LP239-double milestones!

What a great way to wrap up the month of May,
With an amazing Event 239 on parkrunday!
The car park was full with no spaces left bare,
So some had to park over here and over there.
Leakin Park parkrun saw our attendance once again soar,
From the 53 finishers who took the course like never before.
Two 25 milestones were earned with style,
As Becky and Cara each completed their 75th mile.
And did you see the results posted on our page?
We had 10 PBs broken like it was like a rampage!
Let us not forget the First Timers who attended this week,
Some of whom who were here as part of a milestone clique.
With almost 200 pictures posted this week there is so much to see,
So click on the link and remember that parkrun events always are free!


LP238-the one with 38

We had a unique result at Leakin Park's Event 238,
As we also had 38 finishers to make this day great.
The weather was perfect for parkrunners to shine,
And that they did with PBs totaling nine!
A pack of First Timers also were in the mix,
With three of our top four showing their kicks.
It isn't all about speed, as our records will show,
We had joggers and walkers in our forest chateau.
With all of our pictures along the trail today,
Take a look at our album to see our foray.


LP237-record highs and humidity

Event 237 at Leakin Park parkrun was quite the affair,
Despite muggy conditions with humidity in the air.
We had 54 finishers (which is a 3 year high),
Mainly from Firsties and Tourists who came by:
FOURTEEN finishers were First Time to parkrun ever,
While 4 were tourists who previously were here never.
There were so many stories from those whom we met,
From Ruth and her bucket list to a first-ever 5K junior duet.
We also had Stephen (our tourist volunteer from abroad),
And Bob with his 60th birthday which we applaud.
Not only that, but we had multiple PBs earned today,
By 7 regulars who blew their personal best away.
What a great parkrunday it was at our humble event in MD,
If you want to know more visit our page and you'll see.


LP236-May 50 milestone and more

An absolutely beautiful way to begin May,
Is what Leakin Park parkrun had today.
There must have been something in the air,
Because 8 PBs were earned here and there.
We also had a 50 milestone on the course,
Awarded to Kimberly through "spring" force.
With 38 finishers there are so many stories share:
Such as a new world record bird watcher heir.
And we welcomed 2 tourists from London along Gwynns Falls,
As well as four First Timers who traversed our tree lined halls.
What a day what a day for event 236,
So now is time to check out our pics.


LP235-Heroboys were here

This was an incredible day at Leakin Park parkrun:
Odenton Elementary joined us and brought lots of fun.
We have over a dozen junior parkrunners finish their first,
Along with their parents, who didnt need to be coerced;
The crowd supporting the Heroboys nearly doubled our lot,
Making event number 235 one that will not soon be forgot!
If that wasn't enough, we also had a big cake,
Which OJ supplied with milestone 25 in his wake.
Marshal and Connie brought burritos to add to our joy,
(they very were amazing and homemade, the real mccoy).
A total of 50 finishers are logged in our books,
With over 150 pictures that will surely get looks.
It was great to welcome 17 newcomers along our trail,
And a few tourists (forgetting them would have been a fail).
Who knows what next weekend will bring when we start in May,
But today's memories are saved, so click here (and don't delay)!

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