Leakin Park virtual run #1

After weeks apart, we were excited to welcome everyone back to Leakin Park even if it was digitally. More than 30 friends and a handful of furry friends joined our first virtual run.  The post-run coffee and chat brought almost 20 together for a chance to catch up.

While results are secondary to the camaraderie, we did have a chance to compile a few of the times from yesterday.

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 12.02.28 PM

Other friends decided to just embrace the joy of running without tracking their time.  A nice contingent of She Runs This Town ran Lake Kittamaqundi while the Kallemyns took to the streets of their neighborhood.  A quartet decided to trek from Manor Hill in Ellicott City while some of the Friends of Leakin Park stayed closer to home.

It was great to see so many smiling faces even if they were scattered across the state.  Some of our friends explored various areas of Patapsco Park, others explored various trails including the NCR, BWI, Leakin Park, and Columbia trails.


Be sure to check out our photo album on facebook, and stay tuned for another virtual run next week.



2019 Year in Review

As we reflect on 2019, Leakin Park parkrun wants to give an update about our event and thank you for all your support.  Each week, our 5K run, jog, walk has been a huge success and continues to develop a warm, diverse, healthy community. Leakin Park parkrun’s success continues to be possible thanks to the support from numerous individuals and organizations.

The 2019 calendar year saw more than 1,650 participants come to Leakin Park on Saturday mornings, a 37% increase from 2018.  As our numbers continued to grow each week, we set a new record for weekly attendance in November with 57 people finishing the course.  Saturday mornings at Leakin Park are a destination for local families and for tourists. Our walkers, joggers, and runners ranged in age from four to seventy-five years old.  We welcomed participants from local schools including St. Mary’s and St. Timothy’s, community groups including the Venture Scouts and Black Men Run, partners such as the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Baltimore City Fire Department, and parkrunners from countries including the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Denmark, and Sweden.  The 52 events this year were made possible due to 500 volunteer opportunities being filled by our community, including military service members assigned to Fort Meade and students from Towson University. Since our inception on 24 June 2017, we have helped bring almost 5,000 individuals to the park on Saturday mornings.

Thanks to the support of Baltimore City and the Friends of Gwynns Falls, our event was able to occur all but one week, due to weather, during the year.  Each week we are thankful for the support of the Friends of Gwynns Falls as they account for more than 250 volunteering opportunities, and continually promote our event, maintain the park, and build relationships.  Through the generous support of the Friends of Gwynns Falls, we were able to overcome weather damage and work with BGE as a pipeline was relocated through our course. In support of the Friends’ efforts, our parkrun hosted several park cleanup events to help beautify Leakin Park.  We were humbled to be recognized as the Friends of Gwynns Falls volunteer group of the year.

We promote wellness and community by partnering with a variety of groups and hosting events throughout the year, including Moms Run This Town (MRTT) Couch-To-5K graduations and Muffins with Moms; hosting the Baltimore City Fire Department, who provided a review of our emergency plans and CPR instruction for our participants and volunteers; and advocating with the ACS to educate our runners about the importance of fighting cancer through fitness.  The Baltimore Road Runners Club featured our run on their podcast “Running Around Baltimore”, and GiveFit asked us to join their network promoting free wellness activities in central Maryland.

We have enjoyed welcoming children setting their own goals, ranging from Daryl, who wanted to run her first 5k ever, to four-year-old Lily who was excited to finally be old enough to get her own barcode, and the Catonsville Cougars junior track team who wanted to practice for their first Turkey Trot.  The B’More Muslim Sisterhood joined us as part of a playdate, and we now welcome the Sisterhood and their families on a weekly basis. Two of our regular runners joined us weekly as they battled cancer, and we celebrated with them when they announced their remissions. We recognized 8 milestones for parkrunners who completed 50 events, and celebrated several others who volunteered on 25 occasions to make our parkrun community part of their weekly routine.  Our range of stories is as diverse as our community.

We also want to thank Bullwinkles Saloon for hosting our post-parkrun breakfast each week and for providing a gathering spot for our community.


  1. Promote our event with local schools to encourage physical activity and volunteering opportunities.
  2. Target an increase in our attendance weekly attendance numbers by 20% for 2020.
  3. Support the establishment of a new parkrun in Anne Arundel County and northern Baltimore County.
  4. Highlight the successes of parkrun in the Baltimore community to promote the accessibility, convenience, and knowledge of Leakin Park.

2019 Annual



A reminder that we will be running on January first at 8:30.

See you at the park!



We will be running on New Year's Day at 8:30.  Please note the change in time to accommodate those who want to participate in the double parkrun at College Park.



We will not be running on Thanksgiving this year.  Please join us on the Saturdays on either side of the holiday.  You can visit either Kensington or College Park parkrun on Thursday is you are craving a turkey day run.


