrun had yet another amazing week of volunteers making our event possible. Thank you, Will JONES, Zach JONES, Doug JONES, Allison JOYCE, Arthur LIEN, Kristie METZ, Jo ORSER, Ed ORSER, and Amy RYAN. We often see our volunteers in plain sight offering selfless support to our participants, but what is less noticeable is our volunteers before they ever put on a vest. Our volunteers’ efforts begin well before our Run Director says go, so special thanks to those who look out for the rest, even when they think no one is looking.

While our volunteers get to show us their personal bests sporting the yellow vest, our Personal Best achievers this week include, Derek Pinchbeck, Damon Chalk, Dan Parry, Molly Conway, and Virginia Joyce. In achieving their personal bests to date, Molly did so as she finished 6th overall (but first female finisher!) on her 6th parkrun and Virginia achieved an age-grade record as well! Not to be left out, Charlie (with barkrunner Dixie) finished 12th on his 12th parkrun! Congratulations on your successes, one and all!
molly charlie

Speaking of successes, we would like to recognize our Milestone successes – those parkrunners who join us time and again: Sheka Kanu and Bethany Sharpless ran their way to parkrun finish #5, Robin DeStefano sprang her way back into parkrun #15, Bob Lessick added to his international parkrun by hitting hitting #20 at Leakin Park, and our homegrown parkrunner Iman Newman crossed the finish line for milestone #25. We love having so many of our community members show their repeated participation in our event as we know the satisfaction they feel in their accomplishments and hard work is addictive and keeps them coming back!

We had a four for four (or is it four of fur?) this week, too, with four of our four-legged barkrunners joining us to strut their stuff. Special welcome to Ernie on his first barkrun, newly saved from a shelter and immediately adopted by our parkrun family, too. Savannah joined us on a day pass with Tail Walker Amy, but she [Savannah] wanted to show off, so she joined Core Team member Doug Jones for a brisker tour of the park. And a happy pup she was! Dixie and Martina happily kept their two-legged companions company, although they both have run our course often enough that it is no doubt they could do it alone themselves.