LP222-milestone alert


At Leakin Park we saw our number of attendees continue to swell,
As we are getting to know some prior weeks' First Timers quite well.
We cheered on 40 finishers on a brisk January day,
and welcomed two newcomers without delay.
With 222 events now logged to our name,
today we had an accomplishment of some fame:
Genevieve earned her #100 amid cold weather fears
(would you believe that it took her a total of 9 years?!).
If you'd like to see more, there is no reason to wait,
Just use this link for Album 222 (no, it is not click bait!).


LP221-on the 21st

Leakin Park completed our event number 221,
And on this 21st of January we had so much fun!
We cheered for 37 parkrunners who came across our line,
and 6 First Timers who took pictures with our sign.
We welcomed back parkrunners from previous weeks,
some of whom brought friends or earned PBs along the creeks.
The winter is here, but we have yet to see any snow;
that doesn't matter as we enjoy watching our event go.



LP220-Old Man Winter

Leakin Park parkrun 220

During Leakin Park parkrun the wind did burn,
as Old man winter made a bitter cold return.
We had 25 finishers with two of note here:
Benjamin's all time top 10 finish started his career,
While Tiffany braved the cold and showed no fear.
We now have 220 parkrun events all told,
For the best DMV parkrun (yes, we are that bold!).
Our full album is posted for you to see,
and remember, parkrun always is free!


LP219 – Welcoming First Timers

Celebrating milestones with Munchkins

This was the first full weekend of 2023,
which saw 33 finishers at Event 219.
Would you believe that First Timers totaled ten
(parkrun is so much fun when you bring a friend!)
We had milestones accumulating over the past 3 weeks:
with two v100 and a v25 earned along our creek!
The temps at Leakin Park were seasonably wintery and cold,
It is time to check out our full album and the sights to behold!


LP218 – New Year and v100 milestone

Leakin Park parkrun hosted a New Years DOUBLE on ice,
And our 16 finishers thought the hot apple cider was nice.
Iman (our RD) kept a key fact unknown:
today he earned his v100 milestone!
A First Timer joined us to log her parkrun #1,
Accompanied by Joyce Adams for some Baltimore fun.
We will end our rhyming for Event 218 right here,
As we wish each of you a great 2023 parkrunning year!

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