2019 Calendar

We have several exciting partnerships and events on the calendar for 2019. Be sure to stop by for a visit:

3/23: We are partnering with the Friends of Gwynns Falls for a post-parkrun spring clean up. All marterials will be provided. We hope you can not only come to run, jog, or walk with us, but also stick around for a little while afterwards to help give back to the park that gives us so much.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 1.55.01 PM



3/30: We are partnering with the Baltimore City Fire Department to offer free CPR lessons before parkrun. The department will be at Leakin Park at 8:30, and stay to cheer in our runnners.

4/13: We are partnering with Rails-to-Trails to promote "Opening Day", the unofficial opening of parks and trails across the country. We are encouraging everyone to come out for a visit to the park. Bring a friend, the family, our your pup. Everyone is welcome.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 1.46.17 PM


4/27: One of our local schools is hosting their annual 5K family run with parkrun. We are excited to see some local children give their first 5K a go.

Keep an eye out for more events in the future as well!


2018 Year in Review

Dear friends and supporters,

As 2018 comes to a close and we look forward to 2019, we want to give a brief update about our event and thank you for all your support. Our free, weekly 5k run/walk has been a huge success and has promoted a warm, diverse, healthy community. Leakin Park’s parkrun success would not be possible without contributions and support from both individuals and organizations.

Figures: In our first full year at Leakin Park, we hosted 50 events and welcomed more than 400 participants who completed 1,200 runs. Our participants’ combined distance would stretch from Baltimore to Juneau, Alaska. These events were made possible by more than 100 people who dedicated more than 1,000 hours of their time to ensure the safety of all participants. We also celebrated 300 individuals who achieved new Personal Best times on our course. Additionally, we welcomed tourists from locations such as South Africa, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and Russia who came to Maryland to run at Leakin Park, and stayed in Baltimore to experience what the city has to offer.

Stories: This past year, weather and construction presented challenges as snowfall, ice, and rainfall caused us to cancel on three occasions and relocate to another portion of the Gwynns Falls trail for ten weeks; however, our community’s resilience and determination - combined with the support of Baltimore City and our local Council - allowed us to quickly rebound. We celebrated the first parkrun milestones as Iman Newman became our first local parkrunner to earn his “red shirt” (signifying the completion of 50 events), and more than a dozen volunteers earned their “purple shirt” (signifying the completion of 25 volunteer occasions). Brothers James and Charles shared their one bicycle to visit us from more than two miles away. Dozens of military personnel from Fort Meade spent their Saturdays running and volunteering, and our civilian participants continue to reflect our diverse community, age ranges, and motivations for coming, from five-year-olds enjoying time with their parents, to septuagenarians staying active and inspiring younger generations.

Partnerships: We cannot thank the Friends of Gwynns Falls enough for their support; they provide us with volunteers every week, and they have represented us at forums about the park, interfaced with the city regarding the repair of Franklintown Road, and liaised with construction personnel regarding the pipeline construction. In return, our parkrun has hosted several park cleanup events to help beautify Leakin Park. The Venture Scouts and the Catonsville Food Co-Op also volunteered to host events and to help beautify the park, and we have promoted their organizations to bolster wellness and community involvement. Moms Run This Town - Catonsville hosted several of their runs with us, including their “Couch-to-5K” graduations, which enabled hundreds of additional people to discover Leakin Park. We also want to thank Bullwinkles Saloon for hosting our post-parkrun breakfast each week and for providing a gathering spot for our community.

1. Promote our event with local schools to encourage physical activity and volunteering
2. Expand our social media footprint through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
3. Target an increase in our attendance weekly attendance numbers by 20% for 2019.
4. Support the establishment of a new parkrun in Anne Arundel County.
5. Highlight the successes of parkrun in the Baltimore community to promote the accessibility, convenience, and knowledge of Leakin Park.

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 7.13.21 PM


Location Change- We’re going home!

Ten weeks ago, flooding and storm damage closed off access to Winan’s Meadow...and forced Leakin Park parkrun onto the alternate course along Franklintown Road. This past week, Baltimore City has completed some of the road repairs, allowing them to reopen Winan’s Way.

On 20 October, join us as we return to Winan’s Meadow - the home of Leakin Park parkrun! Parking, safety briefing, start, and finish will occur in Winan’s Meadow at edge of the parking lot; the post-event social remains at Bullwinkle’s.

Please be aware of the detour; the western half of Franklintown Road remains closed. As a result, access to Winan’s Meadow will occur only by taking Briarclift Road to Winan’s Way to Franklintown Road. The address is 4500 N. Franklintown Road; please check that your map follows the detour.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need help with directs. We look forward to seeing everyone back at the meadow!

Leakin Park Team



Leakin Park is excited to welcome in the new year with our friends. Please note the special start time of 8:30. The earlier time will allow you to visit College Park parkrun for a second parkrun and breakfast at the Board and Brew!



Due to the summer rains, Leakin Park moved the course to a new location. We will begin just across from Franklintown Inn at 5200 N. Franklintown Road. We will still meet every Saturday at 9:00. We'll see you back in the park!

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